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Only glimpses of my time in heaven remain left in my memories; sometimes I think they may not have even happened at all, until I come across an enemy and I must show myself as what I am.... A fallen angel, and a failure to my god... The only thing that I know for sure from the time that crashed upon earth, is that I am still a protector. I don't know why I have the book of the Heavens with me, but I knew from the moment I saw its magical pages that I had to keep it hidden, protected. So now here I sit, with a heavy burden on my chest, not knowing why I am fallen or the reason why I was given the secrets of heaven to protect from other prying eyes, especially that of demons and fallen angels wishing to be granted access to heaven.

Age: Looks 24, actual is unknown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 157 lbs
Hair color: Dark brown, black
Eye color: Violet
Abilities: Change forms to have her black wings showing.
Weapons sad Depends on the setting) Modern: Two hand guns, and occasionally a semi-automatic, usually depends on the mood she is in. Fantasy: A burning sword that ignites at only her will, and a dagger.
Spells: Portal spell that takes five minutes to finish (infinite), Darkball (10 uses per day), Feather cannon (Can only be used once every week and once she uses it she is greatly weakened and her wings won't grow back until three days later.) Minor healing spells (herself), greater healing spell, (other people), Shield (2 uses a day, lasts 5 minutes.)

Pros: Extremely hard to kill her, can regenerate faster when she drinks mortal blood, changes forms in an instant, can fly
Cons: After feather cannon is used, she is greatly weakened and won't be able to move for a few minutes. Is highly protective of humans, especially innocents.