And now it's time to get down to business! You know, I think later on when I get a better handle on this critic thing I'll add in some other sections. I just got back from the Asian market near here and instead of just looking around, I walked out with a cart full of stuff, plus an electric hot pot emotion_awesome . Anyway, I'm only going to be talking about books right now because I don't have access to any good movies or games. Either way there are going to be spoilers ahead, so if you're reading the book and don't want to know what happens in it, wait until I come to a final review, which might be tomorrow.

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I've always got a wide array of books I would like to talk about, so to start off I'll do a critique of a book I'm currently reading at the moment. Today's book is:

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Blackout is the third in the Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant. I'll go over the first two later on when I have nothing else better to do, but I would love to begin with this one. I'm more than three-quarters of the way through it. It's an easy read if you really focus on it, probably about half a week's time to get over 632 pages. I'm a fast reader.

Back to the main point. The Newsflesh Trilogy has plenty of zombies, but unlike the typical zombie apocalypse world like The Walking Dead, Zone 1, and Dawn of the Dead, civilization still continues with everybody taking precautions, like carrying weapons, testing their blood, and taking several bleach showers from machines. The only way a person can get into a building - public place, home, etc. - is by taking a blood test. If you aren't green, you're screwed. Animals are tough to have around too. If the animal is bigger than a cat, they can easily become a zombie just like that, so animals that big are banned or immediately killed. The only way a person becomes a zombie is if they get bitten, injected with the virus, or they die from something else (bullets, stab wounds, etc.). Thanks to this if a person drops dead, they're shot in the head immediately. But some people who do get infected and survive it have something called a reservoir condition, where their abilities are enhanced but limited at the same time, generally around the eyes. One of the main characters from the first book has this, but we're not here to talk about that one yet.

How did this virus happen? Some numbskull released the virus - dubbed Kellis-Amberlee - into the air and started turning people and animals into zombies. Have you ever seen a zombie horse? I sure haven't. Actually Mira wrote up a short story prequel explaining the events that took place to create the world of the Newsflesh Trilogy, so I'll do a review later on as well.

I think I've done a lot of summarizing and explaining so far, and if there's anything else I need to add, I'll do it along the way while I'm talking about Blackout.

In the beginning you find out - holy smokes, Georgia Mason is alive!!! But what you find out in the next several pages is that it is her and at the same time it isn't. Why? Because she is a clone made by the CDC emotion_awesome . We all know how the CDC likes to mess with things that bring about the world's destruction or something along the lines of that. Well, they brought back George from the dead. Hoo boy. Basically for the next who knows how long George is stuck in a pure white room with everything bolted down and she's forced to wear white scrubs because she is technically a test subject. Every day she has to go through tests to make sure she's as close to the real thing - she's 97% from what she says - and kept isolated because everyone doesn't want to go near her. Even the doctor in charge of her doesn't want to come withing two miles from her. Because she's a clone - a.k.a. test tube baby - she doesn't have the same conditions like the original George, like some tattoos and her eyes. When she was "alive" she had a reservoir condition that prevented her to see very well, so she always wore sunglasses, stayed in dark rooms, and whenever there were lights around, they had to be UV. After many weeks of this, she finally finds a friend/ally, a guy called Gregory who works with the EIS but is undercover at the CDC.

After awhile the two of them have like sixteen minutes of free time and he lets her out of her room, leading her to a room where, there were two more George clones - one still in a tube and the other that had her eyes operated on to look like she had the reservoir condition. Gregory explained to her that the second one was going to be sent out to find George's brother, Shaun, and pretty much betray him because she was brainwashed. The "real" George doesn't want this to happen so she wants to get the hell out of the CDC to find Shaun and save him.

Another while after - trust me, you don't want me discussing every single thing she went through - George goes with another ally who calls herself Dr. Shaw for some more testing. When I read about Dr. Shaw, I always picture her except without the cigarette. Only a minute after meeting Shaw's techy's - and finding out her real name is Dr. Kimberley - George blacks out and several times she kinda wakes up to find out they're operating on her, much to her dismay and complete annoyance. When she tried to wake up again she was pretty much having a heart attack or something like that. The third time she was fine and listened to the explanation that they