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Vampire Realm
Take it back!
She was running out of options. Everything she tried, ever potion and remedy. Every supposed cure from every book that ever spoke of werewolves. All of it was useless. A curse might have been lifted if a man was bitten by a werewolf, but for one that was born? Not just that...but born from the oldest bloodline that still lived? Impossible. Matt would never be human again. he'd be cursed. Forever.

Unless this worked.

There was no guarantee of course. Andrea knew that, but she wasn't going to let her believe that this was a lost cause. She needed this to be something she could fix. She needed to be sure that if anything happened to her, if she couldn't be here. That he'd be safe. She couldn't protect him forever, and eventually someone would find out. A part of her considered locking him away, for his protection, but he was just a child. He was so happy, even after all she'd put him through. After the pain from the transformations and the potions she'd tried. He still smiled, still laughed.

If she locked him away?

Her mind filled with another familiar face. Eve, she'd smiled and laughed once too, before she was locked away. Now her laugh was made and hard and her smile was too wide, her eyes shining with something other than joy. She couldn't do that. Not to him.

Pacing her rooms she nodded, understanding that this was her last option. If trying to see it fulfilled got her killed then so be it. She'd die with the knowledge that he was safe. Plus she was cursed wasn't she? She'd placed the curse on herself ages ago, when she'd been charged with protecting Life through all of her reincarnations. If she died, well then, she'd just be born again.

Determined she darted out of the room and down one hall after another. Slipping into the guarded hallway that held the children's bedrooms she moved to one of the last doors and peeked inside.

The room inside was quiet and dark, but with a quickly muttered spell she could see as clear as day. Her eyes went right past the bed and the small form sleeping on it, to the other person in the room. It was still kind of strange seeing Galexy as a child...with that same cool expression on her face. One look was all she needed to convey what she wanted, and the small white haired girl slipped from her chair and moved towards the door.

"What do you want?" She hissed, a wave of her hand raising a shield around the child alseep on the bed, before she followed Andrea out into the hallway.

"You can read minds can't you? You know what I want."

"True...but I was hoping you'd realize how stupid a wish that was, and decide you wanted something else."

"It's not stupid. Take the curse off him. That's all I'm asking..just him."

"You know I can't."

"Don't give me that bullshit. Take it off him now or I swe-"

"Swear?" She laughed, gold eyes flashing. Her body lifted off the ground bringing her eye to eye with Andrea. "Don't you dare ever think you have any sort of power over me. I may look like a child, and I may have to guard the little brat in that room, but under no circumstance does that ever make me weaker than you." Her voice lowered to a growl. "I can kill you before you even realize you got me angry."

Andrea gritted her teeth, green eyes flashing. "Take. it. off."

"I can't"

"And why not?" Her wand was out, and she could feel it morphing in her hand. The soft wooden handle changing to cold steel. The air around her seemed to shimmer and ring with the sounds of battle, the smell of blood.

There was no hesitation in what Galexy did next. That small hand was out and around Andrea's neck, before she could suck in another breath. The small nails changed to claws and the golden eyes seemed to fracture. Half of one turning a blood red. "I'm going to explain this once, and you will get it.Do you understand?"

Andrea couldn't breath, she couldn't move. She could feel the claws sinking into her skin, feel the blood trickling down her neck. Her hand went numb and the sword fell from her loose fingers, hitting the ground as a wand again. For once she was scared and her heart was pounding too fast in her chest, like it was going to burst through her ribs.

"A long time ago I made that curse. The wolves, they didn't listen to me. They didn't care about me any more and I felt that it was fitting punishment for having turned from me and run to the humans with their tails between their legs. Eventually they learned to stay in one shape so long that they forgot the other, eventually the werewolf was dying out." Her eyes flashed at some ancient memory and her grip on Andrea's neck tightened, but the witch couldn't feel her arms enough to try and fight it. "Then he came. Silvanthro. He was a hunter and he got lost. The last pack found him, the first food they'd seen in ages...they were starved, mad. They attacked him and he killed them and thought nothing of it. Till he became a wolf himself. He was the one that gave them their strength back and Matt is his son. The curse is in his blood...and I am no goddess not anymore."

Suddenly she released her and Andrea collapsed to her knees, as Galexy floated back to the ground. "In order to break that curse I would have to let all my power go. I would have to break the crystal. Then I would kill every single one of you. Which I doubt is what you want?" She turned to go back into the room.

"I gave up my powers to protect this world for a friend, a friend we both had. I gave up even more of that power because my sister's daughter needed someone to protect her. I bonded with that child in a way that it could kill me if she died." she shook her head "If I could I would break the curse, just because I don't want one of those...things, anywhere near her." She shrugged

"Go back to bed Andrea. Fate has already been written for your little pup. It is not a happy one...but even I can't change it for him. For either of them."

"T.K?" Andrea's voice felt raw and her throat ached but her eyes were wide. She saw something in Galexy's face that said everything she could ever want to know, and she shivered at it.

Somewhere in her mind, the little cracks that had been forming grew just a tiny bit bigger.

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