Ok. To anyone reading....though I don't think anyone is I'm pretty sure no one guessed that Jeff would kill the guy and do a really loud angry shout of "Go To Sleep." at the end. But the basic idea is he got very angry that his fun ended so quickly. Now heres Gigglepie & Fluttercorpse part 2. Corpse of kindness. "Flutter....shy?" Fluttershy turned around. She was clearly an undead but there was still kindness in Fluttercorpses eyes. She smiles. "Finally a non mutant. Gigglepie maybe you should come with me. My house seems safe." I could see she didn't want to harm me."O.....Ok." I hug her and we try to reach her house. Mutations keep blocking our path but only try to attack me."So....I guess you're the corpse of kindness now huh?" "Yeah. I am." She seemed to like the new term. We saw Ernst....my fathers new form amongst the crowd. We see my mom....I remember she said no one really stays dead. Theres a portal where others appear. We walk over to her. She wasn't Pinkamena at the time. It was my mom as the cheerful entertainer that would never harm anyone. It was Pinkiepie.{This was definitely something you'd have expected me to do.}
Now. The secret of Clara Belle.
You notice Clara is always sneezing? Its not allergies{I think it is allergies but her info never mentions it and allergies aren't scary.} Its the begining of the zombie virus. She tries to hide it but eventually she'll become zombified.{I in no way want to force people to believe these. I don't even believe these. Still Clara would make a cute zombie.}