So, a friend of mine decided that she didn't want to be my friend anymore. Likely the one reason I've been neglecting Gaia. Wouldn't surprise me.

A month ago she sent me a message, that said she would like it if I kindly not contact her by phone and everything, changed her number and then the unthinkable what would tell me that despite what friends say, "She'll come to her senses, I'm sure" would never happen... She blocked me. Soon after, blocked me.

Number, Gaia, Facebook, cell, you name it and she either blocked it or got rid of it. Now, as for the biggest question of all, "why?" I haven't the foggiest. Wish I knew.
Something tells me it's because I'm moving in April, and she probably thought that since we hardly spoke, or hardly hung out that we wouldn't ever keep in touch again. Which, if she would have trusted her best friend, I would have assured her that it wouldn't have happened. But now, I won't have to worry about it.

Actually, there are a lot of things I won't have to worry about anymore. Calling her to make sure her mentality hasn't gone nuts,to make sure she's still sane, stuff like that. I should feel bad for putting it that way, but she chose the path away from me, and when her condition resurfaces, she won't have me to reassure her that the monsters she sees aren't real.

She made that bed and now she has to lay in it. If things backfire, and her new friends ditch her, she won't come crawling back, because I won't have it. Best part is, I haven't blocked anything of hers. So I didn't stoop to that level.

Well, I'm done now.