Ok. I'm doing more of Gigglepie. Heres the story of Ernst.
Well I escaped that darn doctor. He got everyone. Celestia,Luna......EVERYONE!!!! I don't know where I'm.....Dad? "Grarghhhhh!" "Shoot. It's dad. He goes by Ernst now. I wonder. Is there victims that haven't become these....things. Fluttershy? Is she....Her bodies sewn up. Is she one of them." Walks over to Fluttercorpse.{Yes I put in Fluttercorpse.}
Now. My My Sims pasta. My Sins.
I decided to play My Sims. I started it up. The usual opening played but the title was bright red and only spooky sims were shown. It was really strange. It was all spooky sims. One represented Jeff The Killer. There was also a Slender Sim Black Eyed Sim Zalgo Jane The Killer and Bubsy The Clown one. But I just figured it was just something new. The title was the weirdest My Sins. Upon pressing the plus button I heard Jeff The Killer say "Go To Sleep." I created my character. A cutsy type.{I know people would see a few cliches if they read this. It's because I thought this would be more interesting.} A cutsy sim surrounded by spooky sims. I hope this has a happy ending. I notice my charactor wakes up at a mansion.{I think the Amnesia games building is a mansion. Certainly bigger then my house.}She seems to be scared. "Must have had a nightmare." I thought. Eventually I had to do stuff for Jeff and he said again "GO TO SLEEEEEEP!!!" It was louder. I warn you. If you read this and find My Sins do not play it. You will die. Oh. One more thing I'm dead and you should really GOOOO TOOOO SLEEEEP!!!!