Adorable Anonymous Messages Part 2!


A small happy birthday!

-The Most Mysterious Rainbow Benefactor


Your eyes were closed as you concentrated on the sound of your slow controlled breathing. Inhale. Exhale. In your chest, your heart beat faster then a running rabbit. With more concentration, you rid your mind of the flashing images that filled it until nothing was left in the world except your breathing. You had to relax yourself. To focus. Once your heart rate was at least semi-normal, you reopened your eyes. The red brick wall of a building making up the alley was at your side. It was rough against your touch as you leaned against it and peeked out at the main street. The world was in chaos.

Fluffs littered the streets in hoards, while starmonies ran rampant in the skies. Easter eggs were flying through the air as effective as any grenade as people threw them back and forth. Rabbots clanked and their circuits hummed as they moved with deadly speed towards the fluffs. The sickly sweet smell of waffles drifted through the air. The thunderous boom of a cannon was set off an evenly intervals; Diedrich had found the cannon and was making good use of it. Down the street, a tall silver figure knocked fluffs into the air with a giant metal carrot as if the fluffs were only mere annoyances. The Easter Bunny was on a rampage.

Your eyes drifted across the street to a convenience store that was relatively untouched by the battle. It would make a highly effective fort that you could hide in to plan your own attack. The giant expanse of the street was like a chasm, however. Enemies littered it and even if you did make a run for it, you could possibly be hit by your own teammates in mistake...

"Get down!" a voice cried out behind you suddenly.

You blinked in surprise and began to turn, only to be pulled down into a crouch by someone. The concrete was smooth and cool underneath you. Above you, just where your head had been a few seconds ago, a particularly large Easter egg shattered into the brick causing red dust to drift down onto you. You paled as you realized how deadly it would have been had it hit you.

"Are you all right?"

You looked to your side and saw your rescuer crouching besides you. She peered at you with concern. Her hair was snow white and her eyes a pale blue, so pale you thought it might have been a trick of the light. Slowly, you nodded and she smiled in relief.

"You have to be careful out here. It is extremely dangerous right now."

Again you nodded, still feeling a little bit shaken about nearly being hit by an Easter egg. You then explained to her about what you had been trying to do. The convenience store was still right across the street.

The girl shook her head, "I would not do that if I were you. The enemy is using that as one of their bases." She looked you over for a moment and pulled a walkie-talkie from her back pocket. "Take this. If we're going to win this war, then we need to communicate and work together. Our team is on channel two."

You took the black walkie-talkie and stared down at it for a moment. Her words made sense.

A loud explosion caused the ground to shudder and you looked out of the alley. Smoke was rising in the distance.

"I'm sorry, but I need to leave now." the girl said as she stared up at the dark plume in the sky. She pat your shoulder with a small smile, "Keep vigilant and you'll be fine!" With that, she stood and darted out onto the street.

Your heart sped fearfully as you watched her nimbly move through the street. It was completely chaotic out there, but she was swift. Within moments, the girl had crossed the battle zone and had slipped into the shadows of an alleyway. A breath of relief escaped your lips as you shakily stood back up. For a few moments, you just stood there trying once more to regain your composure. Breath in. Breath out. Finally you got your heartbeat to a normal rate. The walkie-talkie in your hand made a small noise and you turned the channel to two just as the girl had told you. It was time for your own fight.

--- Phantom Anon

There is a hush in the darkened theatre as you descend the stairs to toward the stage. A quiet, haunting melody has brought you here to investigate its source. You are almost certain that it is coming from this room when you open the curtain to discover that there is noone there, just a neatly wrapped box with a black bow sitting innocently center stage with a card attached that reads "For you who have heard me sing. Carry it with you always."

It is only signed "The Phantom's Selene"

In the air the eggs are flying
the paint on the shell still drying
as you dodge through the streets
mad as the cult of cute meets
couldn&��t they leave enough alone
and stop making a battlefield of your home .
To get away you duck into a bar
only to find out you went a street to far
as you stand in the door
the glares you get stick you to the floor
As the men approach you see a flash of a knife
and you fear for your life
before all in the bar freeze
and you hear a small sneeze
before you have a hand on your arm
and the men no longer seem to mean you harm.
the one behind you laughs and guides you outside
she walks you through the street
and you keep looking at your feet
until a touch makes you raise your eyes
and who you saw there was a surprise
a smiling dream standing there
looking at you with great care
you open your mouth not sure what to say
when a loud noise makes you look away
when you look back there is no one there
only a wisp of fog in the clear night air
and at you feet a small gift
something to make your heart lift
~Whimsical Fantasy

You are hunting for eggs! You find them in some of the oddest of places. You thank the Easter Bunny & Diedrich for that. As you continue to search you hear an explosion not far away. Turning towards the commotion you see a young man had sprawled out on the ground. He is tall and is wearing blue rabbit ears. You rush over to see if he is alright. He sits up at your questioning and looks up at you with ethereal teal eyes that seem to glow faintly & a pair of goggles nestled in his chestnut locks. ''St-Stars'' , he coughs, ''the egg I-I had. . . exploded.'' You smile as you help him up and tell him that particular egg was from the Easter Bunny. He nods, returning the smile with one of his own. Another explosion grabs your attention & his, but when you turn back you see that the young man is gone, but he left a gift where he stood. It is damaged slightly and is covered in soot and a fine crystalline dust. Its tag reads, ''I may not be able to fix my own heart, but I will fix yours.''

~Arron the Lythcol Mechanic

The Nightmare begins: Part 2
Stanley curled up into a ball next to his sister&��s crib with a determined look. His parents didn&��t believe him when he said there was something in the room. Just because he was 8 didn&��t mean he was making it up right? He went to put the blanket on Cree before he went to sleep when the infant&��s eyes jerked open and the crib began to rattle. Stanley jumped back in fear and screamed.
The parents jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to the baby&��s room. The dad went to open the door but it was stuck.
&��Mommy! Help me! Daddy! The baby!&�� Stanley&��s panicked voice could be heard from within the locked room, &��Mommy AH!&�� Stanley was eerily quiet as the door swung open.

I hope this will help with your dreams dear

~Easter Angel

I give you my last gift of today my friend.

All I ask of you is
take care of this
Precious thing of mine
for she is th the youngest of a litter of nine.

~ sensei ~

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Darling, will you cry for thee?
The Raven is as lonely as can be.
She must wander back to the start,
Only to fix a broken heart.
Shattered to thousands, and even then more,
One musn't explore,
When their love is falling to the floor.

-Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."

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