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Journal of Roleplay Most of the things in here will be plots of RPs I'll be making.

Lervine Rosalina
Community Member
Reincarnation people!!!

Two best friends lived normal lives just hanging out and doing things that normal teenagers did when they were hanging out. Whether it was going to movies with a group, eating lunch on the rooftop of their school, or hanging out in detention together. It was a relatively normal life for them until reports of strange creatures, a mix between machine and organic, were starting to appear and devour the humans alive. Each time they ate a human they seemed to grow bigger and a lot more powerful. Which made it even harder for the military's weapons to destroy them. That is until reports of two strange people appeared and started destroying them with their own powerful weapons. Luckily for the best friends the attacks seemed to happen outside the city where very little people were seen or during night time in areas that are less populated when its night.

Soon enough two new French students entered the school, siblings too be exact. Almost immediately the siblings hit it off with the two best friends, and the once group of two best friends became best friends of four. Though the siblings seemed to be pretty suspicious as they don't seem worried at all about the strange creatures. The two best friends couldn't act upon it though, as they didn't have enough proof that the two might be bad. They soon let it go as they thought it was all in their heads.

That was until late at night when the two spotted the siblings leaving late at night and heading for where the strange creatures were normally spotted. Feeling a bit worried for the two, they also followed after them. Mainly they were curious at to why they would head off into a dangerous area. Imagine their surprise when the two seemed to transform into different people, the exact same people that were fighting off the creatures. They stared at the two in amazement that is until the two ended up taking damage to their armor and seemed to be too injured too move. Feeling compelled to protect them the two moved from hiding and stood in front of the two protectively, ignoring the two as they yelled at them to get away.

Doing that seemed to awaken something within them, like another personality or spirit even, and ended up transforming themselves into completely different people. When the two woke up the creatures surrounding them were destroyed, almost like when they transformed someone else had taken over and they were asleep the whole time it was going on. They wearily turned to look at the siblings wondering what was going on. The two explained that all four of them were the reincarnations of past people that fought to save the earth from these same creatures. Only before they were pure organic. They had destroyed the mother of these creatures and that stopped the birth of more creatures, it had cost them their lives though. Now they must once again do the same thing and find where the mother of all creatures hide so they could stop these creatures before they spread to the whole world.

After the explanation the sister had hugged ____(Male) along with her brother with the ____(Female), and the two said that they were happy to have found their knights and fiancée... Back up Fiancée?!

After that whole declaration the two siblings reverted back to the two French siblings, who seemed to retain their memories after transformation. The brother said not to mind what their previous life had said as it was only their reincarnated forms that were in love not their current lives. They were still friends after all. That is until the sister had declared she actually liked ____(male). With that declaration ____(female) admitted to having a crush on the brother.

What were the two males to do?

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