Got done with Golden Axe earlier in the week...and worked on King's Quest V: Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder all through this one.

Compared to the first four games, it's really easy to say that this one is the weakest link in the first seven games (not counting Mask of Eternity here). Even the seventh game was better than this one.

Let me explain. I've covered the NES version way back in the GameTrailers guide because it was a point-and-click adventure on NES. This time around, I'm covering the version that was meant to be covered.

I know that these things were obvious then, but it's really obvious now. Helping animals (or people) out and getting their help shortly afterward when you get in a pickle is so prevalent here it's not even funny. Some of the puzzle solutions (throwing a pie at the yeti, having to help one of the animal characters in the game and then exploring an area) have the most asinine solutions. The writing is weaker here than in other games. (The voice acting is amateurishly done, but I can overlook that.)

Thankfully, the sixth game is much better...but I'm going to have to make it a long-form project. This one's much longer.

For now, I'm going to pick another game and continue to work on Wario Land II, which I've more or less abandoned all week.