So I don't know how well you guys know me, but there's one thing that's clear. My directional sense sucks.

I got lost in downtown for an HOUR once, passing the SAME building over and over and over again. Don't ask me how I managed it. My brain just sucks at telling directions.

There's this boy I often refer to as number nine in my previous journal entries. I don't know if I like him or not. The thought of him makes my brain go against itself. Whenever I'm near him, I feel oddly at ease, so I stick around him when it's convenient.

I like being... idk how else to word it, "with him." With him in the sense that we are PHYSICALLY in each other's space/ Not "with in" in the mental and socially assumed way.

I follow him lots. Some might say I'm creepy.. and I'm not even going to bother arguing with that statement. It is, more or less, true.

I was with number nine and Dominic on my way home today.

Dominic is another boy in my grade. Old buddies.

To go home, I walk to a city train station, and take a bus. Recently, my destination station (RHYMES! emotion_yatta ) has been shut down, only temporarily though. Now my route home is like this: walk to the nearest train station, get off one stop earlier than normal destination station (STILL RHYMES! emotion_yatta ), catch a shuttle to destination station (FOREVER RHYMING! emotion_yatta ), take a bus to nearest bus stop at home, walk the rest of the way home. Quite a long journey indeed. But, dear readers, it's not the distance and time that bothers me. It's how lonely I am during it.

So to lessen the thought of being alone, I follow number nine after school a bit. Usually only for ten minutes or so. Sometimes longer. He takes the train as well, so often I get to follow him to the train station AND ride the train with him for a bit.

Today, number nine and Dominic were walking to a bus stop. I don't normally follow them to the extent where I take the same bus, but today was different.

Number nine said to me, "You should take the number three bus with us."

Now, this knocked me off. First, I thought he wasn't too fond of my following him. Secondly, he hardly talked to me in reality, let alone offer me to travel with him. It was a pleasant change in attitude, I ought to admit.

"But, I'll get lost.." I replied, because it was true. If I can get lost while walking, imagine how lost I would be using buses!

"It's okay, I'll walk you to the train. I'm going there anyways," number nine said.

So basically, now, my head and my heart think I should go along with his plan. My insides were just screaming with happiness. I was kind of ticked off at myself for getting for overwhelmed by this, but I liked what was happening.

Dominic added then, "Yeah, Lucia. You could follow. Have sexy-time with him."

To this, I laughed. "Pfft! I politely decline your offer on the sexy-time... but sure, I'll ride the bus with you guys."

So that was that. The three of us were walking to the number three bus bus stop. The bus, which seemed to have pulled up on queue, came immediately. We got on, and sat down.

We were discussing music. Dominic and number nine were people who enjoy the very essence of music. They like what it is and how it is. The ideal musicians. The only problem was, they didn't know too much other than sound. I, being the only one who studied music theory, taught them, on the bus.

It was so nice, teaching people about things I knew and they didn't. Truly sharing the knowledge.

After a few stops, number nine got off. "Let's go," he had said to me, and I happily followed.

I told him of my experiences of getting lost. He told me directions and stuff, none of which I understood because, when it comes to directions, I'm stupid.

We reached the train station then. We talked on the boarding platform about music. We boarded the same train and talked.. about music.

On the train, we were so close. He was, quite literally, within my reach. I only had to extend my arm, and I could close off the space between us two.

As we talked about music, I shared with him my theory booklet. In piano lessons, my teacher has me do these theory booklets. They help, surprisingly, and they make you look smart.

He didn't say anything when he wanted to see my booklet. He simply held out his hand and looked at me. I freak out when I receive too much attention, so to avoid it, I handed the book to him as soon as I realized what he wanted.

He passed the book to me and asked me question about it. Then he took the book again, flipped through its few pages, handed it back, and talked again. This process repeated several times until he got a call.

The call wasn't in any language I could comprehend. I'm fluent in English, I can understand and respond in Vietnamese, I can decipher messages in French, but I can't do anything with Russian.

So there I was, standing so close yet understanding so little. I listened regardless. The sound of his voice, the pronunciation of his words, his vocal gestures... I absorbed as much as I could. I was so into it, in fact, that when he hung up, I was shocked.

"That was kind of cool," I said, quietly. Like, I swear, it hardly passed for a whisper.

"Haha, yeah," he whispered back, and that was that. No more words were exchanged between us. I killed it, the conversation. emotion_8c

Anyhow, I ended up going a few extra stops past my usual route. I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could, even if it was quiet. Conversation was, as I reminded myself, merely a bonus.

So I got off and I bid I farewell to him. He knows which stop I'm supposed to get off at. If he's smart, he'll know that I already passed my stop. If he's smart, he'd know why as well.

Thank gosh he's not a genius.

I waved bye to him. He was looking at me.

I boarded the train that headed in the opposite direction. Even in two different trains, he looked at me, and I waved again.

He looked confused, almost concerned. I bet he thinks I'm lacking brain cells or something. Who in their right mind would do such unnecessary things? Me, obviously, but why? Because of him.

So that was that. I was really happy, getting to spend so much time with the person that triggers so many vast emotions.

He didn't walk me home, but I don't think I would have liked it if he did. I liked what we did today though, so thanks, number nine. You made my day!

Good night to all my fellow readers. Thanks for reading my petty thoughts. emotion_c8

Today's lyrics are:
Maybe this time tomorrow
The rain will cease to follow
And the mist will fade into one more today
Something somewhere out there keeps calling

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