1) letting go doesnt mean giving up. it means accepting there are some things that just cant be.

2) when somebody walks away, let them go. it doesnt mean your life is over it just means their part in your history is over.

3) close your eyes. clear your heart. let it go

4) here is to the future, because i am definetly done with the past.

5) if you ever miss me, remember i didnt walk away, you let me go

6) no matter how you feel, get up, get dressd, and fight for your dreams

7) never lose yourself while trying to hold onto someone who doesnt care about holding onto you

8 at some point you have to accept that his phone is working. he did get your text, he just doesnt care.

9) life is too short to wait for someone to love you the way you love them

10) please, please dont be in love with someone else

11) every moment spent ith you is like a beautiful dream come true.

12) i love you