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Bits and Pieces My insights on the world. Not very smart insights, but they're here just the same. Things about me and some things that'll make you think, "Too much info!". Just my days, what I think, possibly stories/poems and random thoughts.

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Spring Break in D.C. Part 2
Ok, back to events! Finished out Monday by kicking Katie out for a couple hours ( wink ). Then we went to a Thai restaurant. We talked a lot. Connor and Katie ganged up on me a little and said something about cutting out my tongue, so I was silent for about 10 minutes so they could see what that was like. Neither of them seemed to like it xd Anyway, I got Crispy duck. I'd never had Thai food OR duck before, so it was all new to me, not to mention delicious! One of the best things I've ever tasted! We had a lot of fun. Afterwards, we hung out. Connor and I tried to watch a show, but the Internet was going to crap so it didn't work well. He also got annoyed at me because he had something on his shirt and I tried to get it off. He thought it was obnoxious, I guess. hen we went to bed.

On Tuesday I tried hair chalk. I thought it worked well, but Connor barely noticed it when he got back from work. Before that, Katie and I did homework. Then, we took a break and walked around. We just wandered. It was a really nice day and we found ourselves three parks and a lot of empty streets to meander through. I really liked getting out of the apartment and spending time with just Katie for a while. After that, Connor returned. We debated food places and ended up at an Ethiopian restaurant, which was really cool! There was no silverware, you had to eat everything using this sourdough bread. They brought some silverware out for us, though, which I ended up using because I got sick of the bread after a while. Connor got a pound of raw beef something or other, I got a lamb dish (amazing and new to me!), and Katie got a vegetarian platter that all of our food was put on and that she generously let us sample. It was a pretty great place! After that, we went back to the apartment, where Connor and I made plans for the next day, ordering tickets for a Shakespeare show and looking up sex shops, just for shits and giggles. Then the three of us walked over to a Cold Stone for some ice cream. The food has been a huge highlight of this trip, let me tell you! We then rented a kung fu movie called The Man With the Iron Fists that Connor and I watched and cuddled to. It was an interesting movie, but one of the deleted scenes was central to the plot and they just cut it out! Connor and I were discussing some random plot holes and one deleted scene answered all of them. We thought it was a little stupid, but we enjoyed ourselves overall. Then it was bed time.

Yesterday, Wednesday, was really great! I woke up and did some homework. I also read up on The Tempest, the Shakespeare play Connor and I planned to go to. I'd never read it, so I needed to make sure I had an understanding before I headed out, not just because it's Shakespeare and I didn't want to miss anything, but because the performance was silent! I'll get back to that later.
Ok, so Connor had work in D.C., so I planned to meet up with him. That meant taking the metro all by myself! I was worried about it, but it wasn't that bad. And people are extremely helpful. I wasn't really thinking about the sides of the platform, I just figured any train would work. So I tried to go inside and someone yelled, "Don't go on that train!" I looked around, confused, and a man just getting off went passed me and told me that train was out of service, so I waited for the next one. I was really glad someone told me! The rest of the ride went off without a hitch, even when I had to switch trains, and Connor met me on the platform to get to the sex shop. We walked over to that. It was disappointing, but that was to be expected. The store was pretty expensive. We'd wanted to go to a different one, but it was too far out of the way, so we had to settle. I was also a let-down to Connor because I couldn't really get excited about buying things I couldn't afford. I also wasn't very interested in the products. If they were cheaper I would have considered it, but there was no point in buying expensive stuff if I didn't even know if I would like it. But we did get a pair of fuzzy handcuffs 3nodding Teehee. After that, we took the metro to the theatre, which was actually in an underground mall in the metro, which was pretty cool besides the fact that everything closed as soon as we got there. We'd planned to eat before the show, so we had to wander around as everything was closing. We ended up going to a Subway because it was the only place that was open, which was disappointing, but we were hungry!
We rushed to the show after that and it was AMAZING! You'd think silent Shakespeare would ruin the whole point, but it was really amazing how it was portrayed! They started out with Prospero when he first came to the island and defeated Sycorax, taking Caliban as an adoptive son. Then he freed Ariel. It was weird, because I felt really bad for Caliban. His rape of Prospero's daughter seemed more like a romance gone awry than anything. Then, he wasn't enslaved, but imprisoned. Also, Prospero and Ariel's relationship didn't seem like master and servant, it seemed like an erotic relationship in this adaptation. Most of the play retained its form, but Antonio was genderbent to Antonia, so convincing Sebastian to kill Alonso was also not so much based on real convincing, but on erotic convincing. Gonzola was also cut from the play, but his speeches weren't really necessary, as his pivotal role was in his utopian ideals, which would not have been portrayed well without words. Also, I forgot to mention this, but the entire play was also performed with a layer of water covering the stage! There was a lot of splashing and mucking around with it. The choreography was awesome, the costumes were phenomenal (I wish I could have snapped pictures of Sycorax, Caliban, and Ariel!), and the whole idea behind the play was just...it was so cool! I was so happy that we went to it!
Afterwards, we kicked Katie out again (handcuffs!) and, when she returned, she mentioned jogging past some stuff in front of someone's house meant for recycling. Of course, being who they are, Connor and Katie had to dig through it and find stuff, which they did. Connor got some dishes and Katie snagged some blueprints for decorations. After that, we tried to watch the show again (failed) and I annoyed Connor again. He's really a**l about his hair, so it just makes me want to mess it up, but just hearing me talk about it pisses him off. I don't know what the big deal is, but whatever. Maybe I'll see it one day. And then I felt bad, because the night had been SO great and it seemed like I'd just gone and ruined everything by bringing up that trivial thing. But it happened. Too late. Then we went to bed.

Now it's Thursday. Connor got off of work early and he JUST GOT BACK, BYE!

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