This is a character profile for either an inuyasha rp or a feudal area rp.

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Character Name: Sayuki
Age: 18
Race: Half demon
Rank: Good
My role play start:

Sayuki was walking down a mountain path looking for something anything that could help her remember her past. She sighed and stopped for a moment. She looked out onto a forest. " Mother please tell me, give me a sign to find father." she whispered as she sighed. Then a noise came from one of the near by tree's it sounded like a scream. She ran toward the sound and looked into a tree. A young boy was holding a branch for dear life.

" Hang on i will help you." Said Sayuki as she climbed up the tree and she attacked the demonic crow that was after the boy. She then grabbed the boy and got him to the ground safely. The crow had flown off. She looked at the boy and smiled. " Are you okay?" she asked as her ears twitched. "You're a demon." the boy cried as he ran toward his village. "I guess he is okay." she said as she sighed. " People see these ears and they freak out. I am not sure why." she said as she started to head toward a village to the south were it was rumored that her father lived there.