• Vehicle Details
• Body Style: Luxury Coupe
• Year: 1996
• Mileage: 82,000
• Transmission: Automatic
• Engine: 3.8L
• Drivetrain: N/A
• Color: White
• Condition: Used
• VIN: Ask Seller
• Luxury Coupe For Sale By: Owner
• Stock: 367909173

To purchase a car, there would be dozens of other cars someone would normally fantasize about, dreaming that they could afford such a ride with a meager sum of money. For a student working $7.50 an hour at McDonald's a car costing six thousand plus would not be a viable approach for many. Not if you want to wait a long time or pay off an arm and a leg just for the loan itself for the years to come.
Being the cheapskate I am, and yes I'm not afraid to admit it (money is a very stubborn thing for me to spend loosely), there have been only three or four different cars I looked at. Truthfully it was the price tag at $1,800 that drew me in to a '96 Buick Riviera Supercharged Coupe. I’m not a person to scowl at a care for looks, or to turn my nose at a deal (although you’ll never catch me dead in a pink car). It was a bit old for a car and had a reasonable- no, excellent- price that could be paid off with assistance of family. The price was excellent, the make is a reliable one and the maintenance cost of the vehicle would only cost me roughly around a hundred dollars, which wasn’t too much to begin with anyways.
Of course this time around, I wouldn’t have that option and would need to get a loan. Should I be in a dire situation of a point like “I need a car, I need a car!” then a loan would be the best approach at that. There were five different loan types offered, Loan Types 3-5 did not suit my taste as the interest rates were much too high and the years of which to pay them off would not fly. Working at a McDonald’s, there were two options that would work exceptionally well. Loan Type 1 had an interest rate of 8% and spanned a length of 5 years, not too bad and the monthly payment of $36.50 was also considerable when in regards to my paycheck every week.