So today me and my friend decided to go to Ocean City for spring break. So I ended u p driving for about two hours in my Corolla to get there to park in some random hotel. Then we decided to walk all the way to the boardwalk which ended up being a long cold hike, and after walking for about fifteen minutes, we realized that the boardwalk was four miles from where we were. So we had to walk all the way back to the car and found a convenient parking spot near the boardwalk. When we finally got to the boardwalk, we were disappointed in seeing how rarely anybody was there. 95% there were workers fixing up the boardwalk for the summer, and the other 5% were legit tourists. Pretty much everything on the boardwalk was closed except for the arcade. The arcade wasn't too bad, I ended up winning 21 tickets at skeeball, and me and my friend played some Rambo arcade game. After that that we decided to go home, but not before encountering two girls who also had the same problem we did. They were apparently there since Saturday when everything was opened, but when they found out that everything was closed, they left as well. So we ended up going home, driving another two hours getting home, getting some Taco Bell for lunch, jamming out to my iPod, and other shenanigans. I would have to say that today was a failure, but I should be grateful that it wasn't the worst day of my life! The worst that possibly happened was me getting chapped lips

PS: I suck at pinball

PPS: Taco Bell tacos are good! emotion_drool