Well I guess no ones reading. I personally love the original Gigglepie tale that's online. It's more sad then scary but Gigglepie is so sweet and innocent sounding that I think when you realize what the original tale suggests it makes it more sad. My tale is more on the creepy level and actually The next Gigglepie story was gonna make it clear that it centered around the XBox 360 kinects game Rise Of Nightmares. Anyways if no ones really interested anyways I'll still bring in my newest My Sims one. This ones titled Who are you really?
I have done it all but now it seems the town is asking me "Who are you really?" Let me explain. It started when I created my character. The mayor said something weird. "Who are you really?" I had copied the character Violet right down to the name. I eventually talked to her cause I always loved hearing her tell me I need to speak with Poppy but this time she said "You aren't me. Who are you really?" Let me speed this up. Poppy:You aren't my sister who are you really?
It goes on and on and then Goth Boy.
Goth Boy:You arsn't my beloved. Who are you really?
I was shocked. Goth Boy loves Violet? He didn't act like he loved anyone before. Anyways as I mentioned even at the end they ask and now I ask you. Who are you really? {If anyone is reading you probably could guess how it would end. You're creating a character and a character that looks like the beautiful Violet asks "who are you really?" And no the creator of the character didn't die. This is my most believable one I ever did. I mean if you copy a precreated character what would really happen? Anyone reading I need you to tell me how you think of these and if you could think of something else that would happen for copying a premade character.}