So I was walking home today, finishing City of Glass, by Cassandra Clare. I had read it three years ago, and I was rereading it for a project I plan to do on it. I was less than thirty pages away from the end. After this book, I would read the next book in the series, and the next book. My project was going to be based on the Mortal Instruments series, you see, so I had to read a loooot.

Anyhow, back to walking. I had walked to the nearest train station. I didn't have a bus pass, nor did I have a bus ticket. I did have money though. I had 20 dollars that I placed in my wallet prior to going to school this morning. I went to a change machine, got change, purchased a bus ticket, and headed to the boarding platform.

Now, on the boarding platform, there's were electronic signs every now and then. Four to six in total, I can't remember. The signs told you when when the trains were coming.

SOMERSET 15 min"

The 3 minute one passed. I saw it. It was empty at the front of the train and packed at the back. I preferred the back of the train though. Not only is it more convenient, but it also made me feel comfortable, I don't know why.

I'll wait for the next train, I though. So I waited.

The next train came. It was more stuffed at the front. The back looked spacious enough for my standards, so I went to go pick which car I'd go in.

Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with LRT transportation, you should probably want to know. These trains are divided into cars, which are sized approximately like a large bus. Every car had a different door. Some doors led to the same car, so doors led to different cars. All doors were, ultimately, entrances to the train as a whole.

So there I was, walking around, pacing quite quickly, actually, and I see a car just calling out at me. I board it.

The moment I stepped inside, I realized it was uncomfortably small. I'm not claustrophobic, but I don't enjoy being squeezed. The car wasn't that squishy, but it wasn't as free-feeling as it looked.

I whipped out my book then, anxious to finish it. The announcements came on and reported to the passengers what stop was next; my stop. I shut my book then, as the train slowed to a halt. I looked up and saw, much to my surprise, number nine.

Number nine is a boy I may or may not like (I don't even know myself). I refer to him by his former jersey number, 9.

He was, quite literally, two or three feet away. Had there not be people, I could have extended my arm and touched his jacket. He was THAT close.

...and he'd been there, beside me, the whole train ride.

I'm not too obsessed with him, I hope, but he made me days a little less dull. Seeing him without planning it was a shock. A pleasant surprise, really. Serendipity, some might call it.

I look up at him, only for a moment. I whispered under my breath, "surprise.." and I rush past him to exit the train. I didn't want to miss my train stop, not today at least.

As I experience my last seconds in his presence, I whisper again. "See you tomorrow," I said as casually as I could, and then I left for home.

But wow, eh? What a coincidence!

Anyhow, today's lyrics are:
Everyday's like talking in your sleep
Love is like a silhouette in dreams
Open up your heart

Guess the song's artist and title and a reward shall be granted!
Also, good night! Thanks to all my readers for taking the time to, well, read. biggrin