Ok. I think they mention Dolly never ages cause of an actual real life condition. I think they just say its a condition but yeah it's one people actually have. Anyways time for the next and probably most entertaining chapter to Pinkamena and Dexter. Birth of Gigglepie.
This is also the last and the story needs a great finale.
Its been a long time now. I was raised to be kind and gentle but to fight when it was right to. My dad was poisoned by all the changeling meat. He mutated. I don't know where he is but the mutations been spreading. He must've bit someone then they bit someone and so on. For some reason I'm immune. Mommy died of cancer before the disease spread. I live with Celestia & Luna. I think we're.....*loud growl*......."No. You won't harm the next prin......Ahhhhhh!" Well. Time to end this tale. If I live expect to hear every....."Graaaaaargh!" {Ok. Did anyone guess Gigglepie was taling the story? Tell me if you want more tales from Gigglepie since if anyone is a replacement for Pinkamena its her equally cute daughter.}
You guessed it. Time for another My Sims pasta.
Ever notice the lack of animals in the Wii version? Oh they're there but mostly as essences. I noticed you'll hear animal sounds even when no animal essence matching it exists. A snake sound in the desert. A crow in the main town. I could swear I heard bugs in the forest. Are these ghost animals? I wonder.