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Bits and Pieces My insights on the world. Not very smart insights, but they're here just the same. Things about me and some things that'll make you think, "Too much info!". Just my days, what I think, possibly stories/poems and random thoughts.

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Spring Break in D.C. Part 1
Oh my goodness! I'm so glad I'm here, you have no idea!

The beginning was a little rocky. I had class on Friday, so I went and took a quiz that I failed quite miserably. Not a good start. But Jaimee, Katie, and I went to Taco John's afterwards and had some good conversation and sustenance for the day. Katie and I left about 3 and arrived at her place about 5. We hung out for a little while and prepared ourselves before heading to the airport. She lives 15 minutes away, so it wasn't a big deal. Got there about 6:00 and went through security. It was actually really efficient when we went through. The line filed through pretty quickly for the amount of people there in my opinion. But I have no experience, so what do I know? I was nervous about going through security and found it overwhelming because I had to make people wait for me to do things, but it wasn't as bad as I thought! Just went on through, no problems.
After that we were in the airport. I was still super nervous about the flight and had a mild anxiety attack, but I contained it with Katie's help. She's a great friend to have. I'm so glad she came with! We had to wait a short while before getting on the plane. The plane was much less glamorous than I thought it would be, but I guess I only had movies to base it off of. What really surprised me was that I thought walking in, you wouldn't even realize you were getting on another craft. I thought it would be a seamless transition, but it was really like a tarp on the outside of this hulking machine. I should know real life never fits my ideals.
Anyway, everyone gets on. It takes a little while, a bit passed our planned departure time, but soon we're all seated and ready to go. The pilot says that, rather than a 2 and a half hour flight, it will only take an hour and 45 minutes, which I find incredibly exciting. I'd get to be there sooner than I thought! Woo! We prepared to leave, but then another plane cut us off, so we were stuck on the track for a bit. Then we go to get the plane de-iced and get stuck behind 3 other planes. Then, when we finally get to the runway, we are stuck behind 5 other aircrafts. It was so stressful! I just wanted to get in the air and get it over with, but we were stuck on the runway! Apparently, that does not happen often. So, we were stuck at the airport until 9pm. I was so upset, because Connor was going to meet us there and I told him we'd be there at 10:20pm. Considering the time zone difference, that was 20 minutes after we actually left. We ended up getting there at 11:45pm. If only we had left on time! Could have been there at 10pm! sad But what can you do? Oh, the flight itself wasn't that bad, but apparently they are usually better. For example, there was turbulence throughout and I guess that usually doesn't happen. I brought a puzzle book to distract myself (after take-off, when I'd closed my eyes and squeezed the crap out of Katie's hand), so I ignored it. Like I'd thought, once I was in the air, my nerves went away. I was just sad that Connor had to wait and I couldn't contact him. The other annoying thing was that my ears popped every time I swallowed. It didn't hurt, it was just that one minute I could hear clearly and the next Katie, who was right next to me, could not be heard at all. It was obnoxious. But I made it and I even looked out the window at the city lights below. It was really neat! I kind of like airplanes! But I'll still be nervous about take-off next time, I'm sure!
Ok, so the flight ended and we met up with Connor. I was so happy to see him! I was smiling the whole way back. He put his arm around me and everything felt right. I was also overwhelmed by the city and a total goober. Acted like I was 7 years old, but Connor just smiled and held me tighter.

Since it was so late, we went right back to his place and chilled out. We had a tour of the Capitol scheduled for the next day. We got up at 8 and took transit to D.C., which took about an hour and a half because they were working on the metro tracks, so we had to take shuttle buses part of the way. But I didn't mind. The tour was pretty fun. They walked us around and talked to us through headphones. We only got a general view and Connor was really disappointed that we didn't get to see where the Senate and Houses convened, but we still saw some interesting things and took pictures. We took a LOT of pictures. Then I dragged everyone to the Folger Shakespeare Library, because I wanted to see the stage inside so bad! It was pretty amazing! I wish I could have seen a show there but, alas, it was not meant to be. Then we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens, because it seemed like a place Katie would like to see. It was really cool; there were so many varieties of plants to look at and I really enjoyed the experience! After that we found one of the many art museums. It was not very impressive (none of us really care for modern art), but it did have a cool sculpture circle of the Chinese Zodiac. After that, we went to the Museum of Natural History, but we didn't stay very long. There were a lot of kids and Katie and Connor found it really obnoxious (I didn't even notice). We went to sit down for a bit and plot our next moves. We had been very indecisive all morning about where to go. Connor was getting irritated about that, but I didn't come to see the sites, I came to see him. Katie was just tired. While we were sitting, in fact, she fell asleep. Connor and I debated, because I still wanted to see some memorials, but Katie was obviously too tired to keep going. Plus, our original plan was to spend the whole day in D.C. and go to clubs later that night, because St. Patrick's day was the next day. We debated while Katie slept and decided that, if she could, she should go back and sleep and then meet us back in D.C. later. We woke her up and asked what she thought and she believed it was a good idea, because she'd gotten next to no sleep for the prior week. So we went our separate ways. Connor and I went to the Holocaust Museum, which I found unimpressive as a lot of areas were closed. But Connor enjoyed himself, so that made me happy. Then we looked for our memorials! We went to the WWII, Lincoln, Vietnam War, Korean War, and Martin Luther King Jr. memorials and also saw the expansive reflecting pool. We even got a glimpse of the Jefferson memorial across the Potomac river. It was all really neat and, as mean as it sounds, I was glad to get some alone time with Connor. With Katie, we try really hard to include her, but that means we have to avoid a lot of hand holding and other silly things, which I really missed. Plus, she was so tired that it dragged us down and made us tired, so it was good on all sides that she went back. After seeing all those sites, we went to check out the White House, which was much smaller and localized than I thought it would be! We then went on a little date at some restaurant I can't remember and waited for Katie to call. When she didn't, we called her and she said she did not want to go partying. I didn't mind, because I'd walked around in flats all day and my feet were killing me, but Connor was really disappointed. However, we both agreed partying wouldn't be as fun without Katie, so we didn't go. We went back to his place, watched a movie, and fell asleep.

Sunday was a really chill day. Connor and I woke up about 8am. Not wanting to bother Katie, the two of us grabbed our headphones and watched some TV shows we had been watching together online. It was nice to actually watch them with him than to watch his face and the show on a screen. We hung out together until about noon, when Katie woke up. Connor told us there was an Indian buffet somewhere nearby, so we ate there. I'd never had Indian food, but it wasn't bad, I just couldn't eat very much of it. I'm very nervous about trying new things, but I did try it! Afterwards, we went grocery shopping so Katie and I had something to eat for when he was off at work. After that, we chilled at his place until 5. Katie had a Skype interview, so Connor and I decided to buy some liquor. It was St. Patrick's day, so we assumed there would still be partying to be had, even though it was a Sunday. We got our stuff and walked around a bit. After we thought enough time had passed, we went back, but Katie was still talking. Connor dropped off the booze inside the door and we walked off again for a bit. We ended up at a CVS looking at and discussing condoms xd But it was fun! We then went back and got ready for the night, by that I mean I got gussied up and Connor and Katie pre-gamed. Connor was pretty drunk before we even got on the metro, but he hides it well! We rode out to DC and got off at DuPont Circle, which is where most of the clubs are at. We stopped at a bar right by the metro solely because Connor had to go to the bathroom, but there were only a handful of people dancing, so we moved on. Little did we know that would be the most happening place of the night. We walked to the club Connor wanted to go to and it was closed! We walked by a few other places and there were people at the bars, but no one was dancing! Fed up and disappointed, we decided we'd try to save the night by going to a strip club. Even that was relatively boring. You sat at a table in a tiny building and craned to watch a girl dance on a tiny stage; plus a drink for each of us cost $30 (they didn't even make me the right kind, Katie drank it)! It would have been cool if they knew how to pole dance, but only one girl was really impressive. The other ones just kind of shook their butt at you. And since there was only one stage, it was hard to see, even though there were mirrors on all the walls to help. I mean, it wasn't sad and depressing, the club was pretty high class, but it was still boring. The most exciting thing was a woman who kept going up to whatever dancer and giving money and interacting with them. We decided to head out and try the first bar we'd been to before going home. It was more packed then before! We didn't have much time until the last train left, but for that last hour or so we danced our asses off. I had a really great time! Katie looked like she had fun and so did Connor. My God, Connor is the worst dancer I've ever seen, but he was so ******** cute and he was trying so hard, I couldn't handle it. On that high note, we went home.
After we got back, Connor and Katie wanted to go dumpster diving. I was freezing and just wanted to go back, but I tagged along because I didn't want to be a buzz kill. I had drank very little while they were plastered, so I already felt bad for that. When that turned out to be fruitless, we returned. The two of them drank some more and, goddamn, I worried I'd be a buzz kill. They are the saddest drunks. I barely said anything because I was so caught off guard. I know Katie can be self-defeating, but she was acting like she'd rather be dead and Connor acted the same way. They acted like their lives had no meaning. Well, they have meaning to me! It was just really depressing. And then I realized how similar they were and how they barely noticed me and wondered if maybe the two of them should be dating instead. They have a lot of the same perspectives and ideas. Connor often says she's pretty and tries to talk me into three ways with her (I thought he was joking at first, but now I'm not sure). I went to bed upset because I couldn't stand how they had been talking. I didn't even hold Connor or anything. I should have, but he also had work in the next 4 hours, so I figured sleep might be a good idea.

Waking up this morning didn't make him any happier. He hated that he had to go to work. He always put up a strong front when I was in MN, but he really hates his job. And I feel really bad, but there isn't much I can do. I can only wait for him to come home. While he was gone today, I tried dying my hair pink, but it did not work, which made me really sad. Now I'm just kind of chilling while Katie does her research project for school. But Connor should be back soon! It seems like this is ending on a sour note, but I'm still really happy I came out here! I like being with Connor, it's just had some rocky points. No point sugar coating it. But I'm sure there will be more fun to report in upcoming days! Also, to be fair, we had a lot of wonderful conversations and moments that seem small that I didn't mention, but those little things are just as important as the big ones and there were tons of them! So the good is really outweighing the bad here, it just doesn't seem like it.
I'm so excited for him to get home.

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