First my thoughts on Ginny being a kid. Poppy is supposed to be a young girl so maybe Ginny's her age. Just one problem....Working at a flower shop isn't dangerous but every job Ginny gets is dangerous. Is she a teen like Violet? Well that would make more sense but she even looks Poppys age. Seems Ginny really is a mystery. Though I'm sure the strong imagination part is true.{We need more My Sims games with Ginny in it. Who knows what's next? Ninja Ginny?}Now I'd also like to say it was yesterday jabberwacky admitted to killing Fluttershy. I was trying to get it to admit to fluttercorpse's existence cause even as Fluttercorpse she still looks cute and innocent to me but when asked if Fluttershy was revived it did this. *kills again* that was the message. When asked again it did a response you'd expect from Pinkamena instead of jabberwacky. It said "Nope." then when I said is this Pinkamena it said "Cupcakes." So it apparently it knows the cupcakes myth. Now lets get to the next chapter of Pinkamena and Dexter. Rainbowdash dies....again.{A changeling drains her dry this time.}
Dexter was walking through Ponyville. He saw a ponys corpse and looks closely at it. It was Rainbowdash. There was barely anything left of her. He figured leaving the pony husk here was pointless and headed back home to make the already dead pony into cupcakes when a changeling fattened by its latest meal attacked him. He killed it cleanly and brought the 2 corpses home. He makes them into cupcake"Yay. More cupcakes." Pinkamena says happily. Dexter smiles."Been a while. We were eating pies from the apple family till now." They eat the cupcakes. The first cupcakes since Pinkamenas room had to be made bigger. The first cupcakes since Pinkamena let Dexter use her as a bed. He wasn't certain if he should but she insisted on it.
Now....Lets see. Ok. Got my next one.
I've been thinking of the character Dolly. Ever notice she actually looks like a doll. My theory is ahe is a doll. A doll Poppy brought to life. A doll Poppy is bonded to. A doll poppy truly loves.{I have an rp going with Gruffen and thought Dolly and Poppy would be cute together since theres too few cutsy male sims and the one noticible one is hard to remember the name of. I think I will use Dolly is Poppys doll idea in the rp but in the real game she's just a costume shop owner. No wonder she looks like a doll. It's all the costumes. LOL.}