I think I miss you
but maybe I just want to have sex with you.
I think it will take longer for you to stop turning me on
than it will for me to stop caring about you. I guess that makes me sad
I feel like crying but I don't want to cry. I'm tired but I don't want to sleep
I just want you to hold me but I don't even like you
don't even know you.
I'm tired. Even if you're awake you won't talk to me.
You won't talk to me. You said you try to talk to me
i said just don't leave me
but you don't talk to me.
What is happening to you?
You don't care, not about anything anymore.
Not just me. Tell me, what do you care about now?
Do you still care about her? I'm trying to keep myself busy
so I won't think about it
but it still makes me feel sick