Living in the Rural of Forest, you loved flowers.
But your father thought that was bad
because you were a boy, he would not accept any point of weakness,
he thought it would hurt you,
turn you into something you were not "supposed" to be.

And that is why you resent him, and everyone around you,
because little did they know, those flowers brought you a feeling, a different
reality that maybe in this life, something in your own world would have a chance to be beautiful,
and you thought the same of me.

You understood my language, that which we would both call "Koi",
and just because of your father's derision, you would suffer, and you still do,
Because they thought of you as weak, and mentally deficient,

And still they continue on as if you'd never be good enough for anything and
I would hush those thoughts and say, almost scream, in your ear that I love you!

But you'd continue to reach for the falsities of perfection, those that would slowly and painfully break you down
Into someone who hated his support
and away like a paper towel, you threw me far
expecting me to be recycled like the rest of your comforters!

I keep the notes you had about me, you called me your flower and your precious kitten,
We thought the dreams would break through for a full five years!

But we only lasted more than two.
I was your muse, and now I'm only your friend to keep there
unless you are scared and now even I scare you,
Because of the mental instability the situation has caused me
I thought you would be foolish enough to keep loving me!

But now, when you sit in your tree like the Byrd you are,
It's not me there with you,
But a skinny little thing,
a girl who looks like a snake, with bulging eyes and sulfuric hair down her back
She will hurt you, her venom will sting like a Lemon, with the Lamon that she is,
And as she kills you, you will call her, "Mara, Mara!"
Your new call.

And I will watch with sadness,
Knowing that you will never return with a straight head
And neither will I,
Because I hunted you as well
And that other creature has taken my prey.

And now I am bitter
Very bitter indeed
Because I lost you to someone
Who would never truly love you.