Ok I found a creepypasta calle Lavender Towns Gym. Now Lavender Town Syndrome is obvious fiction but this Lavender Towns Gym seems actually believable. There is a typo. Heres the gym leaders line."Welcome to the gym. I use only ghost type pokemon. But its a shame you came here cause...I...Don{Yes it says don instead of don't}....Exist." At first I looked past this but basically she admits she's not real and was never created. Still if they did plan a gym they probably thought people wouldn't want that many gyms so they replaced it with the mysterious doorless building cause it would be easier. Still imagine how much pokemon would've changed if Lavender Town had a gym. I also learned what a good comedy one is like. Its gotta be a fake part to the holders series cause the storyline makes me laugh and normally I get a little spooked by the holder series. But the title made me question it first. Holder Of The Fluffy Kittens. Still this followed much to the holder style but funny instead of scary. I can't compare to either of these but I try to make my stories a little believable. On to chapter 4 of Pinkamena & Dexter. Pinkamenas constant hunger.
Dexter feeds Pinkamena another cupcake. She was much bigger and couldn't move."I just don't get it. I'm still hungry and we're now out of cupcakes." Pinkamena frowned. She was a giant round ball of fur and flesh now.{Think of the pregnant girl in slither. And before anyone asks no Pinkamena won't explode and yes she'll return to the thin Pinkamena everyone loves after giving birth to Gigglepie.} He wraps his arms around her."Need me to make more?"Pinkamena smiles."No. Thats ok. I guess I just can't get full now." She finds her hunger uncontrolable and bites into his shoulder."Oh Dexter...I'm so sorry." Dexter holds her a bit tighter."It's alright. It's not your fault." Pinkamena kisses him."Well now I know if you betray me you'd make a nice cupcake."
Ok. I know alot of you might want the Pinkamena & Dexter stories to be longer but the truth is I meant for the new sections to be My Sims creepypastas and so I shrten Pinkamena and Dexter for that. And now onto my My Sims.
What is the truth about Ginny?{I think I spelled it right.} First she's a pirate then a sherrif. She changes jobs numerous times. My theory is she has a split personality and we may never see the real Ginny. I just hope we don't ever meet Ginny the killer.{By the way the info on Ginny suggests she's just a kid with a very active imagination.}