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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 2.17 - Love vs. Honor and Pride
Shunsui: *He was walking with Ukitake to the middle of Hyrule Field, next to Lon Lon Ranch. It was very windy, as Shunsui had his hand over his hat as he clothes blew in the wind. He stopped in front of Byakuya in the distance as he slowly raised his head, one of his eyes glaring down at him*

Ukitake: *His hair and haori were blowing in the wind, sorrow in his narrowed eyes*

Byakuya: *His face was calm, his scarf blowing in the wind with his haori. He narrowed his eyes at them as his bangs blew past his eyes* You’re fighting alone then.

Ukitake: We don't want any trouble with them. Like this, we can fight properly and not have to worry about their well being. *He pulled his Zanpaktou out* There is nothing that could have been worse than involving the ones we love the most. *He placed them to his side, pointing his sword diagonally. He began to move it as an after image began to duplicate it into two swords, the chain following at the hilts* All Waves, Rise now and become my blade, Thunder, strike down and become my blade! *He swung them across each other, the chain dropping down loosely* Sogyo No Kotowari.

Shunsui: *His ponytail blew in the wind as he slowly let go of the tip of his hat, moving his hand to his sword swords, his fingers over both the hilts at the same time* I cannot change my sins with violence, but if you consider them to be, I'll fight for my own belief and trust in myself. *He began to pull the both of them with one hand, his eyes shimmering from the light. He threw one into the air as he moved both of them up, the other landing on his hand he crisscrossed over his other arm, catching it as the blade faced to the side, the other faced towards Byakuya* What I do is something my heart tells me, and I'll bear it's weight. *The swords began to glow purple as they pulsed* The flower wind rages... the flower god roars. The heavenly winds roar, and the heavenly demon shall sneer. *They began to transform into his scimitar shaped swords* Katen Kyokotsu.

Byakuya: *His face remained the same, his hair blowing violently as the wind picked up the moment he rested his hand on his hilt.* I do as I am told. It is my duty... my pride. *He began to pull his sword out of his sheathe* ( Byakuya Kuchiki Bankai Theme (Reminiscence) )

Shunsui: *Shunsui and Ukitake glared, preparing themselves as their stance changed, their backs facing each other as they turned their heads to him*

Byakuya: *He narrowed his eyes as he held the blade up the center of his face, turning it to its flat side towards them. The sword began to glow pink as it began to scatter from top to bottom into a thousand blades that reflected the light, looking like cherry blossoms* Scatter, Senbonzakura.

Ukitake: Shunsui... *He whispered quietely* You know that they won't be held there for very long... We must do this before they show up, or it will be difficult.

Shunsui: I gotcha ya, Ukitake....*Their swords began to glow as both of them blasted up their spiritual energy in unison, causing the energy to blow Byakuya's clothing violently*

Byakuya: *He looked at them glowing, his eyes slightly narrowing*

Shunsui & Ukitake: Release... Bankai.

Byakuya: *His eyes slowly widened as a blast of light radiated from the both of them, his scarf blowing from the power alone*

Shunsui: *He was holding the two large black blades that connected over his back, glowing purple as his kimono flew off his back with his haori, landing in the distance*

Ukitake: *His haori also flew off his back. He was holding two massive lightning bolts as a stream of water began to circle his waist at extreme speeds. A white circle was at his feet, his chain at the hilts falling off and floating in front of him, throwing itself around Ukitake's chest and back, as the charms on the chain began to glow brightly. His eyes were also glowing as his hair blew upwards*

Byakuya: *His eyes narrowed as they shifted to Ukitake* That Bankai... I've never seen it before. Your life never allowed you to release it.

Ukitake: *His hair gently fell back over his shoulders, his bangs falling over his face in a messy manner*

Byakuya: Using your full strength from the very beginning surfaces your fear of your companions arriving, so I will wait to use mine. Though you have both your Bankais before me, you will not bring me to a single knee.

Shunsui: *His eyes glared, furiously* We'll see, Byakuya Kuchiki!

Byakuya: Words alone do not prove to you that... the differences between us... is status. You have none. Begone.

Ukitake: *He gave him a dirty stare* You arrogant... *He began to charge* Do you think leaving the Soul Society has weakened us that much?!!

Shunsui: *He flashstepped behind Byakuya in mid air, turning his body as his hat hid his face, swinging his sword* You’re going to fight us with your full strength even if we have to force it out!!

Byakuya: *His eyes closed* Even your flashsteps... have dulled.

Byakuya: *He flashstepped, extremely fast. He appeared behind Ukitake, swinging his sword across his back as his blood splattered on the field, his eyes narrowing as they reflected the red in front of him*

Ukitake: *His eyes narrowed* I was waiting for you to do that...*The entire field back to glow yellow*

Byakuya: *He stared down with widened eyes*

Ukitake: *He pierced the lightning bolts into the ground* Shocking Massacre!!! *The sky turned dark as the ground began to turn golden*

Shunsui: Dead Hand. *The atmosphere began to darken as purple orbs began to appear everywhere*

Byakuya: *His eyes narrowed as he flashstepped away*

Ukitake: You cannot escape!! *It began to rain purple, red, yellow, and blue lightning from the skies and ground up and down, causing nowhere to run*

Byakuya: Bakudo #79. Nine-Daylight Bonds. *Eight black holes began to appear in the atmosphere, the ninth on Ukitake's chest*

Ukitake: N-No... incantation...?!

Byakuya: *His eyes closed as the lightning and purple orbs all over them began to get sucked in by the eight holes. They all blasted into the Ninth*

Ukitake: AHHHHHHHH!! *Blood came out of his mouth*

Shunsui: *He flashstepped past Byakuya, creating a purple crack on the ground that glowed*

Byakuya: *He stared at it, his eyes narrowing as he flashstepped away. But where he landed began to also crack*

Ukitake: *The water streaming around his body began to glow and enter Ukitake, healing him to full health. He glared through his bangs*

Shunsui: Rip through, Hell. *His eyes narrowed as his hat covered one of them, raising his sword as he brought flames through the cracks everywhere a crack formed*

Byakuya: *He flashstepped away from one of the cracks, landing as another began to form, flashstepping away from that and repeating the process as he dodged all the flames*

Shunsui: *He began to spin his body, his swords extending outwards as he began to fan the flames, turning them pink with purple edges, they all began to follow Byakuya's movements* Dance of the Underworld, Act 1.

Byakuya: *He looked up as his eyes widened, watching all the flames moving down towards him. He extended his hand* Bakudo #81 Severing Void.... *A giant rectangular barrier appeared in front of him, splitting the flames as his hair blew from the impact, his face still calm*

Ukitake: *He flashstepped over Byakuya, spinning his body as he lunged a thunder bolt down at him*

Byakuya: *His eyes widened, flashstepping away. However when he landed, his arm was badly burned, bleeding down off his fingertips*

Ukitake: *He landed, the water around his body beginning to blast water droplets toward Byakuya. It was so fast and deadly that one of the pierced a smoking hole through Byakuya's haori*

Byakuya: *His eyes widened, flashstepping away from each individual droplet*

Shunsui: Dance of the Underworld...*Above Byakuya*

Byakuya: *He stared up, his eyes widened* ...?!

Shunsui: Act 2. *His blades began to form dark arms from the abyss, extending downward as it pierced the ground, causing a purple flame to erupt*

Byakuya: *He flashstepped as he slashed all of the arms chasing after him with narrowed eyes*

Ukitake: *Behind Byakuya, throwing a bolt of lightning* Byakuya!!

Byakuya: *He flashstepped, the lightning bolt burning the tip of his scarf as he slid away, falling to one knee* ...!!

Ukitake: *Landed next to Shunsui*...You've been brought to your knee.

Byakuya: *His eyes narrowed as blood began to run down his forehead. He slowly stood up, holding out his sword as the blade faced the ground*

Shunsui: ...!

Byakuya: Bankai. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

Ukitake: *His eyes widened*


Goddess Katie: *Meanwhile, at the house they were staying at. She was waking up, smiling faintly as she saw the group sleeping around her. She had woken up earlier that night, hearing everything that had happened. It was a rough day, but she knew everything was going to be okay. She stood up as she stretched, yawning. She was used to waking up early. She walked to the exit of the building when she felt a sudden force/barrier stopping her. She stared ahead, thinking maybe she was being too tired. She moved her hand forward and saw that it was stopping her. Her eyes widened. As she looked back to her friends, she noticed that Shunsui, Ukitake and Zelda were gone after a long observation. She began to freak out.* Guys! *She shouted to them.* Wake up!!

Link: What is it...?!

Goddess Katie: A lot just happened. *She sighed heavily.* Where do I start? Oh, I don't know. Shunsui, Ukitake and Zelda are gone and we're TRAPPED in here. There's a barrier blocking the exit.

Ven: *His eyes widened as he sat up.* No... Ukitake...

Link: W-what?!

Sango: This barrier was put up recently...

Alonsa: We need to hurry!!

Inuyasha: Move out of the way!! *He charged through them, pulling out the Tessaiga*

Kagome: *She pouted* Inuyasha what are you doing?

Inuyasha: *His Tessagia began to turn red, jumping up to the top of the barrier as he swung his sword. It began to split it in half as he began to move downwards, lightning blasting out the top of the barrier*

Miroku: *He chuckled* Impressive! I forgot you were able to do that, Inuyasha.

Goddess Katie: *She watched this, smiling* Now, we need to find out where they went. I'm sure that won't be hard with the amount of energy they create.

Alonsa: Uh, guys...*She looked to the distance where dark clouds formed*

Sango: Kirara! *She ran forward, jumping as she landed with Miroku, Kagome and Kikyo* Where's Shippo...?!

Tiercel: Perhaps he was on Shunsui when they went. They were bonding yesterday.

Kirara: *She transformed, growling.*

Goddess Katie: Should I go ahead and see if I can find them? I mean.. I can do that. *She rubbed her head* Secret abilities and all

Inuyasha: Like I'm going to wait...*He began to run at full speed towards the dark clouds, following Kirara and the others*

Ven: *He ran off after them* Ukitake's going to hear it when we get there...

Inuyasha: *He looked forward, glaring as he saw the clouds beginning to spread apart*

Ukitake: *His eyes slowly closed, dropping his swords as they reverted back to normal. He had cuts all over his body similar to what happened to Melody and Katie, slowly dropping to his knees near Shunsui, who was also down* No...way...

Goddess Katie: *She had ran off after Inuyasha but took advantage of her own powers. She sensed their energy as she followed it, allowing the wind to take her to them. She appeared in the distance behind them, seeing that they were badly wounded. Her eyes winced, knowing that seeing that much gore did make her feel woozy, but she tried to stay strong. Ontop of her chest was now a pendant with the Triforce symbol on it with writing engraved into it; almost as if it were in a different language. She stood there, glaring ahead.*

Kirara: *She flew fast through the air alongside Ancaladar, the rest of the group getting these soon after*

Byakuya: *He has his back to them, his scarf blowing in the wind as cherry blossoms reformed the blade of his sword, his Bankai still activated. He slowly turned his head to his shoulder, his hair over his face as his eyes shifted softly to them*

Goddess Katie: ( Goddess Katie's Battle Theme ) *She closed her eyes, the pendant around her neck glowing faintly* Alright.. I've had enough of all of these secrets. Quite frankly, it's pissing me off. I'm probably going to be yelled at for doing this, but I need to help my friends. *She began to glow, a white transparency beginning to cover her body. Wind blew against her as her necklace flowed with it, only causing it to grow brighter. Suddenly, she floated up into the air faintly, her back glowing as large angel wings formed on her back, covered in the white transparent magic as well. She landed on the ground, light swarming around her as positive energy flowed around and through her.*

Byakuya: *He turned around, facing her. His hair and scarf blew in the wind as his face remained emotionless, unphased.*

Alonsa: *She stared up at him, after looking at Ukitake and Shunsui on the ground* You... just couldn't understand. You just had to resort to this.

Ven: *He glared, drawing his sword.* You changed the mindset of our friends, trying to make them trap us. I knew you were nothing but lies. I won't stand for this. If I die for Ukitake, then I die in true honor.. not in just some excuse to get two men who are more powerful than you..

Byakuya: *He held his sword in front of him, dropping it as it phased into the ground*

Link: *His eyes widened, gripping his sword and shield tightly*

Inuyasha: *He glared, showing his fangs as he took a stance*

Sango: *Looking around* Where's Zelda and Shippo?!

Byakuya: *He just stood there as a circle of pink cherry blossoms began to expand out of the ground around him, two streams of them moving towards Sango and Kirira as his eyes narrowed, not moving a muscle*

Sango: *She signaled Kirara to move out of the way* A-aahhhh!!

Kirara: *she began to move as fast as she could, roaring*

Ven: *He readied himself.* He probably kidnapped them.. *He spoke quietly*

Byakuya: I don't need useless people. *The cherry blossoms began to entangle each other as floods of them began to move outwards, chasing after everyone*

Alonsa: *She ran but was too slow* Aahhhhhh!! *She got covered in them*

Inuyasha: *He held his sword out, but it pushed him extremely back as he did* ...!!!!

Sango: *She grabbed her boomerang off her back, throwing it down at him* Hiraikotsu!!!

Byakuya: *He simply shifted his eyes toward it, just before it hit him a wall of cherry blossoms stopped it*

Goddess Katie: *She flew up into the air faintly, her wings allowing her to fly. A barrier began to form around her, pure light filling it. It began it pulsate, sending waves of light out to attack and reflect*

Kikyo: *She drew an arrow back as she aimed it at Byakuya, it began to glow with her arrow. She released it, releasing the sacred arrow.*

Byakuya: *He looked at the attacks as he watched the cherry blossoms move around them, forming a sphere of cherry blossoms over all of it, closing in on the arrow and light as it turned them to nothing when they separated over his narrowed eyes, his hair blowing over them*

Link: What...?!

Alonsa: *On the ground, bleeding as she tried to keep her eyes open*

Inuyasha: *He charged him as the Tessagia began to look like crystal, shaping diamonds on the blade. He jumped up, swinging the sword as he sent shards towards him* Adamant Barrage!!

Byakuya: *A dome of cherry blossoms caught the shards*

Miroku: *His eyes narrowed, watching the moves closely.*... Everyone... Get behind me or out of the way. *He said as he held his hand up, holding the beads that tied his robe around it..*

Byakuya: *His eyes shifted to Melody, the cherry blossoms blasting towards her*

Link: No, Melody!!

Melody: *Her eyes widened as she stepped back.*

Miroku: *He unwrapped his hand, holding his hand out as he cloaked his eyes* WIND TUNNEL!! *He shouted as he began to suck everything in front of him into the hole. The blossoms were being pulled to him*

Byakuya: *His eyes widened as he watched all of the ones he sent to Melody blast towards the wind tunnel, he wasn't able to redirect them*

Inuyasha: *He charged towards Byakuya, holding out the tessagia* You’re defenceless...!!!

Byakuya: *Inuyasha's blade was reflected off Byakuya's eyes, as they widened even further*

Goddess Katie: *She flew forward with Inuyasha, closing her eyes as her hands began to glow brightly. She reached back, shoving her hands forward in a hadoken form. A giant beam of light magic was sent at him with tremendous force as she combo’ed with Inuyasha's future attack.*

Inuyasha: WIND SCAR!! *He swung the sword, causing the massive shockwave to join the beam towards him*

Byakuya: *His eyes shook as he began to lift his hand. The blossoms began to shake, struggling to move between the tunnel and his hands. When he directs the blossoms with his hands, they moved faster, but only a tiny bit was able to form in front of him. A giant explosion was created on him*

Miroku: *He winced, quickly closing the wind tunnel as he held his arm in pain.*

Goddess Katie: *She landed beside Inuyasha, glaring at him.*

Melody: *She ran forward, closing her eyes as she began to gather the Inner Power's magic. Magic began to swarm around her. She opened her eyes, holding her hand out as she sent the magic towards him, the magic splitting into streams of it and flying through the air. They kept forming sporadically, swarming at him as they flung towards him with powerful forces.*

Byakuya: *He began to stand upright again, his scarf blowing violently as the cherry blossoms began to create a circle around him, blasting at all of the magic streams separately, causing explosions in the air as a pillar of cherry blossoms shielded him, he directed his hands towards Melody, blasting them, but this time the speed was immense*

Link: *He ran in front of her, his eyes glaring as the Triforce glowed, holding the sword out in front of the cherry blossoms approaching her* No, not again! I won't let you!!! *His eyes glowed, dashing towards the cherry blossoms* Triforce Slash!!! *He began to slash each individual cherry blossom, cutting them in half*

Melody: *She stared at this in slight awe, though she was still scared*.. Link.. *She spoke quietly, soon snapping out of it and formed her bow. She held it in her hand as she gripped it. She looked to Kikyo who was aiming another sacred arrow. She nodded faintly, aiming an arrow herself as it swarmed with light. They both released it at the same time, swarming together and becoming a powerful move. Melody's arrow began to split them into multiple ones, causing an arrow rain upon him.*

Byakuya: *He looked up, as he began to raise his hand towards them. All the cherry blossoms began to form a shape similar to a tidal wave, flowing up and drowning all the arrows above him, slicing them in half. The magic that came through by them was blocked by another wall of cherry blossoms, but the impact caused his shoulders to bleed slightly, his eyes narrowed as he raised his other hand, sending more force as he finished all of them off, the blossoms falling into the ground as they surfed towards Link and Inuyasha*

Link: *His eyes widened* ...!!!

Inuyasha: WIND SCAR!! *He split them down the middle, but they flooded and filled the center again just before it all covered the two of them*

Kagome: INUYASHA! *She screamed*

Kikyo: *She stared in fear, feeling anger fill her.*

Byakuya: *He directed the blossoms once again, moving the giant wave of blossoms over Kagome, Sango tried to catch her on Kirara but her and Kirara also got engulfed*

Sango: AHHHHH!!

Kagome: *She screamed, getting engulfed as well.*

Inuyasha: *She the waves of blossoms left Link and Inuyasha in a bloody mess, Inuyasha's eyes began to fade out as his pupils fogged up, his hair gently landing back as the tessagia fell to the ground, sticking out of it. He slowly began to fall in a splatter of blood under him*

Link: *He held his chest, falling as he also bled, stabbing the Master Sword in the ground to keep him up, but slowly losing his strength as he slipped off of it*

Sango: *She fell from the sky with Kirara, both spilling blood into the air as they left a trail falling into the ground, her eyes also faded as they closed*

Goddess Katie: *She stared at him, glaring as she remained still.*

Byakuya: *He swung his hand to the left, directing the wave of blossoms to blast towards Katie and Melody now, his other hand moving up as he moved a separate wave into the air, sending it down as the other wave surrounded them. He closed his fists at it all turned into a sphere that sank in around them, his eyes reflecting the cherry blossoms as his hair violently flowed in the air*


Zelda: ( Temple of Droplets - ZREO ) *Meanwhile, she was sitting in the tombs. She had managed to sit up, though she was silent. The shadowing of her hood was covering her face as she stared at the ground, reflecting upon what had happened. She knew Shippo was watching her, and she wouldn't be surprised if he was scared of her. Her cheeks were horribly tear-stained, looking down as the hair tied was dangling across her shoulders and chest. She was planning her escape.*

Shippo: *He watched her carefully, sitting upon a skull with his arms crossed. He feared Byakuya, but he felt afraid of her just the same, his eyes shook but he stayed strong, thinking of Shunsui's good intentions instead of the bad*

Zelda: *She suddenly began to crawl backwards, her back pressing against the wall as she used her legs to stand up. It took her a while, but she managed to do it. Her hood slid off of her head. Her eyes were narrowed, full of nothing but pain and anger*

Shippo: ...I'm not letting you go anywhere...

Zelda: *Her eyes didn't look to him. She was concentrating upon something she was planning.* You can try to stop me... but you will fail.. *She said as her voice showed no signs of happiness anymore. Pain, sorrow, anger and heartbreak had consumed her heart*

Shippo: Shunsui didn't want anything to happen to you! Stop thinking he betrayed you!

Zelda: He knew what he was doing... He broke a heart.. *She said sternly as she closed her eyes, the Triforce on her hand beginning to glow brightly as it filled the room with the light.*

Shippo: *He jumped down, holding out a leaf between his fingers as he glared up at her* Y-you can't!

Zelda: *She began to pray, the Triforce of Wisdom glowing brighter as it began to surround her bindings with its magic. She was using all of her power in the Triforce to free herself from the bindings.*

Shippo: *He watched as his eyes widened, too afraid to move*

Zelda: *The magic surrounded her, giving her a golden aura. The bindings around her broke, but she could feel her Triforce half faded from her. She had to do it. She had to do all of this. She needed to escape and prove that she wasn't just some damsel, and to Shunsui that he just made a big mistake. She had never felt pain this sharp before.*

Shippo: *He stared at her face, as his own turned serious. He could feel her feelings strongly just from her expression, so he put the leaf away*

Zelda: *Her eyes opened as she looked to him, her eyes narrowing upon him*... do not try to stop me.. I will stop you if you try...

Shippo: *He looked at her, not afraid anymore* I'm worried about my friends.

Zelda: Where I am going and what I am going to do.. you won't have to worry anymore.. *She said faintly as she walked ahead into the tomb, heading towards the wall with the ancient writing in the back.*

Shippo: *He followed her curiously*

Zelda: *As she stood up onto the platform, she knelt down onto the ground, resting her hands on the tablet. She knew what the purpose of this stole tablet was, but she also knew there was magic behind it all. She pushed her hands against it as she closed her eyes, her hands creating a light underneath them. Her Triforce began to glow brightly. She began to absorb the magic inside of the tablet, taking it for what she was about to do.*

Shippo: *He stared in awe, stepping back slightly*

Zelda: *After several moments, she stood up as she watched the tablet crack faintly. She nodded as she turned around, walking past Shippo.* ...For every darkness... there is a light.. and neither can live without one another... Some will rise... others will fall.. but it is the balance we must accept... Shunsui has yet to accept that this is my fate.. my fate to help protect what I can at the cost of what could end my life..

Shippo: *His eyes narrowed* What... are you talking about?

Zelda: *She walked to the portal that gets them out of the tomb, slowly stepping on it. Nothing happened, but she knew she could break the seal preventing this. She closed her eyes as she rested her hands against her chest in prayer.* Goddesses of Hyrule.. spirits of the light... grant me the power of the Goddess... it is time to do our part.. *She spoke quietly, her voice echoing through the tomb.*

Shippo: W-wait! I want to come too! I need to see if my friends are okay!

Zelda: ...if you dare stop me... you will pay the consequences... *She spoke lowly as magic began to swarm around her, a breeze filling the tomb as the old bones flew against the walls.*

Shippo: *He ran to her side, afraid of the bones* A-alright, alright! Let’s go already!

Zelda: *She closed her eyes tightly as she began to move her hands together but left a space in between them. A magic sphere of energy began to form inside, the room too filling with magic that contrasted with it.* Din... Nayru... Farore... Let us begin our quest... *A red, blue and green flame appeared around her, swarming around the two in fast speed.*

Shippo: *His eyes widened as he held onto her leg afraid* T-this is freaky...

Zelda: *She moved her hand to the side in a special hand formation before sending her hand upwards (think Brawl.), the sphere of energy flying upwards to the barrier Shunsui created. At the same time, the sphere had released magic as it swarmed them, almost as if it were grabbing them. Her eyes opened, staring determined as she concentrated. The flames entered her. The magic began to make them rise into the air, the sphere pulsating as it began to break Shunsui's barrier. They soon were teleported out, and as they landed, a faint explosion occurred due to the reaction. She stared ahead, not flinching or anything.*

Shippo: *He climbed around her as he circled her body upwards, landing on her shoulder as he poked his head through her hair*

Zelda: *She looked up, the white of her gown flowing around her as the breeze continued around her. She closed her eyes as she pulled her harp out, beginning to play. The music began to echo through the graveyard. They began to be swarmed by wind as she played.* ( The Goddess Ceremony )

Shippo: *He held on tight to her braid, his ears twitching as he closed his eyes tightly* I'm ready...

Zelda: *They began to be taken into the air, disappearing in a gust of wind. They were teleporting to where the Hero of Time was.*


Link: *He was on the floor near Inuyasha, as everyone but Katie and Melody, who were barely able to stand any longer, was*

Shippo: *His eyes shook* N-No!!

Zelda: *She moved Shippo off of her, beginning to walk ahead. She didn't bother to look at her friends. She stared at Byakuya.* You didn't take your time here... *She spoke, her voice sharp and determined.*

Goddess Katie: *She turned her head quickly as she panted and wincing in pain, stunned to see her here and in her form.*

Byakuya: *His scarf and hair was blowing gently in the air, being circled by a small amount of cherry blossoms on the floor. He stood there in silence as he watched her before speaking* You’re just too slow.

Zelda: *Her eyes glared* I wasn't hesitating... someone trapped me... *Her voice emphasised on 'someone'. She gripped her harp in her hand as she stared across at him. Her hair and dress blew gently in the wind.*

Byakuya: *He closed his eyes* It doesn't matter. It will end very soon.

Zelda: Indeed.. it will.. *Her eyes closed as she spoke, trying to hold the pain back. Her Triforce on her hand glowed brightly.*

Byakuya: *He slowly opened his eyes slightly, narrowing them as the pink reflected off of them as he slowly raised his hand to her, the cherry blossoms blasting towards her*

Zelda: ( Din's Power ) *She began to play on her harp, the Triforce on her hand glowing brighter as a breeze blew with her too. She paid no attention to him, letting any strike be hit upon her if needed to. The tune she played began to form fire in the air, clashing with the blossoms that he sent at her. She played with her full concentration, a wall of fire that resembled Din’s Fire beginning to spread out from her, pulsing to the strums of her fingers on the harp.*

Byakuya: *He directed his over hand to create a spinning wave of blossoms around her, as the one being pushed back entered above her, crashing down on the walls of fire as the other wave spinning around her closed in*

Zelda: ( Farore's Courage ) *Her eyes opened faintly, seeing that they were swarming in on her. She stopped her playing, quickly changing the song. As she played, magic swarmed around her, the spell resembling Farore's Wind, as it she suddenly disappeared as the stream of magic finished. She reappeared where Shunsui's body was, standing there as she continued to play, her eyes staring at him as she continued.*

Byakuya: *His eyes shifted, narrowing in disgust before swinging his hand in her direction again, sending them to her again*

Shippo: *He stared in the distance, shaking. He ran to see if Inuyasha was alright*

Goddess Katie: *She ran over, forming the magic beam in her hand again as she sent it at him, hoping it would catch him off guard.*

Byakuya: *He stared at it as his other hand raised up, a dome of blossoms stopping it, turning his focus back towards Zelda* If all you can do is play songs, you don't nearly have enough power to ever defeat me.

Zelda: ( Zelda's Battle Theme ) *Her eyes narrowed to him, gripping her harp as she moved it out, slowly turning it into her light bow.* You haven't seen the magic of a goddess.. *She spoke quietly.*

Byakuya: *His eyes narrowed as he swung his arms up, sending all of the cherry blossoms into the sky as it all began to spiral in a star formation, shadowing the field*

Zelda: *She closed her eyes as she gripped her bow, pulling the string back* Goddesses of Hyrule... grant me your power... *She plead quietly under her breath, and soon magic streams of blue, green and red began to flow into her bow as she began to form the light arrow on the string.*

Byakuya: *He began to lower his hand, causing it all to fall on her* It's finished.

Zelda: *Her eyes narrowed, not looking up at the incoming attack. She released the arrow, the arrow flying quickly at him as the streams of the red blue and green colour followed behind it. She knew she was going to get hit, but she had to fight.*

Byakuya: *The arrow was heading towards him, his eyes narrowed as the cherry blossoms went towards him, blocking it. But it pierced through them, and pierced his shoulder, his eyes widened as he watched the cherry blossoms fall to the ground. His eyes shook as his hair gently fell over his face, he slowly placed his hand on his shoulder as he looked at his bleeding palm, a few cherry blossoms on his hand that blew in the wind. He fell on one knee*

Zelda: *She was hit by his attack, feeling the pain enter her. She tried to hold it back, though she did fall onto the ground. Light began to flow around her, giving her a bit more strength. She was draining her Triforce magic, trying to fight this.*

Byakuya: *He closed his eyes, his scarf blowing in the wind gently as the remaining cherry blossoms covered the ground, glowing faintly* ...Impressive. Your fang has finally reached me. *He spoke to everyone in general, he looked up to her, his eyes narrowing as he began to stand again, holding his shoulder as his hair blew in the wind* ...I'm sorry, but I can't let this go on any further. As... a sign of respect to your ability, I will kill you with my bankai's true form. My pride will not dishonor those eyes. I'm very familiar with them. *Suddenly, the entire field around them began to turn dark*

*Only Zelda and Byakuya were seen*

Zelda: *She began to stand up, her eyes narrowing as she looked to him.*

Byakuya: *His eyes closed as his lips gently whispered, the area turning darker* Senbonzakura Kageyoshi... Slaughterscape. *Suddenly, all the cherry blossoms began to unite into complete glowing swords, numbering in the thousands, which form four rows. These rows float just above each other, and circle around them in a continuously moving, column-like array.*...

Zelda: *She stood there as she watched it, showing no fear in her eyes as she remained quiet. She wasn't sure how to get out of this.*

Byakuya: I sacrifice defense for a full on attack on my opponent. *His eyes narrowed* Though they will not all attack at once, the concentrated scattered blades have created something more lethal. *His hair and scarf stopped blowing in the wind, blanketing him and his wounds. He stared at her as he glared* Thank Kyoraku. For ever putting you in this situation. It is his sin, not yours. Yet you continue to step in my way. *He opened his hand, one of the swords around them flying into it as he grabbed the handle*

Zelda: *She closed her eyes as she ignored him, her hands folding across her chest into each other. Her Triforce of Wisdom began to glow, and she began to pray*

Byakuya: *He flashstepped right infront of her, his eyes narrowing as his hair moved by his movements, his face emotionless as he stabbed his sword through her foot, pinning it to the ground. He pressed two fingers onto her shoulder, his face lighting up from the energy coming out of it* Hado #4, Pale Lightning. *He blasted a beam of lightning through it*

Zelda: *She felt his attack hit her, her eyes widening. She tried t stay strong, but she couldn't. She fell onto the ground.*

Byakuya: *He stared at her fall, his eyes narrowing. Her foot was still trapped into the ground, her body landing onto the floor. He extended his hand, opening his palm for another sword that floated around them to enter it as he grabbed onto it* Be proud that is by my Bankai, that ends your life. *He raised the sword over her*

Zelda: *She laid there, her eyes now closed as she struggled. Her Triforce of Wisdom was glowing, though she couldn't move with the amount of pain she felt.*

Byakuya: *He began to swing downwards, his eyes widening*

Ghirahim: *He bursted into diamonds under the sword, catching it between his two fingers. His face was serious, as his hair gently moved in the slight wind. He had a hand on the sword that pinned her foot, pulling it out as he swung it towards him*

Byakuya: *His eyes widened, seeing the sword swing towards his eye. He flashstepped away from him* ...!

Vivian: *She appeared beside Himmy, smiling.* Great timing, Himmy! *She giggled as she stood there in battle position*

Ghirahim: *He dropped Senbonzakura's swords, his hands unharmed*

Byakuya: You touched Senbonzakura... *His eyes still widened* What are you?

Ghirahim: *His eyes narrowed* A sword spirit. It wasn't too difficult to enter this place.

Vivian: *She glared at him* Taking the kill from what is rightfully Himmy's isn't right you know. *She taunted.* Himmy doesn't appreciate people like you

Zelda: *Her eyes looked to Ghirahim as she tried to sit up, looking at him in slight shock*...Ghirahim... Vivian...

Ghirahim: "Senbonzakura"... 'Thousand Cherry Blossoms.' *He snapped his fingers, his sword appearing in his hand* A beautiful technique... Now let me show you mine. *Diamonds began to appear and surrond Byakuya, creating diamond towers that raised up into the sky, they began to shift and scatter into diamonds, he extended his sword toward him as the diamonds began to wrap around the blade, creating a larger, diamond patterned blade as his earring began to glow golden*

Byakuya: *His eyes narrowed, extending his arm out to catch a sword that flew towards him, gripping it tightly as his hair blew in the wind*

Vivian: *She plucked a rose petal from her necklace, closing her eyes as it turned black in her hand. She pressed into it, the petal going into her hand. She moved her hand out, her eyes red as she stared at him. Her hand began to glow with a dark red and black aura swarming around it. She began to send rose petals at him, the petals having small sharp edges.*

Zelda: *She struggled as she began to stand up, wincing as she could feel the pain in her foot, but she held back. She clenched her triforce hand into a fist, glaring at Byakuya*

Byakuya: *He swung the sword, cutting her petals flashstepping away from the ones he missed, and appearing in front of Ghirahim, the sword pointed to his face. He swung it, but noticing Ghirahim doing the same thing, they both moved their heads out of the way, Ghirahim cutting his scarf and Byakuya cutting his hair*

Ghirahim: *They both glared at each other for ruining their favourite aspects, slamming their swords together as they clashed* You’re... going to damn well pay...!

Byakuya: Hair is nothing compared to my silk scarf... it is you who must owe a debt. I'll take your life. *He raised a hand, catching another sword as he thrusted it*

Ghirahim: *He snapped his fingers, catching one of his own to clash with that one aswell, pushing him forward* Hmhmhmhm...

Byakuya: *He felt his feet sliding back, his eyes narrowed*

Ghirahim: *He shifted his eyes towards Vivian, they narrowed* Vivian! You’re still here? Take her away from here!

Vivian: *She looked to Zelda, seeing that she was glowing faintly* But Himmy.. she looks like she's preparing something!

Ghirahim: Am I not ordering you? *He got pushed back now, his feet sliding as his eyes widened*

Vivian: Pay attention to your battle! *She snapped at him as she walked to Zelda, suddenly stopped by the force coming from the light around her. Her eyes widened*

Ghirahim: What are you doing?! *He noticed the light*

Byakuya: *His eyes shifted to Zelda, narrowing*

Zelda: ...You will let me finish this... *She spoke as her voice sounded sharp and angered. Her Triforce was glowing brightly, though the light around her grew more*

Byakuya: *He flashstepped away*

Ghirahim: *He turned to Zelda* You stubborn wench!

Byakuya: *He watched them carefully*

Zelda: *She opened her eyes, her eyes showing nothing but anger inside of them. She glanced at Ghirahim before she began to approach Byakuya. Her hair lightly blew in the wind as she walked. She was showing no pain.*

Ghirahim: *He glared at her, watching her* If you die you’re going to be revived just for me to send you back! Are you hearing me?! You’re putting Hylia's soul at risk!

Byakuya: *He noticed something big was coming; he placed two hands on his sword as it began to glow. The swords floating around them began to vanish as a white light blasted out of his sword, it began to grow wings.* White Imperial Sword.

Ghirahim: *His eyes widened* Zelda!!!

Zelda: *She continued to walk ahead, her eyes closing as she walked. Her head tilted down faintly, ignoring Ghirahim*

Vivian: This is suicide! *She watched nervously*

Ghirahim: *His eyes shook, narrowing as he frowned. He made fists, going into a small tantrum dance as he was too frustrated to even say anything*

Byakuya: *His eyes narrowed* So you wish to die. Is that it? I'll honor whatever dignity you have left with my final attack. If you survive, I'll leave. *His hair blasted from the energy as he began to take a step forward*

Zelda: *She stopped as she opened her eyes. She looked at him, her eyes glowing faintly. She began to hold her hand out.*... I will not die... I've made sure of this from the moment I began our battle.. *She spoke lowly as her hand began to glow brightly.*

Byakuya: As did I. *He charged*

Zelda: ...As long as there's sun in this world... and the goddesses to guard this land... there will be no more suffering... *She swung her arm forward, glaring at him.* Triforce, go! *She shouted, her voice echoing as her hand released a giant Triforce shaped attack, the Triforce spinning at him with pure light surrounding it. Behind it, several more followed behind, each differing in sizes. Some were more transparent than the others, but they all had the Triforce of Wisdom glowing the brightest. Magic followed in between each Triforce attack, varying in blue red and green colours.*

Byakuya: *He pierced the attack with difficulty, the Imperial sword sending a light into the impact. The wings of the sword grew bigger as he charged, the darkness around them fading away. A massive light consumed them, as the triforce and cherry blossoms danced together in red, green, blue and pink combinations in the air. When they were back to where they started off, Byakuya's sword was at Zelda's neck. His eyes narrowed as they both stood there, in silence. Blood splattered out of his shoulder, causing him to close his eyes*

Zelda: *She stared at him, not moving as she stared. She couldn't help but smile faintly to herself.*... You're too close... *She spoke quietly as a sudden force pushed him back, a circle of energy surrounding her as it did. It flickered, stopping once he was out of her range.*

Byakuya: *He dropped his sword, his eyes narrowing back at her as he flew and hit against a tree. He slowly slid down it, sitting responseless. His eyes slowly shook, as they closed, his bangs falling over his face*

Ghirahim: *He stared at him in the distance, his eyes shaking* ...

Zelda: *She stared at him, remaining there as she breathed quietly.* I believe we're done...

Ghirahim: *He smirked, turning away as he lifted his fingers* Let's go, Vivian. We're no longer needed.

Vivian: *She was staring in awe, stunnef by what just happened.*

Zelda: ( Eutopia Pegasi - OC Remix) *She turned her head faintly*... Ghirahim... thank you...

Ghirahim: *He shifted his eyes to her as his bangs flowed over them, snapping his fingers as he and Vivian quietly bursted away*

Zelda: *She looked to Byakuya, feeling faintly sorry for him. His strong pride clearly is what's making him act the way he is. She closed her eyes softly*

Amaterasu: *She was watching, standing behind Zelda. Her presence grew flowers around her, healing the others*

Zelda: *She turned her head, sensing Ammy's pressense*

Amaterasu: *She stared up at her in silence*

Zelda: Ammy... *She spoke quietly, turning to face her*

Amaterasu: *A gentle wind brushed against her fur, she stared sympathetically as her eyes narrowed. As she finished healing the others, she started to fade*

Zelda: *She looked to the others as light began to surround her, turning back into her normal clothes/self.*

Link: *He looked to Byakuya, speechless. His eyes slowly shook as he stared at Zelda, afraid of her*

Peach: *She, too stared slightly frightened, her hand up to her chest as the wind blew her hair*

Zelda: *She could start feeling her pain enter her, closing her eyes faintly. She turned, beginning to walk away.*... what's done is done...

Ukitake: *His eyes narrowed, staring at her. He turned to Shunsui, who was looking away* ...

Shunsui: *He began to walk back to Kakriko, glaring at the ground under his hat* Well then, back to Kakariko.

Melody: *She watched the two walking away, seeing that they were going opposite directions. Sorrow filled her eyes.*

Goddess Katie: *She too watched them, only more confused.*

Zelda: *Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she walked, trying to hold them back.*

Shunsui: *He frowned, tilting his hat over his eyes.*

Alonsa: *He looked to him as he passed her, slowly nodding. She followed him*

Inuyasha: *He looked at them confused, turning to Kikyo*

Kikyo: *She glanced to Inuyasha, giving a small shrug as she saw he too was confused.*

Kagome: *She suddenly bursted out* What is going on?!

Zelda: *As she walked, she couldn't help but let a couple of faint sobs escape. She closed her eyes as she began to run from them.*

Ukitake: *He stared at her running, slowly closing his eyes. He turned to Byakuya in the distance, not sure if he was still alive*

Sango: Let's leave Byakuya for now...we need to regain our strength in the village. *She held Kirara*

Melody: *She looked back at him, remaining silent. She then looked to Zelda, sorrow filling her eyes. She wanted to go after her, feeling sorrow for her.*

Kagome: Why is everyone being so odd? *She crossed her arms as she walked ahead.* That creep won't be bugging us. I don't see why she's crying or why pink man is being so touchy about this.

Link: *He glared to Kagome, silently following the others back to Kakariko*

*As they walked, rain clouds began to form over Hyrule. It began to rain.

Zelda: *She kept running, sobbing quietly to herself. She was heading to the Lake, though she could feel the pain grow inside of her. Her Triforce magic was drained and the light force had left her for a while. Feeling the shock of all of this, she ended up fainting.*

Inuyasha: *He glanced at Byakuya as he walked, seeing him alone in the rain. He felt sad for his pride, but looked away, remembering what a jerk he was*

Peach: *Her eyes shook as she held her parasol*

Kikyo: *She reached over and hugged his arm as she looked down.*

Melody: ...I'm confused.. *She spoke quietly*

Link: Me too...

Ven: I don't think she killed him. *He said flatly* She's too kind for that

Alonsa: *Her eyes shifted to him, narrowing as lightning began to struck* I...I can’t. I can't leave him there. *She gulped, trying to be brave as she walked over*

Link: Alonsa...!

Tiercel: *He looked to the distance*... I don't want to leave her out there either... not after what just happened..

Alonsa: *She knelt down to him, watching as he slowly opened his eyes in response. She froze up*

Byakuya: ...What are you doing? *His voice sounded pained*

Alonsa: Surely...your pride isn’t going to let you die alone here... *She moved his arm over her, pulling him up* I have pride too, and that's being proud of my compassion, you know. It's good to be able to communicate with others. *She flinched, walking towards the village with him*

Link: *He turned to them, smiling faintly* I'll go look for Zelda.

Melody: *She looked to Link, sorrow in her eyes*... can I... go with you? *She asked quietly*

*They began to walk in the rain*

End of Chapter 2.17
Chapter 2.18

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