I canna believe we pulled it off, but we did! When the dread curtain raised, my friends and I performed "Moanica's Moving Out"....the original script! From the first terrible scene to the last lousy act, I could see Mssr. DuBoo out in the audience, seated next to all of the critics. I didn't think that a ghost could turn a whiter shade of pale!

I saw the headline in the Boospaper today..."Moanica's Moving Out" is a bust. It'll never play on Broadgrave again, and as for a movie adaptation? Forget it! Mssr. DuBoo's big career is over before it began. That's what he gets for stealing from my friend.

Ah, well, I guess my time at Carnagegie Mellon Academy of Theatrics is over. That's all right, I'm much more interested in going to a drama school in Uhh-merica so I can be closer to all of my new beasties. They leave today to go back to Monster High, but we're going to have one last grand tour of Boo York City together before they go.

Hm.....I wonder how good the theatrics programme at Monster High is?