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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 2.16 - Betrayal
*They made it to the Sprout, Link turning to face him in the distance*

Deku Sprout: *It seemed to have grown a bit, but it still was small. It had its usual face on.*

Link: *He walked over to it, staring down at its messed up face. He slowly turned silent, now knowing if the tree was awake or sleeping or whatever it was doing. He was about to consider saying something but saw a leaf move on its head, thinking it was about to say something. He stayed silent again. He slowly got a stick and was about to poke him in the eye*

Deku Sprout: *It's eyes narrowed* I swear on the Goddesses of Hyrule, if you do that I will make sure you suffer the same fate! *It snapped*

Link: *He dropped the stick, stepping back screaming like a little girl*

Melody: *She looked at it nervously, stepping back.*

Deku Sprout: Link of Hyrule.. besides trying to blind me, what do you want?

Link: What do you mean what do I want? You've got to have noticed the temples out of wack, right? Why else would I be here?

Deku Sprout: I know of the temples, but seeing as how you just tried to do that rather than calling upon me, maybe I don't want to help!

Goddess Katie: ...Wasn't the tree supposed to be nice?

Link: Well it's not like you can move anything to stop me from doing it in the first place.

Deku Sprout: But I can curse you. OooooOOooo~

Link: ...*He slowly poked its forehead, testing it*

Goddess Katie: ...Link, we're wasting time. We need to get this done.

Link: He's not going to say anything though...

Deku Sprout: Who said that? Anyways. The temples are all evil again and the sages are trapped there. This includes your friend, Saria. I sense that the dangers inside of these temples have grown tremendously..

Link: Can you tell us something we didn't already know? Like if the temples changed or something?

Deku Sprout: Well I wouldn't know that. You said it yourself. I can't move.

Link: *He slowly squinted his eyes*

Deku Sprout: All I can say is to be careful.. The evil in these dungeons is growing quickly

Link: *He sighed* Thanks.


*Back with Mido, he saw someone going towards him that wasn't of the Kokiri*

Mido: *He held his hand up at the man, blocking his path* Hey! You can't get through here. This is for Kokiri residence! Unless you have a proper sword and shield, I cannot let you pass.

Byakuya: ( Bleach OST 3 # Soundtrack: Treachery ) *He stopped in front of him, his eyes still staring forward. They slowly shifted down as his eyes narrowed, glaring a dirty look at him, not even bothering to talk*

Mido: *He felt nervous, but he remained there as he tried to stop him.*

Byakuya: *He slowly turned around, his scarf following his movement as it swiftly swung around. He began to walk away, seeing no point*

Mido: *He moved his hands to his hips, laughing* Another successful prevention done by yours truly!

Byakuya: *He stopped upon hearing this, turning his head to the side as his scarf blanketed his back, only showing a bit of the symbol marked on his haori.*

Mido: *He stood his tongue out at him* I didn't say you could come back!

Byakuya: *He turned forward again* My pride is not so low that a child can poke laughter and offend me.

Mido: It is my job to protect the Deku Tree Sappling!

Byakuya: Do you take pride in your job? *He said sternly*

Mido: I do. What's it to you?!

Byakuya: Do not fail that pride. It only makes you a fool who cannot commit. *He flashstepped away, the trees in the distance swiftly moving as to show where he ran to, it was really far away*

Mido: *His eyes widened* What...?! Where did you go?! Hey!!

Link: *He and the others came* Mido? Why are you shouting like that?

Mido: *He looked back*... A strange man came here... He just ran off.. but... so fast.

Link: *His eyes narrowed* Fast? What did he look like?

Mido: he was big... and he had black and white clothing.. I didn't see him too much. *He frowned* It happened quickly.

Link: *His eyes widened* Black and white...?

Mido: Yeah.. and when he left.. he like.. disappeared in a flash of light

Link: ...The flashstep... Which way did he go?!

Mido: I think he... went towards the Lost Woods. He wanted to see the Deku Sappling, but I stopped him.

Link: *He turned to the others* let's go!


*They ran to the Lost Woods, getting inside. They saw him on a branch, but another branch covered his upper body*

Link: *He looked up, seeing no Kimono* U-Ukitake...?!

Goddess Katie: *She looked ahead, feeling unsure if it was really him* I thought him and Shunsui decided that they wouldn't split up because I was here.

Byakuya: *He couldn't hear them well, being too far off. He flashstepped at extreme speed, faster than Shunsui or Ukitake effortlessly, heading deeper*

Link: *He noticed something different about the flashstep, his eyes widening*

Harrier: *He looked over at him*... I don't think that's them.

Link: *He ran ahead, going into the right directions as he led them*

Melody: *She followed after him* I'm confused, Link..

Link: So am I... do you think it’s one of them, Melody? Because I've never seen those robes worn on normal people..

Melody: *She narrowed her eyes, shyly moving ahead* Ukitake? Shunsui? Is that you? * she shouted ahead*


*They make it to the sacred part of the forest; the entrance to the maze.*

Melody: *She looked ahead, feeling nervous as she moved closer to Link*

Link: *He walked a few steps ahead before Byakuya appeared in front of him, his back towards Link as he just jumped down from a tree. His scarf slowly rested on his back as it flowed in the air*

Link: *His eyes widened, stepping back.*

Goddess Katie: *She gasped, moving back* Okay.. That's just creepy. I doubt this is them.

Byakuya: "Them?" *He said, turning his head to his shoulder. His hair gently landed over his face, hiding his facial features*

Link: Yes, Shunsui and Ukitak—

Byakuya: *He turned his body towards them now, now facing them completely. His eyes widened as his glare darkened, giving a dirty, suspicious look*

Link: *His eyes began to shake, feeling fear enter him through eye contact. He couldn't understand why, he never felt this fear before from just someone's eyes*

Goddess Katie: *She stared at him nervously.* What are you doing here, if you don't mind me asking?

Melody: *She held onto Link's arm tighter.*

Byakuya: *He placed a hand on his hilt*

Link: *He saw this, feeling like his body was paralyzed*

Goddess Katie: *She saw this, glaring slightly* Hey..! We're not asking for a fight! We're just trying to be friendly.

Byakuya: *He glared at her, narrowing his eyes as he did* I do not need friendly greetings. You will tell me the location of the two you just mentioned. Do not patronize me.

Melody: *Her eyes widened as she stepped back.*

Goddess Katie: *She crossed her arms as she stared at him* Why would I tell someone I don't know the location of people who probably moved by now because we haven't seen them all afternoon? *She said as she tried to be brave*

Byakuya: So you'd like to try to test my patience. Very well. *He began to remove his Zanpaktou out of its sheathe*

Link: *His hands shook, unable to reach for his sword. His body was frozen as well as Tiercel and Harrier*

Byakuya: It is pointless. *He fully removed the sword out of his sheathe, thrusting it just nearly piercing Link's face, stopping it at his nose* He cannot move with my spiritual pressure. No human can.

Link: "That's... that's why I can't move!"

Goddess Katie: *She glared at him, crossing her arms* Why are you doing this? Who are you?

Melody: *She reached out, forming her bow as her hand and her butterfly glowed brightly.*

Byakuya: *His eyes narrowed, realizing that Melody and Katie weren't human. He flashstepped a distance away, looking at them as he landed on a branch. He lowered his sword, his eyes narrowing even further* The two of you are sins. My pride will be at stake if I allow you to live any longer.

Goddess Katie: *She stared at him oddly* Sins? What the hell are you talking about?

Melody: *She looked to Link worriedly.*

Byakuya: *His sword began to transform into its shikai* Scatter....*His sword glowed pink* Senbonzakura. *His sword turned to its shikai*

Goddess Katie: *She glared at him.* Are you really going to challenge me? I don't want to fight you, considering I might get in trouble. But you do not insult me or my friends. *She said as a light breeze began to swirl around her, blowing her hair and clothes in the wind.*

Byakuya: *He noticed her power. His hair too began to blow and swirl around him* I see. So this is your capability. I cannot hold back now. *He closed his eyes, holding out his sword, pointing it downward*

*A massive spiritual pressure began to blast out of him, causing Link and the others to go flying away, and now it had reached Melody and Katie, Melody feeling half and Katie feeling a little less than that*

Melody: *She struggled, holding herself in position as she tried to focus.* ..What... is this...?

Goddess Katie: *She stood there, narrowing her eyes.* You've yet to explain why you want my friends. *She said as her hand began to glow with a faint blue aura*

Byakuya: It is useless. You... *He opened his eyes* Cannot so much as bend my knee. *He let go of his sword, causing both of them to petrify as everything around them turned dark. All they could see was his sword slowly sinking into the ground, like if it were a pool of water. Ripples began to form, causing thousands of blades to slowly rise up, creating more ripples. The lined up on both of Byakuya's sides* Bankai. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

Melody: *Her eyes stared, feeling fear enter inside of her. She couldn't move.*

Goddess Katie: *She glared. "He has the same powers as them.. Damn it, why didn't I watch more Bleach?! How do I counter this?!"*

Byakuya: ...What you see before you is countless blades scattered around me. They reflect the light of either the sun and the moon, appearing as countless cherry blossoms in the wind. Each a blade that cannot be stopped... You cannot... ever hope to defeat me. *His eyes narrowed* You are sins... now be gone.

*The cherry blossoms began to move at extreme speed, slicing through both of them as every single cherry blossom cut them. Before a matter of seconds, they were both bleeding uncontrollably*

Melody: *Her eyes widened as she feel to the ground, feeling the sudden pain enter her. She passed out*

Goddess Katie: *Her eyes narrowed as she tried to hold out, but she ended up passing out as well*

Link: *He saw this, beginning to cry as he shouted out to them* NO!!! *His Triforce of Courage began to glow, allowing him to move*

Byakuya: *His sword reverted back to its normal form, as he sheathed the sword. The blades vanished in the light.* ...It is your overconfidence that leads to this. I have left you live... despite my pride. I am as the moon, and you are the monkey that tries to reach it. I will wait for the day its fangs reach me.

Link: *He stared up at him, crying* No matter... what you do to my friends... I'll never sell out any of them...! Shunsui and Ukitake will defeat you...even if you were to find them! Your nothing compared to them...! *He said, feeling unsure truthfully*

Byakuya: *His eyes narrowed, staring down at him. He gave a dirty look, as the wind blew his scarf to the side* The courage that you possess. Have pride in it. I want to see those eyes when we meet again.

Link: *He stared at him, glaring as his cheeks stained with his tears*

Melody: *Her butterfly turned back to normal as it flew up, landing on Link's shoulder as it stared down at Melody*

Byakuya: *He closed his eyes, releasing his hand from his hilt as he turned to the side. He flashstepped off the branch, soaring through the sky as he passed the moon, entering the treetops*

Link: ( Yasashii Kimochi - Jigoku Shoujo ) *He slowly turned to Melody and Katie, looking at the amount of blood that was around them, not knowing what to do. He kneeled down to them, shaking them* Please! Please wake up...!

Tiercel: *He managed to move again. His eyes widened as he stared at them* Link.. *He knelt down beside them* We can heal one of them.. but the other needs to get help. We don't have enough magic or people to do them both..

Link: *He stared at him, his eyes shaking* ...I think you can just heal any of them because they can heal the other one when they wake up...

Harrier: *He crossed his arms as he moved his cloak out of his way.* If they live.. *He closed his eyes with Tiercel*

Tiercel: *Magic began to swarm around them as it flowed into Melody, healing her wounds.*

Link: *He noticed she was still unconscious* ...How can someone...have so much power like that? He came out of nowhere... why can't I be that strong?

Harrier: You are strong.. *He glanced at him*

Tiercel: He had the same moves as Shunsui and Ukitake.. We should try catching up to them right now.. This is more important.

Link: *He turned to them* You mean go warn them?

Tiercel: *He nodded* He seemed to want them

Link: But they're in the fire temple... *He lowered his head*

Tiercel: *He picked up both girls, looking down* I’ll meet you both there... *He ran out*

Link: *His eyes shook, Harrier could see that he was heartbroken and afraid*

Harrier: *He rolled his eyes* Don't start... you're going to make me start.. *He said, fear sort of evident in his voice*

Link: I-I'm sorry... but...*His voice also showing fear* Byakuya... he's after two of our closest friends and he's capable of creating thousands of blades and we couldn't even stare away from his eyes...How can I protect...everyone? Why didn't the Triforce work until after...

Harrier: You need to snap out of it. You're stronger than Tiercel and I. *He glared.* You need to stop being so hard on yourself. You're the Hero of Hyrule and you have your girl friend and a fan girl to protect. Don't be so pressured.

Fi: *She came out of the sword, staring down as she nodded in acknowledgement* Master... The reason is simple.

Link: *He stared up at her, confused as his eyes shook*

Fi: The Triforce of Courage did not work when you feared your own life at that moment. It only worked after your compassion towards your companions as they were cut down went through your mind. By remembering this, you can surpass Byakuya.

Harrier: What she said. Use your rage a bit. *He nudged him.* That's why I'm an a**. My rage powers up my magic and my fire abilities.

Link: *He smiled, listening to their words carefully as he looked down* ...You’re right... all this time I've been fearing what would happen to me... because of what I felt inside of me. But I need to protect everyone and that's what my courage is used for... for protecting Melody...

Harrier: Prove to us that you aren't weak and you're the most powerful out of us all. *He smirked* THAT'S a challenge from me.

Link: *He turned to Harrier, his eyes shook as he smiled.* Yeah... Thanks Harrier. Let's go.


Kikyo: *She was walking with their new group, looking up at the mountain. They were close to the Goron City.*

Zelda: * *She looked to Shunsui*... Are you okay? *She asked quietly*

Shunsui: No... the Gorons... They're everywhere... *He chuckled, raising a hand to his hat* Oh but besides that, *He said this in unison with Peach* I'm just peachy! *Giggles*

Zelda: *She smiled to him, holding his hand.* Just tell them no for their hugs.. they won't touch you.

Miroku: *As they were walking, he couldn't help himself. His hand slowly drifted onto Sango's a***

Sango: *She blushed, slapping Miroku across the face* Arrghh!!!

Shunsui: *He slowly did the same thing to Zelda*

Zelda: *She blushed majorly* S-Shunsui! *She moved his hand off. She also slapped him, walking faster.*

Miroku: *He held his hand, giving a depressing, lonely sigh.*

Shunsui: *Holding his face all wide eyed, never seeing that before. His hat slowly hanged off his face as it was spinning around on his head slightly*

Ukitake: *Staring at him all wide eyed*

Shunsui: *He blushed* That was pretty hot, actually. *He blushed, rubbing his cheek*

Ukitake: You’re hopeless...

Miroku: *He looked back at Shunsui, holding his cheek with a hand mark on his face*

Shunsui: ...We're gonna be good friends.

Shippo: *He looked up at him, pouting with his arms crossed* Hey, what about us? I've been trying to talk to you all day...

Shunsui: *He held his hat as he looked down to his leg, blinking. He slowly smiled as he held his hand and let Shippo ride on his shoulder*

Shippo: *He giggled* That's more like it, thanks!

Kirara: *She looked up at Ukitake as she walked beside him, hoping he would let her. She meowed.*

Shunsui: *He smirked, taking his hat off as he held the inside out to Kirara, letting her hop in. He brought it up to his head, putting the hat on as Kirara poked her head out of under it*

Alonsa: You’re turning into a zoo keeper.

Ancaladar: *He roared in the distance, flying towards them*

Tiercel: SHUNSUI!! UKITAKE! *He shouted*

Alonsa: *Her eyes widened, turning around*

Shippo: What's going on...?

Shunsui: ...Eh? *He turned, his hands in his sleeves*

Ancaladar: *He landed behind them, kneeling down as he growled lowly.* Easy with them.. they're in bad condition..

Tiercel: *He ran over with Katie and Melody over his shoulders.*

Sango: *She stared down at them, noticing them covered in a lot of blood* ...!

Ukitake: What happened?!

Tiercel: *He rested them on the ground, faint tears in his eyes.* We were attacked in the Lost Woods.. But.. *He looked down at them.* The attacker.. he was looking for you two. Katie tried to stick up for you guys... He froze me, Harrier and Link.. Katie and Melody tried to fight him off, but they ended up getting trapped.. He used bankai.. We don't know who he was, but he's looking for you guys.. Harrier and I could only heal one of them..

Shunsui: *His eyes widened as they shook, dropping his arms down loosely as he listened* Did you... say Bankai...

Ukitake: *His eyes also widened, shaking slightly. He kneeled down to them*

Tiercel: We thought he was you guys.. He had something that looked like your flash step.. *He wiped his tears from his eyes.*

Inuyasha: There are more people with that speed...?

Shunsui: *He slowly turned to Ukitake, narrowing his eyes*

Ukitake: *He turned to him enraged, his hair moving as he shouted, fear in his voice* What did I tell you?! It's someone from the Soul Society!! We've endangered them all!!

Shunsui: I'll handle it...!

Zelda: *She looked to Shunsui*... what do you mean? *She said as her fear was evident*

Shunsui: Ukitake... please. There is nothing to worry about...*He held his hands up, sweatdropping*

Ukitake: You’re always too laid back! You knew the dangers and you never took precaution! Look what's become of them, these wounds can only have been done by Byakuya Kuchiki!

Shunsui: *He lowered his hat, shadowing his face* ...I know.

Zelda: *She looked at them, going over and taking his hand* Please.. explain to me what you mean.

Inuyasha: *He stared at them seriously, his arms in his sleeves as he listened curiously*

Shunsui: Ukitake and I... are not from the World of the Living. *He said, not looking at her*

Alonsa: What? *Her eyes widened* You mean you’re not humans...?

Shippo: Angels, maybe...?

Zelda: *She stared at him, her ears lowering.*

Ven: I knew you guys were not one of us. What are you then?

Kikyo: *Her eyes filled with sorrow, knowing she had died once before.*

Ukitake: *His eyes shook, closing them as his voice sounded pained as he spoke* We're.... Soul Reapers.

Zelda: ...What are those? *She asked quietly*

Shunsui: *He turned invisible with Ukitake, then turning back to normal* Soul Reapers.... how to put them in an easiest term...?

Alonsa: Y-you just vanished a second ago..!

Shunsui: That is because Soul Reapers can choose if we want ourselves to be seen, or by using our spiritual pressure to overpower the senses.. *He said, chuckling* Neat, huh?

Ukitake: Shunsui...

Shunsui: *He sighed softly* Soul Reapers are in charge of the balance of dead spirits and the living. We guide the dead spirits into the Soul Society, where they are reborn, and brought back to the world of the Living. They are called Hollows, corrupted lingering souls that reside all around us. However, we've been concealing our spiritual pressure to keep them away from us, killing them when nobody was paying attention in the group. Protecting you... though we are no longer Soul Reapers by choice, we choose to leave the organization.

Ukitake: *His eyes narrowed* Our flashstep is an ability of the Soul Reapers... and our weapon are Zanpaktou, a sword with three stages of power that reflect the user's inner ability.

Zelda: *She stared at them, not knowing what to say.* Shunsui... why didn't you tell me this?

Shunsui: I couldn't. *He smiled faintly* Not without knowing that we were completely safe from the Soul Society... But it was always still too risky. *He chuckled, but was cut off by Ukitake's voice*

Ukitake: And now a Soul Reaper from the Soul Society, a Captain's rank like us, probably even more powerful, has come to the world of the living... to search for us.

Shunsui: I know... that we've been deceiving you all... It seems that way to most of you... but I couldn't leave... It's my fault that I endangered you, so don't go throwing rocks at Ukitake now...

Ukitake: *He looked down* I asked to leave before we got too close to the group but Shunsui fell in love...

Zelda: *She looked to Shunsui, sorrow in her eyes. Her ears were lowered and small tears were in her eyes.*

Ven: But if you left, Melody wouldn't have healed you. We might have all been dead in Korillia right now.

Shunsui: It is against the—

Byakuya: ( Bleach OST 1 #19 Never Meant To Belong ) "It is against the law for Soul Reapers to fall in love with Humans of the world of the living, and therefore are punished severely by the Gorotei 13."

Shunsui & Ukitake: ...!!!

Zelda: *She gasped, turning quickly.*

Tiercel: *He glared at him* It's you... You... b*****d...

Inuyasha: *His eyes glared at him, reaching for the tessaiga*

Byakuya: *His eyes narrowed, staring at Shunsui and Ukitake as his scarf began to blow in the wind along with his hair, staring at the entire group emotionless*

Shunsui: *His eyes glared* Byakuya...Kuchiki. Squad Captain of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13....

Ukitake: *His eyes shook as he trembled*

Zelda: *She moved closer to him, also afraid of him.*

Ven: *He drew his sword, standing beside Ukitake as he glared*

Ukitake: Please... don't hurt them...take us and leave them alone...

Byakuya: I cannot. *His eyes emotionless, the tone of his voice pierced everyone as it scared them*

Ven: *He flinched by his piercing voice, still glaring.*

Alonsa: *Her eyes became teary as she shook, holding Ven's arm tightly* W...why?

Ukitake: You can't hurt humans! It's the Soul Society's number one rule!

Byakuya: Jushiro Ukitake. *His voice scared him into silence*

Ukitake: ...!

Byakuya: Are you doubting my pride as a Soul Reaper? Who are you to tell me the rules I follow, one who abandoned his duty as a Soul Reaper?

Ukitake: *His eyes glared at him, still fearing him*

Byakuya: It is you who must be to criticise. I had never said I would harm a human. You are not of a human. I understand you are aware of the consequences if I'm angered in any way, and what the Gorotei will have you under as punishment.

Zelda: *She glared at him.*

Ven: I won't let you...! *He said angrily.*

Shunsui: It was my decision. *Shunsui seemed less afraid of him than Ukitake, his tone strong and piercing as well, defending his friend* I decided to leave the Soul Society to find a cure for Ukitake's illness. He is no longer sick. What would you have done... if your sister had the same illness?

Byakuya: Nothing. *He glared at him*

Shunsui: ...What?

Kagome: *Her eyes widened* That's heartless!

Byakuya: My pride would never allow me to go against the law. If nobody followed it, who would?

Sango: *Her eyes widened, realizing how cold he was* ...!! *She turned to him, furious* What do you mean!? if I was in your position and my brother was fatally ill I would have done everything in my power to look for a cure!!

Ven: You're letting this control you.. *He glared*

Byakuya: Control me? A human, who knows nothing of the Soul Society, would lecture what we serve to protect? You, who rely on us, to keep the world in balance, would dare to question the law of the Soul Society? *He stared at Ven with a dirty look*

Ven: *He flinched, gripping his sword tighter as he tried to keep his bravery. He kept glaring*

Byakuya: A noble... can either be pulled by the burdens of their tradition, or accept them. I chose to accept my life. I take high pride in who I am. *He glared at him, his voice loud and piercing* I would like to see what you would have done...!

Ven: *He fell silent, glancing at the ground before using all of his courage to speak*.. I would have saved him.. risked my life to do whatever it took...

Ukitake: *His eyes shook* Ven...

Byakuya: *His eyes narrowed, observing him as he became calm again. His scarf blew in the wind, as a sad silence entered*

Ven: *He twirled his blade in his hand* After seeing what you did to Katie and Melody.. and how you spoke to what I call my family... I won't ever forgive you.. I'm about pride and honor too.. but sometimes sacrificing a bit of that is needed to move on.. You are not strong unless you take some falls.. unless you take some defeat..

Byakuya: I do not accept defeat. If that is what your pride measures up to, then it is none of my concern. Do as you'd like. *He glared at him*

Ven: If you cannot accept defeat, then you aren't going to grow.. You’re just hiding behind your so called job.. Hiding behind it and using it as an excuse for your so called power. I don't see any pride behind that.

Byakuya: *His eyes narrowed. As the scarf blew in the wind, he observed him, now seeming to be interested in him. He closed his eyes, as he began to spoke softer* Shunsui Kyoraku and Jushiro Ukitake.

Shunsui: *He looked up at him, frowning as he held his hat over one of his eyes*

Ukitake: ...

Byakuya: If you are not cooperative when I return for you... I cannot guarantee the safety of your adopted 'family'. I will leave you to your goodbyes and come in three days to retrieve you. *His scarf blew over his face, his emotionless glare feeling no compassion whatsoever.*

Shunsui: *He lowered his head as his hat covered his face*........

Ven: *He turned, sheathing his sword* You aren't going with that a*****e. I refuse to let you go with him. He's nothing but a coward.

Byakuya: *Upon hearing this, he closed his eyes* Make that tomorrow morning.

Ukitake: *His eyes widened*

Alonsa: S-Stud...!

Ven: *He glared at him.* You can say what you want, but it doesn't change my thoughts about you.

Byakuya: *He opened his eyes slightly, his hair blowing in front of them* I wasn't expecting them to.

Zelda: *She stepped a bit in front of Shunsui, feeling her Trfiroce of Wisdom glow faintly. She glared at him too*.. I won't let you take them either.

Shunsui: Zelda...

Byakuya: *He turned his eyes to her in silence. He observed her, noticing it was her that Shunsui had fallen in love with just by staring at their expressions alone*

Shippo: ...*He hesitated, before glaring up at him*...Neither will I.

Sango: Or I. *Her hair flowed in front of her face as she stood up, overcoming the fear he had given her, her eyes full of bravery*

Kikyo: *She nodded as she gripped her bow, standing beside her.*

Inuyasha: *He smirked, staring at him not caring about anything* You’re going to have to get through us, pal...

Miroku: *He held his wrapped hand up, smirking.* I just met Shunsui.. I personally don't want to lose an interesting friend right away.

Alonsa: *She stared back at them, her eyes widening. She slowly closed them, turning to Byakuya's emotionless glare towards her* ...I won't let you take them either. You’re not scaring anyone...

Shunsui: *His eyes shook, smiling*...There you have it, Kuchiki.

Ukitake: *His hair moving as his face was now calm* We're staying.

Byakuya: *His eyes closed* I'll come tomorrow, as I said. This has not changed. Even if I must use force. You have been warned. *He opened them, flashstepping away out of sight*

Ven: *He glared as he watched him leave* He's going to learn the hard way.

Zelda: *She looked down, feeling tears streaming down her cheeks as she tried to be strong*

Sango: *She felt her heart racing, exhaling as she gained her composure* What a terrifying man...

Inuyasha: ...That b*****d. He reminds me of Sesshomaru... I hate people like that.

Alonsa: He said he won't hurt humans. That means we can fight him without having to worry about getting killed... right?

Shunsui: Byakuya can use Kido as well.

Ukitake: He would just constrain any human.

Zelda: *She looked back at Shunsui*.. I swear on the Goddesses.. I will not let him take you... even if it means...

Shunsui: No... please. Stay away from him Zelda... He means business...

Zelda: *She glared at him* I mean business... *She said sharply, her voice slightly angered*

Shunsui: *His eyes shook as he slightly frowned at her in silence* ...

Ukitake: Ven... you don't really plan to fight him, do you? You won't even be able to move...

Ven: *He stared at the ground*... I will fight for you, no matter what. You're my brother.

Ukitake: *His eyes closed, as they slowly formed tears*

Inuyasha: I'm not a human. *He said flatly, his hair blowing in the wind* I'm going to rip that guy to shreds myself and that will be the end of that.

Shippo: Inuyasha...

Ven: We will all do our best. *He looked down.* I don't care at what cost. I refuse to not try.

Link: *He came with Harrier* Everyone....

Alonsa: ...Perky!

Shunsui: You... too, Link?

Link: Of course. We've been through harder times than this. *His voice strong and brave*

Zelda: *She couldn't help but smile as more tears fell.* Besides.. I've made a mistake of sacrificing Hyrule out of fear before... I'm not running anymore.. I promised myself that..

Link: *He nodded, noticing Melody waking up* Melody...

Melody: *Her eyes slowly opened, feeling in pain still, though she felt a lot better.*

Tiercel: Just in time.. Katie isn't looking so good. *He rubbed his head.*

Melody: *She struggled, trying to sit up.*

Alonsa: Melody, can you heal Katie...? We'll explain what happened to you two.

Melody: *She looked down at her, wincing as she saw the wounds*...I... can try.... but... I'll pass out once I do... I'm.. really weak.. and in pain..

Peach: Then... let me do it. *She began to close her eyes* Hear my plea... *Hearts began to appear as the atmosphere began to turn a foggy pink, healing not only Katie but everyone else from their tiredness*

Tiercel: *He went over to Peach, prepared to catch her if she fainted.*

Peach: *He turned to him, blinking as she stared at his arms* ...Do you want a hug? Oh my...*She giggled*

Tiercel: *He blushed majorly* N-No.. well.. I just thought.. you were going to faint again. *He felt embarrassed.*

Harrier: ...Only you Tiercel.

Peach: *Her eyes narrowed, thinking that it was very sweet of him. She leaned in gently, reaching for his cheek as she pecked him a sweet kiss, giggling as she turned to everyone* Let's go to Kakariko... I'll bake a cake. *She held up her dress, careful not to step on any mud, elegantly moving around everyone as she headed down the pathway humming*

Tiercel: *His eyes widened as he fainted*

Harrier: ...Yeah... He hasn't gone out very much. He isn't girl experienced.

Ancaladar: *He bowed his head* Allow me to take you all down the mountain. *He said lowly*

Peach: *She looked up, placing a hand over her mouth as she giggled, bowing down to Ancaladar as she held up her dress* Oh how very kind of you, Mr. Dragon.

Ancaladar: Please, My lady. I am Ancaladar, bonded of Tiercel and Harrier. *He knelt down for them to get on him*

Shunsui: *He watched as everyone got on, thinking deeply to himself. His eyes narrowed as his hat covered them, bearing a large frown. Unlike Ukitake, he seemed more stressed, knowing how powerful Byakuya was. He stared at everyone waiting for him, he slowly walked over, feeling afraid for tomorrow*

Ancaladar: *He began to fly up as everyone got on him. He glided through the wind as he flapped his wings occasionally.* Be careful everyone... *He noticed Kagome was freaking out for her life*

Kagome: *She was almost strangling Inuyasha*

Inuyasha: G-get the hell off me, seriously! What is your problem?!

Kagome: What's my problem? I'm SCARED! *She said in a whiny voice*

Inuyasha: Go be scared near Miroku!


Ancaladar: *He landed on the ground in front of Kakariko, kneeling down.* Rest well, friends

Inuyasha: *He looked up at him* You should probably stay away from Byakuya tomorrow, he might attack you too.

Ancaladar: I have to, if Tiercel and Harrier wish to use their magic.

Link: *He turned to his hand, looking at the Triforce of Courage glow faintly. He remembered what Fi had said, hoping it to work tomorrow* ...

Harrier: *He nudged him faintly before going up the stairs*

Link: *He smiled up at him, following him up*

Ukitake: Shunsui...*He said, feeling he had to discuss things with him. Shunsui raised his hand in front of his face as he smiled, tilting his hat over one of his eyes* ...

Shunsui: Leave tomorrow to me... I don't want you getting hurt... *he said casually chuckling, leaving to go for a walk*

Ukitake: *His eyes shook, narrowing as he stared away*

Miroku: Let him calm down, then we can talk about it later.. *He smiled as he looked to Melody. He then grabbed her hands* My lady. I see you have gathered your strength. Now.. as a travelling monk, I was wondering if you could do me the honor of baring my child?

Melody: *Her eyes widened*

Alonsa: Big sister Alonsa super ultra awesome KICK!!! *She came out of nowhere, landing her bare foot on his cheek, sending him flying*

Miroku: GAH!! *He landed on the ground*

Shippo: *Pointing and laughing as he fell to his back*


Shunsui: ( Kumo to Rouba to Shoujo - Jigoku Shoujo ) *Later that night, standing infront of the royal tombstone. It was raining over him, his hat keeping him slightly dry as he stood there, motionless. He was faintly smiling, the rain hiding the small tears that began to form*

Zelda: *She was walking into the graveyard, the hood to her cloak up to keep her dry. She didn't think the others noticed she had gone out in the rain, but she wanted to get some alone time in before the next day. She was worried for Shunsui. She walked as she had her head tilted to where she was staring at the ground, her ears lowered. As she entered the graveyard, she noticed him there. She stood there for a moment before quietly walking over to him. She took her hood off as she approached him.*

Shunsui: *He shifted his eyes to where the sound of her footsteps were coming from, turning his eyes back to the tombstone. He said nothing for a while before lightning struck, causing him to stare up at the sky* I never wanted this.

Zelda: *She stood beside him, staring at the tombstone as she listened to him* Shunsui.. *She spoke quietly*

Shunsui: *He chuckled lowly, the lightning seperating his small laugh with his sad voice* When I was a child... I always admired the Head Captain. I told him that I would never leave his side and that things would be different in the future. A time where I would protect others instead of having to rely on everybody else.

Zelda: *She looked to him as she listened.*... I.. don't understand any of this.. But.. then again.. *She looked up.* There are things you don't even know about me..

Shunsui: ...I suppose there is. *The lightning struck again, Shunsui started to frown as he sighed* Did I hurt you?

Zelda: *She looked away, feeling the rain fall against her*... I was more hurt that you didn't tell me something was threatening your life or.. seeing me I had no idea that I caused you to... stay.. You yourself didn't hurt me.. *She said quietly*

Shunsui: ...I don't know what I should be saying. I don't ask for forgiveness right now, either... but if it meant being with the one I loved, I don't regret it. Even though you feel that way and I've put everyone in danger... I guess that makes me a mean guy. *He looked up*

Zelda: *she looked to him, shyly moving a hand onto his cheek.* You aren't mean.. you're devoted.. *She gave him a faint smile.*

Shunsui: *He closed his eyes, smiling* So... you’re going to fight tomorrow? *He sounded odd, his hat covering his face* No matter what I say?

Zelda: *She moved her hand up to his hat, moving it up faintly to see his face better* I told my father that I was relaxing with my friends.. not fighting enemies and dungeoning. I'm being a rebel. *She kept smiling.* No matter what you say, I'm fighting.. not just for you.. but for our love..

Shunsui: I see. *He pressed his hands against her waist, chuckling as the wind blew his hat off of him. His eyes narrowed.* I love you, Zelda. *His face turned serious* I love you it hurts too much. *His palms began to glow, the light beaming off of their faces* Bakudo #63...

Zelda: *She looked at his hands, seeing the glowing. Her eyes narrowed, not understanding what was happening. She looked at him again*

Shunsui: Sajo...Sabaku. *Golden chains began to wrap around her, coming out of his palms*

Zelda: ..Shunsui? *She questioned him, watching this occur. Her ears lowered again.*

Shunsui: *He narrowed his eyes* I understand how stubborn you get. Miss Rebellious... I'm sorry to say, I won't allow you to be there tomorrow. *He said, the chains wrapping tightly around her*

Zelda: *Her eyes widened* Shunsui! *She squirmed, trying to get free*

Shunsui: *He let go of her, letting her fall onto the ground as he stared down at her chuckling* Hm... to be on the safe side of things... *He pointed to the side after flashstepping away* Bakudo #73...Tozansho. *A giant upside down pyramid barrier began to appear over Shunsui, trapping in the royal tomb and Zelda inside. He placed his hands in his sleeves, after picking up his hat from the ground, cleaning it off and placing it over his head. He turned over to the tomb, faintly smiling* Sorry... I don't think we'll be seeing each other for a while. He began to look away, chuckling. He slowly turned to the side* You won't get eaten by any of the creatures in there... I've left a nice warrior to protect you. He's... perfect for the job. *He turned back away, a serious expression on his face* Goodbye Zelda.


( Memories of Zelda )

Zelda: *She was shocked by what had just happened. She could feel the tears streaming down her cheeks, the most painful tears she had ever cried. The pain she felt was just the same pain she felt when she saw Link finding Melody. It was too much for her. She felt abandoned and betrayed. She sobbed, sitting there in the dark*

Shippo: *His ears lowered, slowly using his foxfire to open up a small turquoise flame over his hand as a torch. He stared at her as his eyes narrowed, feeling sorry for her* Byakuya's... just too strong.

Zelda: *She ignored him, letting her sorrow just eat at her heart. She didn't know what to do, what to say. She had to get free, and with Shippo here, she knew it wasn't going to be easy, but she had to try.*


Shunsui: *He held his hat with his hand, walking infront of the house that the others were all sleeping in. Ukitake was outside, staring at him*

Ukitake: You...really think we should do this...? Shunsui... I know it's our responsibility... but...

Shunsui: *He frowned, ignoring him. He pointed his palm towards the house that the others were sleeping in* Bakudo #73. Tozansho. *He created another one around the entire house, his eyes shimmering from the light it caused.*

Ukitake: *He looked away* ...

Shunsui: Our friends will be slowed down... Enough for us to get to a location to fight him tomorrow. *His eyes were teared, staring up at him* ...We don't have a choice. It is not their fight. I care about them too deeply.

Ukitake: *His eyes narrowed* Let's go.

*They began to walk away*

End of Chapter 2.16
Chapter 2.17

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