St. Patrick's Day Contest

Our story begins on St Pattys Day, in Jace's world. (The Jace Chronicles) He wakes up in shock as he has forgotten his Drinking supplies/ingredients...WHAT TO DO!? He goes to his closet to find some clothes...ALL GREEN, AHHH!!!! He never wears green on St Pattys day. "Okey, it'll be okey", he says. So off he goes to Walmart to buy a Magic Bullet, when it turns out they are on SALE! As he battles old women, and coupon freaks, he finally gets his prize! Ok, time for some Creme De Menthe, the green kind...AFTER going to ten turns out they are all sold off a hint he goes to the Local Gay Bar, YESSH! They have tons of the stuff, but try to harass Jace's smexy body in the process. He finally leaves with kiss marks and lots of phone numbers marked onto his hands...Okey, so now off to the Ice Cream shop, to get some Ice Cream...but alas it is KID CITY, and they all want Ice Cream on this sunny day...He jumps over a few, kicks some out of the way..and somehow makes it in...sneaking out the back to go find some Almond Milk...He goes to five stores before he decided to break into an Almond Factory and try to work the Almond Milking Machine... SUCCESS!! As he gets home, finished his drink...he just can't drink is his final Masterpiece. So he stares at it for a while as he lays on the floor from exhaustion...FIN

St. Patrick's Day Contest

ST. Patrick's Day Adventure The Comic!
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I woke up and looked at my calendar; it was March 17th St. Patrick's Day. I looked in the mirror and saw my Irish features and thought it’s good to be Irish. I went through my drawer and grab the first green shirt I saw, not realizing it was the shirt my friends bought me as a joke for my birthday. I went to the grocery store to pick up some green beer for a St. Patrick’s party, while I was in the isle a beautiful brunet grabbed me and laid one on me, right on my lips. Then I watched her lick her lips and heard her say, “yum”. Awe Stricken and now blushing I asked her, “What was that for?” She smiled and said, “I am suppose to kiss you." Astonished I said, “How did you know I was Irish?” She giggled and said your shirt. I was like what?!? And for the first time that day I looked down at my shirt and realized it was my; “Kiss me, I am Irish” shirt.