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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 2.15 - The Journey Through Hyrule
*A fair distance from Hyrule Castle, near the river that flowed out of Zora's Domain was Inuyasha and Kikyo, where their codes were formed in. They were sitting, staring into the river as they felt like they just woke up there, not remembering what they were last doing* ( Shinjitsu no Uta (Piano) )

Inuyasha: *He stared into the river, watching as a fish jumped out of the water in front of him.* Nice river, huh?

Kikyo: *She stared at the river, feeling the gentle breeze blow her hair gently. She felt odd, but she couldn't tell why. She assumed perhaps it was just her drowsy. She closed her eyes* It is beautiful here..

Inuyasha: *He rubbed his nose, staring at fish as his stomach growled* Yeah... I-I guess. As beautiful as rivers can get.

Kikyo: *She looked over at him as she smiled faintly.* What did you tell your friends for us to get away from them?

Inuyasha: *He turned to her before staring away, an annoyed expression* How the hell should I remember?

Kikyo: *She looked away from him as she moved the hair out of her face, moving it behind her ear. She wasn’t quite sure what else to say.*

Inuyasha: *He leaned back, placing his hands behind his head as he starred at the clouds. He blew his bangs out of his face, sighing softly. He turned to Kikyo, admiring her beauty for a moment*

Kikyo: *She looked up at the sky, staring at the beautiful colours as she smiled faintly. She glanced over to him, sensing being watched* I'm... sorry for not talking much. I feel rather.. odd right now. I fear that I might have overworked again.

Inuyasha: Doesn't matter. *He turned his eyes away from her, staring up at the skies* I kind of feel the same thing. Like I just woke up from a dream or something.

Kikyo: *She nodded to him as she looked over, slightly leaning back.* We should try taking it easy for a couple of days..

Inuyasha: I guess... *His eyes narrowed, thinking about where they were* Where the hell are we anyway?

Kikyo: *She looked ahead at the scenery, not recognizing it. She frowned* I.. I'm not quite sure. It doesn't seem familiar. Perhaps there's a village nearby.

Inuyasha: *He turned to look up at Death Mountain*...I've never seen clouds like that before.

Kikyo: *She looked to where he was looking, her eyes narrowing as she stood up.* I... I don't recognize them either. They can't be Naraku's.. we would have sensed him.

Inuyasha: *He too stared stood up, feeling annoyed now. He looked and turned around, his eyes widening as he started in the distance at Hyrule Castle* What the hell..?

Kikyo: *She looked to Inuyasha as she frowned.* What happened..? Nothing seems familiar.

Inuyasha: *He held his head, feeling a slight pain* ...It's... Hyrule Castle? *He said, sounding unsure. Kikyo's head also began to hurt, as their minds slowly adjusted to the new world*

Kikyo: *She closed her eyes as she moved a hand to her forehead. After a moment of recovering and adjusting to the sudden headache, she looked over at it*.. I believe that's right. *She nodded.*

*In the distance, Sango and the others were walking down the stairs to Kakariko village*

Sango: *Turning to them as she held her hand up* Inuyasha! Kikyo! Let's rest here in the village for the night, it's getting dark!

Kikyo: *She looked over as she smiled.* Come on, let's go. *She shyly took his hand and headed to them*

Inuyasha: *He faintly smiled, seeing his friends were alright*


Link: *He was sleeping with Melody, but both of them couldn't sleep. They slowly stared at each other in their bed, noticing that as both giggled*

Melody: *She smiled faintly as she looked at him*.. you can't sleep either?

Link: No-- *He fell off the bed, making a loud noise as he dragged his portion of the blanket with him*

Melody: *She gasped, quickly sitting up as she crawled over his side and leaned over* Are you okay?

Link: *He looked at her shocked, soon smiling as his ears lowered, blushing. He grabbed onto her wrist and dragged her down with the rest of the blanket*

Melody: *She gasped, falling down with him* Link..! *She blushed, looking at him.*

Alonsa: *She opened the door with cucumbers in her eyes and a white face mask* BRO WHO DA HELL IS MAKING ALL THIS NOISE IN THIS CASTLE?!

Link: Melody started it.

Melody: *She sat up as she gave him 'the look'* I did? You were the one that fell out and dragged me down! *She blushed more*

Alonsa: *She took a cucumber slice off her right eye, chewing it as she talked with her mouth full* Well... STOP IT! Mmm...*She closed the door as she left*

Link: I can't sleep, Melody! Even though so much happened, I still feel like we should be doing something... but everyone else is trying to sleep. I guess it's just a feeling I have, though. Things are getting exciting... Did you get the Inner Power back?

Melody: *She began to pull the blankets off of him and threw them back onto their bed* I did.. it was what revived me and saved me from dying. *She said quietly* Katie explained it to me. I wasn't meant to die by Nightshade, and that was his magic I ran into.. so I was brought back. It's.. complicated. *She sat on the bed.* We can do something if you like.. well.. without angering everyone else of course.

Link: *He turned to her, about to suggest pranking Alonsa, but he fell silent*

Melody: *She looked to him, blushing as she smiled* Unless you had something in mind

Link: O-Oh, it's nothing...*He sat there, leaning his cheek against his fist he held up off his lap, blowing his hat away from his face* Um... Want to look for Katie?

Melody: *She shrugged* If you'd like to.. oh Link.. *She frowned* I think you have a bump on your head.

Link: I-I do? It didn't feel like I hit it that hard, though...

Melody: Here.. let me take a look at it.. *She slowly moved her hand back as she grabbed a pillow*

Link: *He squinted his eyes suspiciously* Okay... *He slowly grabbed a pillow too*

Melody: *She smiled as she moved closer to him, smacking his head with the pillow*

Link: *He smacked her too, causing them to fight all over the room as they knocked stuff down*

Alonsa: *Comes in again*

Melody: *Her pillow ended up being flung at Alonsa, hitting her face*

Link: *He stared at Alonsa all wide eyed, hiding behind a chair*

Melody: *She looked to her* A-Alonsa...! I'm.. I'm sorry

Alonsa: *She squinted her eyes, charging at Melody as the blankets all fell down on them, continuing the pillow fight*

Link: HEY! *He grabbed a pillow*

Melody: *She gasped as she tried to get away* H-Help, Link!

Link: *He swung his pillow, but Alonsa backflipped over it, landing on the ceiling as she held her arms and legs out to keep her there, he stared up screaming*

Shunsui: *Shunsui and Ukitake were at the door, just staring. Shunsui was brushing his teeth as Ukitake was combing his hair* ...

Alonsa: *All three of them sitting as they bowed to them, apologizing*

Alonsa & Link: Melody started it.

Melody: *She glared at them* I did not..! *She frowned*

Ukitake: Look, we're all trying to sleep here... A lot happened today. *He said, tired* Link, take Melody somewhere outside if you two can't sleep.

Shunsui: And Alonsa. ...You go do what you were doing before.

Alonsa: *She sighed* Aw, your no fun!

Melody: *She held her arm as she walked out of their room, looking down.*

Link: *Walking with her, pillow feathers all over them* So um... want to go to the library and grab a book instead?

Melody: *She looked down as she tried to clean herself from the pillows.* Sure.. If you want.


( Goddess Katie's Theme ) *As they entered the library, they saw Katie there, sitting alone reading*

Melody: *She looked over at her for a moment before looking at Link.*

Goddess Katie: *She was lying on a bunch of pillows, relaxing as she was reading. *

Link: *He felt kind of nervous talking to a creator outside of conflicts, since he was still getting used to Ammy still. He stayed silent*

Goddess Katie: *She suddenly looked up, seeing them. She smiled* You guys are up?

Link: *His eyes narrowed* Y-yeah. Well... It's a lot to take in the things you told us earlier.

Goddess Katie: *She nodded as she looked away* I'm sorry if I upset you in any way. It wasn't my intention

Link: *He looked away, not feeling anything sad or offensive. But it made him think of Ven, concerned*

Goddess Katie: I... don't want you to think I'm weird either. I'm just trying to be open

Link: If... Preston and Laura came this far, with everyone admiring them for who they are... I think we can do the same for you.

Goddess Katie: *She smiled faintly* Even Preston thought I was weird at one point.

Link: I'm sure... he thinks you’re a great person.

Goddess Katie: *She shrugged* He's my best friend. *She giggled* What are you guys doing?

Link: *He looked down, unsure himself* We've been anxious the whole night... We were about to get a book, to see if we can get back to bed. I feel strange tonight.

Goddess Katie: *She nodded to them.* Go ahead and enjoy your night. I'll be here. *She smiled faintly.*

Link: *He looked to Melody* Hey, could you give me a minute with Katie? Why don't you go look for a nice romance novel in the meantime?

Melody: *She looked to him shyly, nodding as she kissed his cheek. She went off book hunting*

Link: *He turned back to her with narrowed eyes*

Goddess Katie: *She looked at him, blinking as she was confused.* What is it?

Link: Is it...*He looked flustered, unsure about how he would say this* Is it... possible for someone to absorb someone's code? Do you...know?

Goddess Katie: *She tilted her head as she stared at him.*...What do you mean by that? *She asked gently*

Link: Someone's identity...traits and abilities. What makes them who they are, they're coding, can it be taken out of a creation and mixed with your own?

Goddess Katie: *She rubbed the back of her head, thinking* I... honestly don't know. Why do you ask?

Link: *He looked down* Ven's coding... is lacking. I wondered if... I could share some of my coding with him...

Goddess Katie: *She stared at him, stunned.* Link.... I'm making his home.. his backstory will be slowly created by the evidence that I made and what caused it... Please.. don't worry about it. Ven will be find.

Link: But...that won't change his code... I'm not saying I don't like him how he is now, but if I could give up something of mine that could help him... I'd be scared, but I would do it. *He stared up seriously*

Goddess Katie: Link... even if I knew.. I'm not doing that.. You're your own person.. giving a trait or something to Ven wouldn't be wise.. it could screw up a lot in here.. me coming here alone caused a giant time tip..

Link: *He looked sad, not knowing what else to say*

Alonsa: *Behind a bookshelf, listening. Her eyes narrowed as she stared at the ground in silence*

Goddess Katie: Ven will be finished... I promised him.. I don't break promises Link.. *She frowned* I didn't mean to do this to him. I love Ven. I truly do. He's my favorite male character

Link: *He nodded* I understand. Thank you.

Alonsa: *She looked at her palm, slowly closing it as she raised it to her chest, turning her head to the side as she fought back her tears, leaving in silence*

Goddess Katie: *She smiled to Link* I wanted him to connect with you while I was working on him... That's why he's a Hylian knight. In a way.. he thinks you’re a brother to him.

Link: *His eyes shook as he listened, remembering the days where they used to hate each other. He smiled*...We came a long way together.

Goddess Katie: He's very shy about admitting his feelings.. so if he was an a** to you.. it was just his way of saying he respects you.

Link: *He turned to Melody, who was arriving with the book. He smiled faintly, enjoying all of his friends he had met to this day* I know... Because of you... I've met all of my friends. Melody, Shunsui, Ven, Ukitake, Tiercel, Harrier... and Alonsa. It's thanks to you.

Goddess Katie: *She blushed as she looked away* It wasn't just me.. it was Ammy and destiny as well.

Melody: *She looked to them, blinking oddly. She moved close to Link as she hugged his arm, blushing*

Link: You picked a nice one, Melody. *He smiled at her warmly* Let's go back to our room...

Melody: *She looked at him as she blushed* Alright.. let's hope Alonsa is gone.

Goddess Katie: *She looked over to them, smiling as she blushed.* Just how I wanted.


*It was now completely night, Sesshomaru and his companions find themselves in the Gerudo dessert; that seemed to be long and tedious.* ( Gerudo Desert )

Sesshomaru: *He was walking as he looked ahead, showing no emotion as he walked at a steady pace. He didn't look around.*

Jaken: *He followed closely after him with Rin beside him, waddling as he held the staff of two heads.* Me lord! I don't think we've ever been here before. Perhaps we should stop and get a sense of direction!

Sesshomaru: *He glanced back, giving a dirty glance as he continued ahead, ignoring what Jaken said.*

Rin: *She looked around as she giggled.* It's not that hot here, even if it's a desert. It's nice.

Jaken: *He turned around* Tha's because it's night, you silly girl!

Sesshomaru: *He stopped, causing Jaken to squish into his leg and fall.*

Naraku: *He was standing on the top of a buried ancient pillar sticking out of the sand. A gentle breeze blew past him as the sand went with it, hiding his emotionless face that starred down at them. He was confused of the location, but it didn't seem to matter to him at all.*

Sesshomaru: *He could sense the familiar yet unwelcoming presence, but he ignored it.* We continue on until morning. *He said flatly, beginning to walk ahead as his long hair and fluff blew in the warm desert air.*

Jaken: But me lord! This is a desert! We're going to get lost.

Sesshomaru: *He stopped again as Jaken hit is leg again.* Are you doubting me? *He said with a more sterm tone.*

Jaken: *He shook his head before getting up.* N-No, me lord! I was just giving you a simple suggestion! I would never doubt your excellence.

Sesshomaru: *He narrowed his eyes back at him, continuing to go ahead.*

Rin: *She giggled as she knelt down and chased after Sesshomaru*

Jaken: *He twitched before running after* Me lord, wait for me!

Naraku: Perhaps... you know where we are, Sesshomaru? *He said to himself, flinching as his head began to hurt. * ....This sensation... So it's Gerudo dessert. *He looked around, turning to face the large temple in the distance. His hair blowing in the wind* I'll go there for the time being.

Sesshomaru: *He felt an odd feeling entering his head, suddenly knowing exactly where they are.* We continue this way. *He said flatly as he continued to walk.*

Jaken: *He too felt the odd feeling, holding his head as he knelt in the sand* Me lord, please don't harm me!-- *He looked up, seeing that nothing was happening*... Oh.. I seem to remember where we ar-- *He looked ahead to see Sesshomaru was far ahead* Lord Sesshomaru! Me lord! Wait for me! *He flailed his arms as he ran after*

Naraku: *As he was about to leave, his eyes narrowed, stopping himself. Being adjusted to the world now, he was able to feel the presence of Solaris, Nightshade and Ghirahim. He slowly smirked, his bangs covering his eyes as the sand blew harder, blurring his image as he slowly vanished in the sand*


*The next morning, everyone gathered at the front of the castle ready to head for the temples*

Link: *He stared at them* Is everyone still tired?

Alonsa: In a way.

Melody: *She nodded as she rubbed her eyes*.. We stayed up all night..

Shunsui: *He placed a hand on his hat* I don't think we should really go to any temple just yet, but the temples have become dangerous so I think we should go to a village that's close to a temple, so we can do both rest and observation.

Ukitake: That's very clever.

Zelda: *She looked to them.* The only village that's really close to dungeons would be Kakariko.. where it's near two.

Alonsa: Okay, then we'll head over there! Oh, and Zelda?

Zelda: *She turned her head to her* What is it?

Alonsa: Well, besides the whole storyline almost about to end and all our demises would stain everything we ever worked on, are you going to come to the temples? Your father allows that?

Zelda: *She looked to them, blushing as she looked down*.. I.. told him we were exploring Hyrule for rest... but... I didn't tell him about the temples.

Ukitake: ......I suppose that's the same thing with you, then, isn't it Princess Toadstool? *He sensed her behind a tree*

Peach: *Her eyes widened, giggling soon after* Oh no...

Zelda: *She looked to Peach as she smiled* You'll be okay. I'll stick up for you.

Peach: *She walked out of hiding, holding her parasol as she smiled to them, giggling* I always wanted to visit those places in Hyrule, epically Kakariko and Kokiri Forest.

Link: *He turned to her, noticing she mentioned his home*

Ven: We could split up into groups to wander if you like.. a group with over seven people seems large. *He chuckled*

Ukitake: Are you suggesting we split up into two groups to cover more of Hyrule's temple locations?

Alonsa: Aw, really? Link and Zelda with have to be separated since they know the most about Hyrule for us. *She noticed she mentioned separated with them, covering her mouth*

Link: *He turned to Ukitake, trying not to be bothered by it* Do you think we should do that?

Ukitake: It seems fairly reasonable. Which group do you want to lead somewhere?

Link: ...I think I want to go to Kokiri Forest. I want to see the little deku sprout again.

Goddess Katie: *She ran over to them, stopping behind them as she panted* H-Hey... are you... guys going.. anywhere?

Alonsa: Oooh look it's the Creator! Link's biggest fan! *She nudged Link to the point where he almost fell over*

Link: I am getting a restraining order man.

Alonsa: You can't keep me away, Perky.

Melody: *She held Link's hand as she watched her.*

Goddess Katie: Can I go with you guys?

Shunsui: We're splitting up. Link's team to Kokiri Forest to investigate the temple there, and Zelda's to Kakariko.

Goddess Katie: *She frowned* Aw.. I wanted to see it all. I don't know how to choose

Harrier: I would have expected it to be an easy choice..

Ukitake: I'll go with any group I'm left with, so don't worry about numbers.

Alonsa: I think for me, foresty things will get me pretty out of place. Kakariko for me!~

Tiercel: I'm going to the village as well.

Harrier: *He rolled his eyes* I'm going to the forest. Something new.

Goddess Katie: *She shrugged* I'll go with Link. I want to see all that I can. *She smiled*

Shunsui: I'll be going where Zelda's going. Ukitake, we're the strongest in the team under Melody, so go with Link,

Ukitake: They have Melody AND Katie, Shunsui.

Shunsui: Good point. Okay come with me.

Zelda: *She frowned as she looked up into the sky, seeing the ring over death mountain growing.* This worries me..

Link: Zelda, your team is free to investigate the mountain, but I don't want you guys going into the Shadow Temple.

Alonsa: Sh-shadow what?!

Goddess Katie: Oh that place.. *She cringed* The wall masters and redeads... Yeah.. that should be saved for Link.

Alonsa: But that means we have to go there eventually... R-right? Please tell me we won't be in a group...

Link: I haven't planned that far ahead, but I think that temple should be everyone together.

Goddess Katie: Who gets the water temple?

Melody: *She looked to Link nervously, knowing she can't swim*

Link: *He turned to Katie* When we finished these first two temples, the one after the water is the shadow. I don't think we split up at that point.

Goddess Katie: *She pointed to herself* I know the dungeons on the back of my hand. Unelss they changed, this should be easy.

Zelda: The fire temple is going to be difficult... We'll need to be prepared for that.

Peach: Link... There are so many temples, and I believe that Katie knows them very well. To save time, we should also be in two groups for both the water and shadow when that time arrives. *She giggled* We'll be fine with her if you go to the water temple.

Link: Katie, would you want the water or the shadow?

Goddess Katie: *She looked up, rubbing her head* Do I want an eerie creepy dungeon with enemies that want to eat your soul and demonic sort of sculptures and traps, or a difficult and wet dungeon where you need to swim around a lot and struggle, not to mention it's the home of your shadow which for some reason is free now... Hmm.. Hard choice.

Melody: *She moved closer to Link, her eyes filling with fear. She didn't like the sound of either of them.*

Link: *He sweatdropped, remembering Dark Link. He felt scared now that he was free but turned his attention to the situation* W-well?

Goddess Katie: Personality, I'd choose the water temple. I'm way too jumpy.. I freak out when Ammy appears behind me. *She blushed* but really, it's up to you.

Link: Well... I want to be able to keep an eye on Melody, and she hates water... I remember Lake Hylia. I think she'd be able to endure the shadow temple if I'm there with her, and plus, I know all the traps.

Alonsa: Hahahaha...HAHAHAHA....HAHAHAHAHA...*They stare at her* I laugh when I'm nervous.

Goddess Katie: Yes.. but Zelda hasn't been in the water temple.. it's a maze and puzzles are everywhere. Not to mention you have the ocarina of time which is needed for the dungeon.

Link: *He sweatdropped* You really know your facts...

Ven: *He stared at her*... it's actually getting scary.

Goddess Katie: *She blushed* It's been with me my whole life.. sorry.

Ukitake: Melody should go to the shadow temple if she still fears the water. Katie will surely protect her just as well, Link.

Link: *He stared at Melody* I guess it leads up to what you decide then.

Melody: *She looked at him nervously, not knowing what to say. She fell in silence*... I... I don't know... *She said quietly*

Alonsa: OKAY HANG ON PEOPLE. Why are we even talking about two steps ahead of the plan here?! We'll figure this out once the mountain and forest is checked out! Let’s go, people!

Link: *He stared at her all freaked out*

Goddess Katie: *She looked at Alonsa.* What's her problem?

Melody: *She looked to Link*... I think we made her cranky because of last night...

Alonsa: HEY! I just don't like the idea of having to go to either of those temples! But if I had to decide, it would be the water temple. But this debate is driving me up the wall, let's just go with the flow until we get to those topics later!

Shunsui: *He chuckled* She has a point.

Goddess Katie: Having a plan is more organized, but okay. Your call, not mine. *She shrugged.* I'll do the forest temple any day. *She smiled* I enjoyed it, not to mention I don't want to experience a Goron hug..

Shunsui: *His voice got all squeaky as he turned to her with his eyes all widened* W-what... what she say?

Ukitake: *Dragging Shunsui* Let's go, friend.

Goddess Katie: *She waved, giggling* Be careful!~ There's at least five gorons in there!~

Ven: *He walked with Alonsa, holding her hand tightly in his*

Alonsa: *She smiled faintly at him, but sorrow in her eyes*


*Link, Melody, Harrier, Tiercel, and Katie all head to the forest as Peach, Zelda, Ukitake, Shunsui, Alonsa, Ven go to Kakariko. We'll go to their group first, seeing as Kakariko is closer*

Ven: *He looked to Alonsa.*... Are you alright? *He spoke quietly*

Alonsa: *Her eyes narrowed, smiling a little wider* H-huh? Of course, stud~ Why wouldn't I be?~

Ven: *He stared at her*.. Alonsa... talk to me.. *He said as he wrapped his arm around her*

Alonsa: Oh, okay... I'm just a little worried about the temples... I-I mean the Shadow temple! I'm definitely not going over there. Water's my thing, what's your thing? *She laughed nervously*

Ven: *He stopped, not caring if they were going to behind the gang. He moved his hands onto his shoulders.* Alonsa.. I'm scared of the Shadow Temple too. We're together though.

Alonsa: *Her eyes widened as she smiled. She couldn't stop the tears that began to form, hiding the fact that it wasn't too much of the temples, but about him* O-oh... O-of course, that's why... you’re called... Stud.

Ven: *He smiled faintly as he kissed her softly.* Don't worry about a thing. I'm a knight, remember? *He chuckled.* we can overcome anything.

Alonsa: Yeah... you’re a knight... and your more than that... d-don't forget that you mean the world to me, okay, Ven? *She wiped her tears*

Ven: *He smiled.* And you're my sunshine. Let's keep going before they yell at us.

Alonsa: *She giggled* Okay, Stud, let's go.

Ven: Besides, it will be an amusing sight to see this. I've never seen Shunsui like this. *He laughed.*

Alonsa: *She giggled, yelling out to Shunsui* Goron!

Shunsui: *He gave a short squeal of fear, clearing his throat as he tilted the hat over his flustered face*

Zelda: *She looked back at him, giggling* Oh Shunsui.. *She reached over as he held his hand*

Shunsui: I'll push you in front of any Gorons that try to hug me. That’s why we love each other.

*They make it to Kakariko, noticing people running away from something*

Alonsa: W-whoa? These people are freaking out.

Zelda: *She looked around worriedly.* what's going on?

Ven: *He pulled Alonsa closer to him*

Inuyasha: *He jumped down the tree, staring at them as he raised his hand, showing his claws as he cracked his fingers*

Shunsui: ?! *He pulled his swords out, pointing them at him*

Alonsa: *She stared in fear, noticing the claws and ears* ...?!

Ven: *He drew his sword, twirling it in his hand as he stepped in front of Alonsa.* Alright.. who the hell are you?

Inuyasha: *His ears began to twitch as he stared up at the mountain, showing his fangs in frustration* I don't have time for this.

Ukitake: Stop! What have you been doing to these people?!

Inuyasha: *He shouted at Ukitake, annoyed* Shut up! The hell does it concern you people?! These wimps started running on their own when they saw my ears!

Alonsa: *Death Mountain began to erupt, Alonsa reacting with a scream as the area began to shake* Aaahhhh!!

Ven: *He grabbed her, holding her as he tried to keep his balance.*

Inuyasha: *His eyes widened* Kikyo! She and the others are up there! Damn it! *He began to run, jumping on rooftops, his speed equivalent to the flashstep*

Ukitake: *His eyes widened*

Zelda: *She watched him as she tried to hold her own balance*... Do we go after him?

Shunsui: *He picked Zelda up* Hang on. *He flashstepped after him*

Ukitake: Let's go. *He flashstepped*

Ven: H-Hey! What about us?! *He shouted at them*

Peach: *She giggled, clasping her hands together. She began to float, along with everybody else as they glowed a faint pink* Let's hurry.

Alonsa: Oh, cool!

Ven: ...Convenient.. *He smirked.* Thanks, your highness.

Peach: *She leaded them as they all floated towards the mountain*


Shunsui: *Flashstepping, noticing Inuyasha in sight. He tilted his hat, smirking as he went faster*

Inuyasha: *He noticed them behind him, his eyes narrowing* That's one fast human...

Zelda: *She hid her face against his shoulder as she held on tightly.*

Inuyasha: *He noticed a large shadow over them, he looked up and stared at a giant flaming rock heading towards them*

Shunsui: *He frowned, looking up as the heat burned the ground*

Inuyasha: *He placed a hand on hilt, cracking his fingers as he glared up, pulling out his sword as it quickly transformed into a thicker blade with fur at the hilt* Tessaiga! *He held it with two hands as he jumped up towards it, his hair blowing in the wind*

Zelda: *She heard his shouting, looking ahead as she saw this. Her eyes stared in awe*

Inuyasha: *He held the sword to his face, raising it over his head as he swung, creating a massive force of air around the area* Wind Scar!! *The blades of air blast a powerful force through the rock, causing an explosion of ash and smoke over the sky as pebbles rained down on everyone following, he jumped on the falling debris of a rock, using its momentum to jump further up the mountain as he held the Tessaiga*

Shunsui: *His eyes widened, smirking as he followed, dodging the debris* Well, well...

Zelda: What.. is he? *She asked him as she held onto him tighter*

Kagome: *A scream occurred on top of the mountain* INUYASHA!!

Inuyasha: I'm coming already!! *He whispered something under his breath, noticing the others floating with Peach off to the side. He just stared at them with widened eyes*

Peach: *Waved at him as she giggled*

Ven: You didn't answer my question! Who are you?!

Inuyasha: Why should I tell you?! Get outta here, you’re going to get yourselves killed...!

Ven: *He glared at him, seeing how arrogant he was.* You're one to talk!

Inuyasha: *He looked over to a boulder that was about to fall on them, then turning to Kagome and the others. He hesitated before jumping off the side of a falling rock, towards them as he held the tessaiga* You idiots!! Wind Scar!! *It blew up*

Peach: *She screamed as she held her parasol up above her*

Ven: *He too flinched, but looked up*... Wow. Thanks.

Inuyasha: *He noticed that a boulder was falling towards Kikyo in the distance, his eyes widened as he turned pale, screaming as he tried to get there* KIKYO!!!

Kikyo: *She was watching Inuyasha, seeing the shadow forming below her. She looked up, her eyes widening as she tried to run out of the way.*

Ukitake: *Flashstepping as he held two fingers to his side, glowing as he chanted an incantation under his breath, causing his finger tips to glow, pointing it towards her* Bakudo #81...*His body glowed*

Shunsui: *His eyes widened, feeling the power*

Ven: U-Ukitake! Be careful!

Inuyasha: *He turned to Ukitake, his eyes widening, thinking that he was going to attack Kikyo and the others. He held his sword towards him, swinging it* WIND SCAR!!!

Ukitake: *He turned towards it, ignoring it as his eyes narrowed, pointing them above Kikyo* Danku... *He created a rectangular energy field above her, it spread across the entire area that they were in, blocking the boulder from reaching Kikyo as it explodes over them. He turned to Inuyasha's attack, his eyes narrowing as his hair blew from the energy, unable to stop it*

Inuyasha: *He noticed what he did for Kikyo, his eyes widened* W-what...?!

Alonsa: UKITAKE!!!!

Kikyo: *She looked up, seeing that the boulder was gone and she was saved. Her eyes widened.*

Ven: *He escaped the bubble Peach gave him and ran over* No..!

Sango: *She flew over Ukitake on Kirara, reaching her hand below to grab onto him as she was coming towards him, taking hold of his wrist. Before Wind Scar hit the ground he was on, an explosion covered the air with smoke, but Sango and Ukitake escaped through the smoke*

Ukitake: *His eyes widened, looking up at them*

Kirara: *She growled lowly, flying them off and landing them on the ground where Kikyo and the others were.*

Miroku: *He laughed.* Good timing, Sango!

Inuyasha: *He landed next to them, staring at Ukitake* You saved Kikyo... I'm sorry. *He stared down, ashamed*

Ukitake: *He smiled at him* It's alright... everyone is safe.

Kikyo: *She walked over to Ukitake*... Thank you. You saved my life.

Ven: *He went over to Inuyasha, glaring*

Shippo: ( Searching for the Sacred Jewel ) *He jumped up, smacking Inuyasha across the head as he screamed in his ear, hanging off his hair* How could you do something like that?!! Inuyasha you almost killed him!!

Inuyasha: : *He punched Shippo in the head, causing him to get a giant bump* HEY! I said I was sorry!!

Kagome: *She put her hands on her hips* Sit boy! *She shouted.*

Inuyasha: *His eyes widened as his bead necklace began to pulse, dragging him down as he smashed his face on the ground, causing a crater*

Alonsa: *Put her hands over her mouth, trying not to laugh*

Kikyo: *She went over to him, kneeling down and helping him up* Inuyasha..

Shunsui: *He turned to Sango, chuckling as he tilted his hat to her* You saved my best friend's life... I can't thank you enough. Maybe a drink with me...? *Zelda glared*

Sango: *She slapped him across the face, leaving a red mark on his cheek*

Zelda: *She giggled faintly.* I'm sorry Shunsui... you deserved that.

Miroku: *He walked over to Zelda, stunned by her beauty. He grabbed her hands.* Hello my lady, I'm Miroku. I was wondering if it were too much trouble for you to bare my children? You're very beautiful and words cannot describe how I feel when I look at you.

Sango: *She blushed jealously, smacking down her boomerang on his head, causing him to bleed like a fountain*

Miroku: *He closed his eyes as he released her hands*... I'll take that as a no.. *He fell over*

Alonsa: *She turned to Inuyasha* Why did you attack Ukitake...? He'd never hurt someone in trouble. He's not that cruel.

Inuyasha: I've never seen people so fast before, how was I supposed to tell the difference between demons and humans with that going on? Some demons can look very similar to humans you know.

Ukitake: Such as yourself?

Inuyasha: Obviously. *He said, annoyed*

Kikyo: *She smiled faintly* I must thank you again. Despite the attack, we're both very grateful.

Shunsui: *He tilted his hat over his eyes, chuckling. He still had Sango's mark on his face* This place is dangerous, what was your group doing here?

Sango: Kikyo sensed demons in the mountain, she said it was upsetting the village and Goron race.

Kikyo: *She nodded to them as she looked back to the mountain.* It is like nothing that I've sensed before.

Kagome: *She crossed her arms* We were supposed to relax too! I don't want to do this.

Alonsa: *She turned to Kagome, slightly aggravated* Then, go! Pfft, we came here to handle this ourselves. A girl in a school's uniform will get in the way.

Kagome: You're one to talk. *She put her hands on her hips, glaring at her. * Clearly you're a loud mouth. I wasn't talking to you.

Alonsa: *She raised an eyebrow, placing her hands on her hips as she leaned in* Hey, are you picking a fight?

Kagome: Why would I fight someone who's clearly incompetent? Leave us alone.

Miroku: *He was holding his head as he stood beside Sango* Oh dear.. She's at it again. *He sighed hard.*

Kirara: *She growled lowly before turning into her kitty form, meowing quietly as she looked up at the girls fighting.*

Ukitake: *He held his hands up as he sweatdropped* A-Alonsa, please. You should know better... we've just met with them.

Sango: You too Kagome, this isn't the time.

Inuyasha: *He stood there, his eyes closed as he tried to ignore them as he poked around in his ear with his finger* You guys are way too loud.

Kikyo: Inuyasha.. we need to go. I feel as if the strength in this force is growing..

Shunsui: So you'll be joining our investigation team inside then? Zelda here knows how to get around, for the most part.

Miroku: *He looked to Zelda as he chuckled* I'm perfectly fine with this.

Zelda: *She looked at him nervously, giving a small nod.* We should go.

Shunsui: Right.


Link: *They stopped on the bridge between Hyrule and Kokiri forest, staring at Link go through a few memories as he remembered himself as a child, first leaving into the world*

Melody: *She looked up at the forest, sensing the magic behind it.* Is this your home? *She asked him quietly*

Link: *He turned to her* Yeah. We should keep moving, sorry for stopping.

Melody: *They all followed Link closely. She looked around as they walked across, feeling nervous about if they were going to get lost.*

Goddess Katie: Is Mido still going to be a jerk to you?

Link: *He turned to her, slightly disturbed by her knowledge about his life* Uh... I don't think he'd recognize me.

Goddess Katie: *She shrugged.* I hope he isn't.. that was annoying. *She sighed.*

Harrier: *He looked up at the forest* How did you live here? It seems like a place where someone would go mad.

Link: Well... The entire forest got me to believe I was a Kokiri, someone that stayed the same size. Somewhat like a little elf, and with my ears, it made people confused later on. The ears are Hylian, and well, you get the picture.

Goddess Katie: And the plot twist was you weren't Kokiri *she giggled.*

Melody: *She looked to him*.. I want to see where you lived

Link: *He turned to Melody* Alright... *They entered the tunnel into the village*

( Kokiri Forest (ZREO Sounscape) )

Tiercel: *He walked into the village as he looked around in awe, stunned by the magic in the air along with a few fairies playing as they flew around. He could see the children in green clothing like Link's playing and doing 'adult' chores. There was one child who was trying to pick up a rock and various items glittering in the bushes* This is remarkable.

Link: *He stared at the rock boy and just shook his head in disappointment* I suppose it is... It must be pretty new to you guys.

Goddess Katie: *She walked ahead of them, feeling herself getting excited* This is way better than what I thought. *She stared in awe.*

Melody: *She noticed the tree houses*.. you stayed in a treehouse?

Link: *He turned to her all excited for some reason, his mouth open widely* I have a cow in my house, I have no idea how it got there!

Melody: *She looked at him oddly, not understanding.* I... Maybe Ammy...?

Goddess Katie: *She looked back at him*... Don't tell Shunsui about Hylian Milk... whatever you do... ESPECIALLY Chateau Romani

Link: *He nodded, giggling* I mean for a second I was all bored, I knew everything here already, but... but then I remembered the cow! *He ran towards his house*

Melody: *She watched him run off* Link..! *She ran after him.*

Harrier: *He sighed* Oh jeeze. A cow in a tree. How exciting.

Link: *He made it to his house, running to the ladder as he hit his head on it. He ignored that, climbing up the ladder and running through the curtain to his door* What's up cow?! *Staring at it on the floor, his eyes getting all teary eyed. He walked back out, wiping his tears* Okay let's go see the Deku sprout...

Melody: *She looked at him.*...Link?


Goddess Katie: Um... hello? *She waved her hand as she began to climb the ladder.*

Link: *He jumped off his balcony, rolling and standing up to everyone*

Goddess Katie: You guys go ahead to the Deku Sprout. I know my way there. It’s like you forget I’m a Creator or something.

Harrier: ...Do you do that all of the time?

Link: *Rubbing his leg, pretending like he was a pro* ...Kinda.

Tiercel: You should be careful.. you could break your leg. *He said as he turned*

Link: *He smiled at him* Well, yeah...

*They walked over to the little pond, seeing Mido in front of the entrance ahead*

Link: ...

Mido: *He had his hand out, looking at him* HeY! What are you doing here?! This is restricted for only Kokiri members. I'd let you in, but you need a sword and shield. But my standards on those have grown!

Link: Well, *He said sarcastically* let's see what I have here... oh? Oh look at that. a Hylian Shield. Oh and let's see the swo- Oh! Oh it's the Master Sw- Move Mido.

Mido: *He glared at him as he looked over* Those look like fakes! Replicas! All Kokiri guys have those. They're just toys.

Link: *He stared at him, holding out the Master Sword* It's real enough to cut your face up.

Melody: L-Link! *She grabbed his arm, trying to pull it back*

Mido: *He glared at him*

Harrier: Why are you threatening a kid?

Mido: *He moved out of the way* I have a good two hundred years on you, thank you!

Link: W-what? Oh my god.. you people have no idea what this guy is. It's a monster

Harrier: *He walked ahead*.. Thanks debatable.

Link: Mido, has the sprout been doing okay? *He turned down to him* And I don't mean you.

Mido: He's been fine! *He pouted.* The Great Deku tree is gone officially.

Link: Like, crumbled away?

Mido: *He nodded.* The sprout takes his spot now

Link: That's good. Keep guarding the entrance, I want to see him. Make sure nobody enters, as usual.

Mido: You make no sense! You just got through

Link: Well...besides us. *He mumbled* You stupid...

Mido: *He grabbed a rock and threw it at him*

Link: *It hit him in the eye* Ow! God damn it, Mido!

*They walked to the sprout, Link holding his eye*

Link: I'm gonna be blind now, I just know it!

Melody: *She looked at him*... I can just heal you, you know...

Link: Okay... *He removed his hand, showing the rock still in his eye*

Melody: *She cringed slightly, moving her hand onto his shoulder as she closed her eyes*

Link: Is it bad?

Harrier: *He laughed, falling onto his knees*

Tiercel: ...Yeah.. you got owned by a kid...


Melody: *She began to heal him, sending warmth inside of him. The rock came out of his eye.*

Link: *He rubbed his eye, embarrassed at Harrier and Tiercel laughing as he walked away all flustered*

Goddess Katie: *She skipped over to them, humming Kokiri's song.*...Hey. What's wrong with him?

Harrier: I think he had.. a rocky encounter. *He laughed harder.*

Link: *He kicked Harrier in the shin*

Harrier: Ow! *He fell over.*

Link: *He turned up smiling at Katie* Okay! Off to the sprout, all smiles now!

Goddess Katie: I still want to know what happened. *She blinked.* And Mido wasn't an a**! It was great.

Link: Wait! I just told him to not have anyone els...and he was NICE- That little...

Goddess Katie: I just asked nicely to get through. *She shrugged.*

Link: *He walked off, pouting*

End of Chapter 2.15
Chapter 2.16

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