Hello all, welcome to another addition of drunken ramblings, this time with ego! I'll tell you why, I've opened my own business and am hopefully about to print local comics which while a dying industry is due for a revival....

Rules to living:

1. Always Scowl. When in doubt look pissed, people do not question a pissed guy nor do they deny his belief in the stated "truth"

2. Thank about how she looked before leaving the house. Girls look better out than at home,so she's not as "hot" as you think. Use this to your advantage.

3. Be playful. Playfulness is seen as flirting, so be playful.

4. What if/Why? Always think these things when hearing a question, it encourages learning and intelligence. Be better than the average person who thinks it "just works".

5. Look Good.

That's all for my drunken ramblings. Follow these rules and you'll be sure to be popular wiht the lowest common denominator.