Just something for myself in a "role play / story" my avatar is taking part in.
Many times, I will come back and edit this when new information is needed to be placed in this profile.

Name: Wormmon, Worm for short. Her family has an odd tradition of giving their children unusual names.

False Age: 24.

True Age: Unknown.

Sex: Female.

False Race: Human / Gaian.

Hidden / True Race: Good Witch.

Home Region: Barton.

Occupation: Baker, from her own home's kitchen. She doesn't have her own shop, but she'd love to have one some day.

Past Time Hobbies: Baking, Crocheting, Knitting, Collecting Trash/Bugs/Cans/Boots around the different towns. She also enjoys practicing her magic and making harmless / helpful potions within the safety confines of her home.

Abilities: Magic talents that she likes to call "White Magic", as her magic is always and will forever be used for "Good".

Personality & History: Worm is a kind and nice being, one that enjoys making new friends as well as making memories with both old and new friends whenever the chance is given. While she's out in public, she mostly wears a full out pink and frilly outfit that has strawberry decorations through out it. She also plays up a bit of a "derp" personality when she's in this git up, mostly to cover up who she really is. Why hide? Because she's had bad experiences in the past of people wanting her dead / burning her at the stake. In all of those situations, nobody would believe her when she'd tell them she was a Good Witch. Afraid for her life, she has fled from several previous homes and now resides in Barton. So far, her secret hasn't been found out and she happily lives amongst the Gaian population.


Having gone to Aekea to visit a friend for the day, she hears a startling explosion when on her way to walk home. Concerned, Worm went to find out where the source of the explosion came from, to see if anyone was hurt and needed help. Now, she's found herself meeting several people at once, two being the owners of the apartment she came to, and others being concerned citizens such as herself.