Daydreams are double-edged swords. They bear the ability to allow us to escape reality, to venture into a world of our own that none can replicate. It liberates us, emboldens us, and can even serve as a great tool for procrastination. Daydreams are limited to only our imagination and as long as we believe, we can create the most fantastic things.
They can also bring mere troubling thoughts to life, they can darken your personal world with great clouds that rain and flood your world to the point where it begins to leak forth from your eyes. It can destroy your security, your mood, and your dreams. It can be more real that reality, and darker than any night. It's a scary and powerful thing that can hurt you and leave a scar that will never fade. They can be more haunting than actual dreams.
Daydreams allow us to see within ourselves. They are mirrors as well as worlds. They let you see what you truly desire and what you truly think. What they reflect can bring either bliss or sadness. They can startle or elate. They can become wild as well, and when they lose control, no limit can ever be placed upon it, or it will surely shatter the chains that try to bind it.
A daydream showed me something today. It actually came to me after watching an Adventure Time episode, to be honest. I don't know if what it showed was a reflection of my heart or not. I don't know if it's what I believe, or want. I don't know whether I should think on it, or dismiss it. To think on it would lead me to an answer, once and for all. To dismiss it would be to live in blissful ignorance, to pretend I never had it, and to never allow the thought to resurface. Do I want to find the answer? How troubling, yet insightful daydreams can be! I can't live in ignorance, I can't let it go unanswered. I will think on what my daydream tried to show me, and I will find the answer that it demands. The answer will most definitely change some aspects on my life. I do not know if I want it to be a yes or no. Yes, it is simple as that. A yes or no question. Do I want the answer to be yes, or do I want it to be no?
Let us find the answer, and walk the road that it leads to.