I love writing so here is two poems i wrote:
I, Me, Myself, we are like coins. The coins start off bright and shiny, yet over the years it dulles and sparkles less. Me and Myself, we are likecoins, we can bend only so far and it takes the strongest to bend us. I am like a coin, I have been tortured over time by many hands, my value becoming less and less, and what i stood and still stand for is what has been forgotten and lost. I, Me Myself, we are like coins

Dream and Nightmare-
A dream is what reality should be but yet it isn't; gold streets, the perfect love, and sunshine
A dream is a mixture of hopes and pleasures; its where wishes and goals come from
A nightmare is what hell on earth can be; fires burning every building , death, and sorrows in air
A nightmare is where the monsters creep up on you; sound and images click'n roll in your mind
Life is not a dream nor a nightmare but yet a comination of these things creating what we all call life