A message to the burning sun: In memory of those in Korea.
Why attack a land that you see fit... to hold a grudge?
Powers you see over common sense as others do with none.
This is not a one man's war or that of one people.

Blast us a people not oh sun...
Your people loyal to military powers who once taught respect.
Bring peace to its knees oh sun...
And set it free from its chain.
Hear this not to be displeasing...
Your strength grows from not wound but power.
Do people serve honor or shame manipulative?
For once a place is weak oh sun even you as we all.
You like I motivate hearts in ways.
But youth; destroy your respects even as one to be unknown to self?
Take heed to these words if you understand.
To support of ones own or others is greater with love...
Or blessing be with life many despite curse.
Out of consideration I say this to a future power...
One young of its days.
Beyond the failure or much surrounding choice...
Warning to you oh sun regarding destruction...
What has one need of riches? Nothing vain.
Vain of itself is ignorance of slaughter.
Let oh sun take the life a course to heal before...
They of our enemy is none to me but some will...
Grudge not I against but the intensity of much strain.
They who do so such though I would eat my words...
Grudge not if not strong and not weak oh sun.
Your world around you does much more than one.
When a great one dies oh son or past retreats cry not.
He has shown your heart or influence you had seen...
As others do show my care though regret for much.
When land of fallen and grudge unite from each unite...
Whether wicked or good heal or break...
You fall as that which the moon resides...
Its ending of a sun in days as cycle moves...
And so each day is never the same again of such.
Forever gone with that which eye as I could not see.
A man will fall in leadership of his principle...
Watch closely... though now lands have been abridged.
I am not a part of this war, but from far, they had taught me.
They respected once before look at you as society makes choice.
Rest assured, each one is welcome.
A fall of knowledge in power or such a mind corrupt.
A finish to knowing a falseness, though I see it some of us...
In mind but they be gone.
A failure to control is such is not led in the heart over matter.
A note to a burning sun... you fail as dictator.
Who so put the one to power, he passed it kindly rather strict for his own will.
Weak but strong or some not aware.
Heal and rest your mind sun.
The sun sets by the moon and it raises tides.
You not of the moon... shall fall in setting
And like the days go by, what is one's final wish?
Memory oh sun... It passed you by to the point...
Such a no return of decision.
I see not this war but they bring it to land.
A time where people of one's taken?
What respect had they, for teaching their ties.
I can only wish for the sun...
That indeed is guilt with shame or pity.
For the sun looks up near the rest of the stars.
As each one or some fade away.
Your choice shall guide.
Others shall see in my time...
A fall of the evening at the sun.
Toward the time of the moon.
If militia is greater oh sun...
Know the fire burns many of denial.
But can be quicken heal they by rain.
Rain greater sun... is of such.
For if ones choice to make a regret.
He regrets one exists as such that never was born.
A star compared to the sky fade as man of its mind...
Gather to grave. Here they acknowledge...
Some know the greatness of how to avoid blind...
Yet they seek it not of resolution as such unstable.
Know my words and compare it to that which made strong.
Rest to the sun as both many shall see that day.
Not by solar, but of that which gave rise to the tides.
As many washed away their heart or changed better.
They will know this by many, as so to define.
Thus many as I clarify but only few knew great the hearts.
They also are minimal, but you know as well do I.
What makes a man to change is of not fear alone.
It is of great tolerance and respect learned not vile of our own deeds.
They abuse the kindness given and so do we but at right cause?
See not oh sun before you know it is too late.
A time shall declare war in land it never should have touched.
For great also are these battles, but yours is unstable.
Rest assured for the peace of them which confront you to give mercy.
As this also I give a message to those people who once taught us all.
Show your manner and see what they think.
Good to war over stupidity to cause.
Great not is the result or influence in your own decision.
The boarders they hate us.
As society denies itself a man like we all.
I am not needing to be legion as though to face.
They could not be more direct but out of fear.
Communication lacking surely... Why rebel?
The times are strong but there is one of each different the man to other.
It will fade oh rising sun.
But the shadow lurking and light reside as one.
Look in your heart like others, find those fragments, and piece ones sanity.
If you cannot do such... A leader like who does right, you cannot make peace.
Control I my tongue but unstable the mind of us all or lacking cause to sense.
They will know and be afraid. Those who suffer with hope, or rather contradicted.
What hope had they?
To me, life is a lesson to claim over the knowledge I seen.
Take not to harm or take for granted...
Convert we a man? No... but teach them...
Sane I was to a point, but my mind even to myself is unclear.
Look beyond the eyes blinded by the sun.
And see acknowledge the moon.
One who lurk in shadow, some gather and find their heart over mind versus matter.
The sun shall set again for the fire, and it be shown no greater than its opposite.
Rest, your mind peace... and know even though it is not shown, others knew it.
This was not logic of a man corrupt, but one who does see the world's mistake.
Society has shown itself careless not by me alone but its principle.
Even they made it impossible to live.
Rest, and reserve the hopes for others.
Heal the heart and you will seek its glory but cannot find.
No deity was a man or I being wise at my youth.
I observe, but even the time where one sees its result will know the outcome sure.
Believe of mind, and determination as others gather oh sun. Not of they who fight...
Many will die set to the grave and remembered they shall be for not.
I rest in this. Guard the soul and higher over its integrity and spite. Find that peace.
As others wicked or good have beloved a man the man was corrupt not by desire.
He saw others in himself denial not of some, but that of his own self.
Stronger in weakness he became. But not to tamper with attribute.
Tempted we all.
The principalities of one many abide much for not a good will to follow.
They sought as I sought, but blinded of deceit or act, but greater with truth.
Do we know no limits? There resides a blind man as I see as I should eat words.
What became of you was nothing as many, until vile or hated they became.
I saw no hatred but acknowledged the perception of each to know this...
That of another war which understood not its own, I led not a rebel life.
Change has forgiven those far, as such also wound healed me with love.
Mercy and grace they cannot understand. But to put in the hands of others.
I showed this to many who refused a man over his condition.
Intellectual and silent became this man. But the man knew greater than his mind.
Live not a man by war. But understand war brought fruit to the ground. It of life's mist, heals a soul to help it breath or from its torn; recover that a heart.
What more can I say than greater the strength hopefully not overturn to its crave.
Sun of the burn, here I say this from far, that even the media cannot understand or others will never know. What went through my mind as such I know not myself.
Human were many, I challenged a man or many with a statement.. Kill and rise again oneself... The people chose wrong over what they truly knew to be stable and make it so rational the sense. They all will gather, and be prepared.
Turn back the clock, and relive the light of days at time where there was satisfaction. It will not go away the memories... but greater not to be like I observing the lessons of many or some slack as though also we have want over time.
My mind I spoke, as I took my time to re-due my thoughts.
By evil to good. From good to evil... they have their place of balance in stability.
Ignorance as I read from many or such that is a choice of technological society.
I play this game but they knew not the case that life is not a game of social people.
I wanted to speak to understand or know someone. But sense rejects with limits.
Look greater than the sun and one can notice what kept it stable and alive.
I see not these things because I am a man of his will. Keep that a will strong...
And rich or poor, rather poor, with power not, you shall be satisfied.
They who knew rest shall know it and deserve it of living.
They cannot see your eyes as one also, knew rather not the eyes or mind of one. But to look toward intention of the cause.
Love, I give to none myself though a man should love or hate.
It is given of its decision.
See to this... that others of dark do not cloud your thinking. But rest in the truth.
Light seeks its way to define what is also I a purpose for greater glory than mine.
It cannot see though manifest, but it notice those of younger to old.
Older is that of a man with that of a soul. It a man not I, will see its life fulfilled...
And that is we as all, a people, as many will not see what great was beyond...
Even the mind of our acts over that of emotion and stronger a will unknown.