Before moving on let me say I communicated with several creepypasta figures including Tails Doll and Funny Mouth. Most videos just mention Ben Drowned so I figured I'd tell people it does link to other creepypasta characters and leads to funny results. Now Pinkamena & Dexter. Chapter 3. Pinkamena is pregnant.{Oh and for those wondering even she doesn't realize she's pregnant so even she thinks she's fat. Somehow eating pony meat cupcakes lead to the pregnancy.}
Pinkamena smiles as she cuddles with Dexter."So are you happy with me Dexter?" Finding it tough to think of what to say he says the first thing that comes to mind as usual."Yes." Its benn several days since they met. They found out the cupcakes somehow got Pinkamena pregnant. Even weirder she was bigger then him. But it didn't bother him."I'm happy with you too Dexter." She says squeezing tighter. Everypony said they looked cute together. Dexter didn't think he was cute but agreed that Pinkamena still looked cute. They killed a changeling together. They liked changeling cupcakes now.
Ok. Now for our My Sims creepypasta. This one involves the mayor.
I have a theory that the mayor is planning a war. She wishes to take over all of the My Sims world and the human world. If you see sims from My Sims in the real world then the war has started.