So in particular i feel sad at this moment so this one is going to be a depressing poem. (Prepare yourself)

I trace my finger along the frame of your picture of moment long past.
I don't want to forget your face, but my god the pain baby, the pain!
A thousand swords thrust ed into my aching heart would be better then what i feel now.
How could ive known or the means to see the wound that would be afflicted.
My bleeding heart dwelling in the moors of long forgotten lands.
I wish with all that compels me, that which controls me, that i could have another moment of you, but you are forever still my love.
Never to utter another word.
Never to mouth the words 'I love you'.
Never to take my hand into yours, to feel my warmth or assurance that everything will be ok.
I see now that nothing is ever a sure thing, God has shown me the hard way.
You loved a blind man my heart, my one and only.
Now i will spend these miserable waste of living moments remembering you.
You were all i had that meant anything of worth.
See you soon my love...