I've finally managed to locate the guy, only to lose him again.

Now that's very simple to understand, but the events that occurred between spotting him and finding myself back in my office after a lecture from my partners were everything but.

You see, this is supposed to be a normal case of an escaped fugitive, but through cornering him in an alleyway and demanding to surrender, he suddenly started to have more of a conscience that everyone else believed to have been possible. Pickles started talking about the entire plan towards me, the plan of how he escaped, the plan of how everything occurred right up to this point. His mission, his goals, everything and anything that fit the bill.

But he didn't dare speak of the name behind his sudden release.

I tried to squeeze an answer from him, but with a sudden shot at my shoulder and a slick getaway through the wall Pickles was gone. The b*****d left me back to square one with a grazed shoulder.

He doesn't need to tell me who helped him...I think I already know one person with a motive to piss me off.