I just had the absolute best day of my life. Seriously, no joke. I love these people. All of them. I had so much fun and I'm nearly bawling out of joy.

We just had our second night of the play 'Willy Wonka'. We did another fantastic job, with few, minor, hardly noticeable mistakes. Maybe three at the most.

In tradition, all the drama people go to a dinner as soon as they can. Since tonight was Friday, tonight was the night. We went to Friendly's. Waking an hour for our food was well worth it. We had a total blast. We threw napkins balled up at each other. Took plenty of pictures. Definitely saving and keeping them. I really had an amazing time. I almost started crying because of one of our cast members and great friend. Alec. He.. Ugh!

He is a senior who is going into the military when he graduates. We were all having a good time, and he started weeping. He was sobbing. We had no idea until sassyspark (her Gaia name) explained. She told me he was so happy that he started crying. He was happy because he was having such a good time, and when he'll be in the military, he'll be there, protecting all of us here at home.

I'm super emotional right now... Agh! That was so sweet and amazing of him! It's super inspirational and just freaking amazing. I can't get over it. Agh I have to take off my makeup!

<3 always,