"The Path Of The Demon I Walk Alone "

Day 11- As texts come in and out of my phone I wait by for that one who is most important. It never comes.

Day 12 -Maybe I should get started on memorizing my speech , yah that'll get my mind free.

Day 13 - I hope nothing bad had happened .

Day 14- Those sharp pains are back in my chest.

Day 15 - Maybe I'm forgotten ? Learned how to hold back tears today : look up and blink a lot.

Day 16- Memorized my speech.. My favorite part is : Every plant dies , some relationships don't last.

Day 17- made a poem today : My main question is why
Why would you tell someone you love them
Why would you tell someone you want to be with them forever
Why would you put someone threw that muchpain
I'm not angry
I don't hate you
I just really hate the word love for lying to me
Love was supposed to keep me happy
Love was supposed to keep me smiling
Love didn't do anything but raise me high and drop me down
Another thing I didn't appreciate was you made me feel like
I couldn't be more happy
I couldn't ask for more
But now I'm on my bed
Crying tears more and more
So thanks a lot for this poison you call love
So thanks a lot for this shattered heart .

Day 18- Funny how one text can make me believe "things get better" . Happiest day of school because I got to talk to before class you like old times ...

Day 19- Alone again.

Day 20- .. .. Thanks for "Not Leaving Like Everyone Else" :,-(