Thus far i havent told you any of my story but i am Kitty Oliver. I am a witch i dont care if you dont belive me i know its true. I live in Mystic Falls and i know all about vampires from my mother Bonnie. This is my journal so if you dont want to belive its true dont read. This is how i met a person who changed my ENTIRE life and it might be good it all started the day i went back in time.

*A day in 2045*
" Kitty get down stairs NOW!" yelled my mother.
"Fine! I dont know what i did though," I shouted back.
I ran down the stairs to my mum and i saw my mum standing next to my EX-boyfriend Jonathan.
"What the freak are you doing here," I snarled.
"Telling your mom what a whore you are." he snapped. I looked at him increredusly I was not a whore and never would be.
"You dont actually belive him do you mum?" I asked quietly.
" He has proof baby," she replied.
" I wish i didnt have to be in the same place as you! There is no REAL proof. Hell i wish i wasnt even in the same era as you!" i screeched.
All of a sudden there was a flash of light and i lost all conciousness.