Gaian Tag Team: Episode 1 - Sloth in the tree

Hero: hmmmmmmmmmm -holding and reading the map around-
Marcos: geez man are we there yet?
Hero: Dude u need some patience besides, these things are scattered! how in the world are we gonna find them?
Marcos: ugh true but this is taking too long!
Hero: -keeps reading the map- ( Thinking: geez i hope we find at least one of them! )
Both Hero and Marcos: hm? -hearing someone snoring in a tree then they look up-

*Up at a tree*

Kai: -sleeping like a sloth in the tree snoring loud-
Bella:-hiding behind Kai- ( Thinking: sheesh looks like we've been found out cuz of Kai's snoring =.=;;;;;; )
Kai: -keeps snoring loud-

*on the ground*

Hero: uhhhhhh is that Kai? ( Thinking: is he sleeping?! O_O )
Marcos: i think so o_o;;;
Hero: should we wake him up?
Marcos: give me a rock i'll get him----

*Theres a big Frying Pan smack*

Hero: O_O;;;; WTF?
Marcos: O_O;;; uhhhhhhh

*Back at the Tree*

Kai: Q AQ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCH!!!!!!!!!
Kai: Q AQ;;;;;; WHAT WAS THAT FOR?! -falls off the tree-

*at the ground*

Hero: Q .Q;;; what a way to wake up huh?
Marcos: u said it Q .Q
Kai: ugh geez i was having a nice dream T oT;;;
Bella: oh quit it! someone has come to find the meteorites too!
Kai: eh? -looks at both Hero and Marcos- oooooh they can have it! -goes back to sleep-
Bella: -konks him with a Frying Pan again- WAKE UP! >=O
Hero: uhhhhhhh owo;;;;
Kai: i don't really wanna fight them! cuz i too sleepy atm! =w=
Bella: =w=;;;;FINE i'll take them on!
Marcos: whoa we don't want any----
Bella: -whacks Marcos with a frying pan- gotcha! >=D
Marcos: OUCH! X AX;;;;
Hero: heehee PWNED! XD
Bella: -comes after Hero- >=D your next!
Hero: whoa there! -knocks her out with the hilt of my huge sword making her sleep- sheesh =w=;;;;;
Kai: thanks! now i can go back to sleep > o <
Hero: no problem Kai, hey Marcos are you o-----
Marcos: @ .@;;;;; -on the ground with a huge bump on my head-
Hero: =w=;;;; -drags him on the ground- i'll see ya later ok Kai?
Kai: alright good luck guys! -falls asleep on a tree again dangling a knocked out Bella with rope from the branch-

Note: I also take requests on who meets who so request away! biggrin
btw for those who never seen the Prologue, its in my Journal somewhere and it will give you the list of tag team partners but here are the teams if u can't find the prologue

Hero & Marcos
Riki & Retag
Jasu & Koda
Teddy & Esan
Jackie & Chris
Hermy & Chibi
Kai & Bella
( Please give me somemore new Tag team partners u can think of to expand this list so i would keep doing these stories lol and new ideas! Thanks! :3 )