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[At the moment imagine her in old worn clothes. Her hair mangled, and cinder everywhere. Treat this RP like Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast.]

Alaska remembered laying on her bed bundled up under her blankets. As she closed her eyes she suddenly began to dream as if she where traveling to some foreign region. Her eyes fluttered opened and didn't see the usual pillow that lay underneath her. She was laying down on grass, "W-Where am I?" She wondered as she sat up feeling a bit dazed, and looked all around. Then her eyes landed on a rather large beautiful mansion. It was the only thing in sight as she looked around her surroundings once again. Was she dreaming? "Maybe there's some one in there that could tell me where I am," She stood up her legs feeling quite unstable, but once she started to walk towards the mansion she started to get her balance back. She starred at the huge mahogany doors in front of her. She knocked, and waited, but no reply. She did this several times but still no one responded. She inhaled and then exhaled as opened the doors slowly peeking in. "E-Excuse me? Anyone there? I knocked, but no one answer. I'm sorry for the intrusion, but I was wondering if you could help me. I'm sort of lost. I mean I don't know how to explain it-" She spoke as she closed the door behind her, and realized she was looking foolish speaking to no one. "Will no one answer?! Hello?!" She shouted this time not sure why she was sent to this place in the first place. Then the candles blew out and she was left in the dark. She gasped and gulped nervously not sure what was going on. "H-hello? Anyone there?" She asked again but this time a bit quieter now very much terrified. She then stood straight like a frozen statue when she felt someone behind her. She gulped nervously and slowly turned around. It was something large, and tall. The shadows could not make it easy for her to make it out, but her eyes widen when she saw two fierce red eyes starring down at her. She couldn't move, but she did the best next thing. She screamed, "AHHH!"

Alaska woke up with a start covered in sweat and breathing heavily. She took a moment to noticed she was back in her room. Her body trembled but tried to calm herself. "A nightmare? It felt so real," She panted heavily holding on to her chest remembering the beast in front of her. "Was it just some bad dream? It seemed so real," She wondered as she lay back on the bed feeling so exhausted. "ALASKA! What's going up there?! If your done screaming get your a** in gear and get breakfast started!" Alaska groan annoyed and put the 'dream' to the side. "I'm coming!" She shouted back.

Alaska lived with her aunt Medusa and her twin daughters Hilda and Helga. The reason for it that Alaska had lost her parent's in an accident and the only family she had was her aunt Medusa. However, she couldn't complaint since she didn't have any where else to go. She was treated horribly and was ordered to do every chore while the twins enjoyed the day doing whatever they wanted with out lifting a single thing. Alaska wished she was back in that dream right now. She'd would have preferred the beast in her dreams then the three witches she lived with. "O well, things aren't just going to get done on their own." She got dressed and headed downstairs starting on breakfast, and working on the morning chores.

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