I Stand Alone

Stronger, I need to be stronger. The life I was given has a purpose, and that is to protect and guard my loved ones with my life. Even if they tell me to back down I will still fight.

The whispers I have to face everyday shows through my facial expressions, even if they go against me I will follow what I believe is right and follow the sound of the wind. I stand alone and will protect them with my life. For the people who make me stronger, I am thankful they stand with me.

You might think it's crazy of me to protect the ones that don't have faith in my protection, but I will try my best even if I fail. They will soon understand why. Life is precious and can't be exchanged and bought for. If any of my loved ones gets hurt I will tend to their wounds and illness. If they are betrayed by another I will comfort them. If anyone goes against my loved ones I will fight and protect.

I stand alone...