In the world of Gods and Man, there's mortal strife in every corner where a leader rules a section of land. Cornelius the Conquer rolls over the land with his fearsome Iron Empire, seizing territory after territory. Other provinces strive to resist the Iron Emperor's clutches while warding off internal corruption, spies and threats from once friendly neighbors. Strange men had begun to appear, dark red eyes and purple tattoos complete with dark tanned skin all serving under an unknown origin.

In all of Idaina, Gods and Goddesses are mortal like anyone else. High up in the Higher Plane, the Creator has fallen to an unknown force. Evil magic is playing as many of the deities succumb to the call of the evil magic as it beckons to them. However the Gods whom are not affected by the magical influence are in turmoil, many fight each other and many seek to become the next Creator and turn to dab in mortal affairs to settle their conflict. The Deity of Death, Yeink' La Shon turns his influence to the Iron Empire, St. Alsa; Former Soul of the Creator turns her influence to a single man.

For thousands of years, the gods have always manifested themselves in mortal beings as an avatar. Giving them their magic, power and influence over the rest of man and beast. These types of beings are often referred to as Demi-Gods, while the correct term would be a Soul. Souls are the Champions chosen by a God or Goddess to serve their cause. Some Gods however choose to completely take over a soul, to become a Reincarnate.

With the Creator gone and the Iron Empire beckoning total coquest through to all of Idaina, many smaller wars break out. With little eye on the looming shadow, what would be the fate of the mortal realm and the Higher Plane? Would there be a new God to become a Creator or would man himself Ascend to one? Oblivious to what fate has played in hand for him, former Mercenary Garcia will cross paths with a young woman who will determine the fate of Idaina.