Ok. Let me say that theres 2 factors here. 1 Dexter can fake emotions easily.
2 The princess of love used her power on Dexter.
The choice won't change what happens really. It's just a matter of what's preferred.
Chapter 2 of Dexter and Pinkamena.
Pinkamena's true love.
He tries to say he doesn't truly feel love in his thoughts.[If you choose emotionless Dexter his thoughts are true. Those who want him to feel love for the first time should know he'd rather be emotionless.]He holds her tightly thinking that would be the right choice. He struggles to say the next words. It's been a while."I love you." Pinkamena smiles. She holds him tight. "I love you too Dexter. I may not look very happy but that's because my depressed look has become permanent now. Still hungry? I bet Granny Smith at the apple family farm has some pie ready."{I hope I got that name right. I'm pretty sure the old ponys name was Granny Smith.} Pinkamena has eaten so many cupcakes she's gotten fat. Dexter only had 3."Sure. Let me guess. Apple Pie?"
Pinkamena laughs at the easy guess."Well that was an easy one." They get to the farm."Granny Smith. Nice to see you. This here human is Dexter." Granny Smith smiles a happy kindhearted smile."Well hello dear. You look hungry. Want a nice apple pie or maybe a vegetable pie or some apple sauce?" Dexter thinks about the list. "I could use something other then sweet stuff. That vegetable soup sounds good." Granny Smith laughs."Too many of Pinkiepies cukcakes hun? Lucky I started growing more then apples. Come in the house and lets get you that soup." She leads them in the house and hands Pinkamena a mini apple pie."I knew you'd want this pie. You really love sweets."She getx a bowl and pours the soup. Handing it to Dexter."Thers you go. Hope you like it." They eat the food. They thank her and head home.
Ok. Hope you liked that. Pinkamena clearly truly loves Dexter from this chapter. Now my My Sims creepypasta. Have you noticed all the red eye sims in the DS My Sims? I believe the vamp sims are taking over and starting a war against normal sims.
Ok. Update on Face Biter Yuki.
She is Zalgo but you won't realize this till you start helping her.{Impossible theory but she would make a cute looking Zalgo. Zalgo apparently has no gender as even pics of girls with blackened eyes and mouths are Zalgo to the believers in it. But most people say its a male.}
She is a human faced dog.{These are japanese dog creatures who seem to be car crash victims. They want to be left alone. Is she threatening people in the hopes of being left alone?}
She is secretly Smile Dog.{Impossible. Yuki never says spread the word. LOL.}