Ok. Buddy's turn.
Ever wonder just why Buddy's so cheerful and why he never needs a bed? My theory is every night he drags people away in their sleep to kill them Jeff the killer style. Now as Jeff would say."Go to sleep!"
And now a very important bonus pony pasta. Dexter meets Pinkamena.
Dexter finds himself in Ponyville. Not entirely sure why he's there. A pink pony runs up and hugs him."Well. A human here in Ponyville. So exciting." He could tell she was a killer but not like him. She had emotions."Question 1 who are you? Question 2 why are you killing people? Question 3 ever consider only killing evil ones?" Pinkamena seemed unsurprised by his words."1 I'm Pinkamena Diane Pie but most call me Pinkamena or Pinkiepie. 2 I want to be very close to everyone so I make them a part of me. Plus other ponies taste good. 3 There's few evil characters here and changelings taste horrible."Ever thought of making normal cupcakes? Harming the innocent is just wrong." Dexter was sure his way was right. Pinkamena hugs him again"I did once. Maybe I should try again. Oh and I could focus my urges towards changelings from now on. Thank you so much....Who knows? Maybe I'll learn to like changeling flesh." She hugs him tighter. He decides to hug back. If he was stuck here he'd need someone close to him and he decided it wouldn't be bad to be with her."So. Would you mind being with me?" the question surprised."Ummm....First my name is Dexter. Second no I wouldn't mind." He'd never been surprised like that and for some reason he actually loved this pony. Pinkamena's hair still wasn't puffed up. He holds her close."You know you are kinda cute Pinkamena." She leads him back to her house and hands him a rainbow cupcake."Thank you for saying I'm cute Dexter but I knew that. By the way this cupcake is made out of Rainbowdash. Now she can respawn safely but I think you'll find her meat is very sweet." Not bothered by the idea of pony meat cupcakes he eats it."It is good but remember. No more killing friends." "Don't worry. I'll remember. Besides I have a bond with you now. I don't need to make pony cupcakes. Still can't let Rainbowdash cupcakes go to waste."