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The broken angel

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Today this girl i had gotten into it with decided that she was not going to drop the bullshit that happened between us the week before. She was going on and then got into it with my friend because my friend told her to knock it off and just drop the bullshit. I guess she then pulled something out to threaten her with. So my friend goes to security to report it and then next thing i know security is looking for me too as im escorted to the office they bring me in and i have to write a report. Then i get to wait for the police to ******** show up and let me tell ya right now, thats a great way to find out that i really am afraid of authority when im faced in a situation where i feel i might be getting in trouble.

The event that lead up to all this was her saying she voted for a politician based on their looks, when i laughed she asked what i was laughing about and i told her i thought it was stupid to vote on someones looks. She then turns around and attacks me verbally saying that it wasnt that and she never said that and blah blah, as i am about to retort her someone ask's us to stop so i do. She then starts going on about how i am supposedly judging her saying she is a gun slinging republican.. And i wanted to say something but again, i keep my mouth shut. The fact that she does not know me or my views was annoying me but i still (Some how) kept silent. She then turns around and says, "i dont think she likes me" and starts laughing about it, and i stated plainly. "you are right. I dont." she then gets mad and huffs saying that she doesnt care blah blah blah which i return with, "ok good." and ignore her till she starts going on and on about how she thinks this is like high school. and eventually i am fed up and say, "if you dont like it then leave." she gets mad and tells me to leave and that the people around us where her friends, when the majority where my friend and i pointed that out she got mad and said how she hates how people act like it is high school. I am trying my best to avoid conflict since i am close to getting out of my school, and she keeps it up so i tell her to, "shut up and drop it! I did!" and she gets mad and yells, "I DID!" So i just give her a glance and go back to what i was up to to start with while everyone goes back to their chatting.

I think that it is all over right? nope. She turns around later that day after i had come back from my classes talking s**t to ANYONE who will listen to her. Bad mouthing me telling them how she thinks im a b***h and that i had no right to speak to her how i did and that i am such a ******** and that she will kick my a** and if security was not next to us in the cafe that she was going to beat my a** and when someone said that i could hear her she stated that she wanted me to hear the s**t she was saying and that she wanted to cut my head off with her katana if she could still trying to get me to talk to her and interact with what she was saying.

Eventually she walks away, and by then im saying silently, "please hit me. please. please just hit me, put up or shut up." So nothing happens, but then she shows up on tue saying she had not eaten in five days, and then her arm was bleeding apparently. Well i am avoiding the hell out of her by this point and dont care. I go on with my week thinking that everything is just done with till today that is.

So yeah got to deal with police all morning, not make it to my classes, and now i am afraid the psycho b***h is going to try something while i am at school, even tho she is tech kicked out for now.

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