3-13-13 10:00pm

im surrounded. they surround me from all sides: the worst memories of my life. something warm, pleasently warm,, is touching my neck. i feel fingers. murmers in my ear. and then, then that velvet voice that i would die to hear, which is pretty much where im at. Zac. the one person i can count on for anything and everything. i am surrounded by memories but also his warmth. wait! he is being pulled away. come back! why are you leaving me? why are you still smilling? you are getting ripped away from me and i have a feeling you arent comeing back! now i have a new memory: the love of my life being torn from my side. except, this memory is stronger because it is not a memory at all. no, it is only my imagination. Zac would never care for me like this. so now that reality has sinken in, i am hear all alone, drowning, screaming, hurting.