The thing about Nondenominational Christians is that they adhere to translating, transliterating, interpreting, etc. the same Bible in which none of them agree with each other's interpretation. Read: None. I realized that this makes every other religion, atheists included, identified as Nondenominational Christians. Those believe what Christ is saying can be interpreted to fit each other's agenda, or rather, you could believe that the entire book can be interpreted as saying that God doesn't exist. All it takes is a little symmetrical symbolism.

Nondenominational Christians only have to agree with or interpret the sayings they agree with, which could be interpreted into practically anything with literally no boundaries. They could then throw out everything else the Bible says and only keep those specific phrases they like that they took out of context, and formulate a belief system based around how they agree with one sentence that they may or may not have interpreted to mean something else. This is how Christian Atheism came to be; believe a few words and phrases and toss the rest in the trash. Oddly enough, that's what everyone is doing; agreeing with a few sentences, maybe a commandment or two, and throwing everything else out, even the title of "Christian", you know, like "Catholic", "Protestant", "Pasta Strainist", etc.

At the thought of agreeing with just one thing that Christ says, or rather, what you're interpreting the message to look like it says, you could literally throw out everything else and call yourself a "Nondenominational Christian", because that's how it all begins.

At this time, I'm going to do just that. I'm going to take out really selective phrases and start calling myself a Nondenominational Christian, even though I already am by definition. It will become my utmost delicious challenge to reinterpret/rewrite certain parts of the book to adhere to my own whim, just as everyone else does. I'll start calling myself the "True Christian" and tell everyone else that their interpretation is wrong, just like all the other Christians do. I mean, hell, since I'm throwing out certain parts, I'll throw out the part that says not to add anything to the scripture. True Christians don't have to agree with that part.

It's going to be a blast. I'm now part of the Christian community! emotion_dowant
I'm a Christian Explosionist of Sect #27 of the Galactic Code!

Did you know that God evolved from a nebulous gas cloud? It was a diffusion effect from the omnipresent explosion that created the space time continuum. Only True Christians believe this.