I'm currently working with Commissioner Robin and the FBI (nngh) on this large case involving an escaped convict from the Badlands National Prison:

Key Information:

1.) Kenneth Pickles; Male; 33 years old;

2.) Sentenced 20 to life for committing murder in the first and second degree towards his wife Benetta Pickles as well as other women

3.) M.O.: Targets isolated women at bars and persuades them to have a drink with him; allows them to become too intoxicated to have a conscience; strangulation through the objects around their neck (scarves, necklaces, etc). Pickles's M.O. allows himself to become flexible for each of his targets.

4.) As far as I know, the majority of the murders originated in Durem and branched off towards the other towns and finally stopped in Barton.

At the moment, I'm looking through a case where Pickles was a suspect in the murder of Gannie Robinson, the last murder in Durem. There might be some information to take into consideration that may help in further understanding the unanswered question of why he was so fond of Durem (though, Agent Arneson thinks I'm just putting too much effort into insignificant information).


I hope everyone stays safe.