in true student style, today I started reading the tenipuri doujin "sekaijuu kara kimi ni okuru" that I asked neesama to get me at summer comiket last year, mostly because I don't want to work on my presentation. it was one of two that I expressly requested (well, that and absolute zero, but that's a bit of a different class), and the only one that she got. the other one was a qen compilation and I wasn't expecting that to really happen, since it seems qen has mostly moved to tiger and bunny stuff. despite being one that I really wanted I... didn't really start seriously reading it earlier, mostly because she didn't put furigana on like any kanji and I am in general seriously lazy except when translating. which means I get about 70-80% or the gist of most lines but some things go over my head, but looking up kanji too hard.

I first came across chikariya art on pixiv and became a fan mostly because she draws the prettiest yukimura ever as well as the cutest children, so yeah, mostly I wanted this doujin because it was yukimura-centric and had pretty pretty art. then I started reading it and. uguu.

chikariya stop toying with my feelings. ;o; I want to write terribly angsty yukimura hospital fic now because of this doujin. he's so pretty and those sad smiles and acting cool in front of the first years and wanting them to give up on him and. basically being yukimura is suffering but ALL OF RIKKAI

oh and also chikariya draws a mean sanada. I don't notice sanada so much shay is going to explode when she sees this hahaha.